Gotham Season 3 Episode 19 Review: All Will Be Judged

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What a jam-packed, crazy hour!

On Gotham Season 3 Episode 19, Jim almost died (again), Penguin and The Riddler set aside their differences (for a little while anyway), Bruce became a puppet of The (no surprise) Court and Lee infected herself with the virus (big surprise!).

That's a lot of action to dissect.

Friends? - Gotham Season 3 Episode 19

Lee has finally stepped over the edge. Of every crazy thing that happened this hour, Lee infecting herself with the virus was probably the craziest. And it's the greatest thing ever. 

I predicted a long time ago that Lee was going to lose it one day and become a bad girl. Now it's really happened. There's nothing positive that will come from her infecting herself.

The question is what or who will she become? Is she going to be a female Barnes – becoming judge, jury and executioner of Gotham's guilty? Or is she going to become Harley Quinn?

However the virus affects her, one thing is certain: She's going after Jim, and it's going to be worse than anything Barnes could inflict on him.

Jim will probably wish Barnes killed him once he sees what Lee did to herself. And you know Jim will blame himself for pushing her over the edge. Which he should because he did. 

Lee should never have come back to Gotham, but I have to admit, this new development with her is quite exciting. I was getting kind of tired of her being the goody-goody of the show. 

Kathryn - The Not So Great - Gotham Season 3 Episode 19

But what will this mean for Barbara? She and Tabitha are supposed to be the badasses of Gotham, but with Lee becoming whoever she's going to become, will she steal their thunder?

It's going to be very interesting, indeed.

Jim and Bullock had their own adventures searching for the bomb, They didn't find it yet, but they did find a crystal owl just like the one Bruce and Selina stole. 

The secret of the owl is that when a light is shined through it, it shows a map of all the Court's secret locations throughout Gotham. Why the Court needed to hide a map at all makes no sense. 

If their goal is to remain secret, why put evidence anywhere? Especially in a way that is so easy to figure out. It doesn't seem logical to me, but whatever.

Barnes got even crazier as Kathryn put him to work against Jim. The only problem was that she angered the good Captain and was beheaded. It was a little shocking. Why she didn't just run out of the station is anyone's guess, but she got what she deserved.

Jim escaped Barnes' blade twice. The guy has more lives than a cat. What will he do now that Kathryn is dead? She was his only source of information on the Court. 

She had to have let the other Court members know that Jim was a traitor. If she didn't, well the Court isn't as formidable as it seems then, is it?

Still, the virus is out there, and someone has to stop it. Jim is the most logical choice, but the virus isn't the only thing he's going to have to combat.

Bruce has lost his mind, too. He's become a puppet for the Court. A powerful talon that's going to help the Court destroy Gotham. 

More Memories - Gotham Season 3 Episode 19

I don't get why these bad guys keep telling everyone about their plans. We know there's no way Bruce is going to stay under the spell of the Shaman for long, so while it's going to be fun to watch Bruce do some crazy stuff, it's going to be short-lived.

Penguin and Riddler had a little bit of a battle themselves inside the cage, but they eventually got out. How long will their rivalry last? I'm going to guess it's also going to be short-lived. They'll eventually figure out they can do more damage as a team than as enemies. But who knows how long that will take?

Stray Thoughts:

  • Alfred slamming a knife into Kathryn's hand in the interrogation room was a nod to The Dark Knight. And I'm sure there were other references to other Batman movies.
  • Alfred's butting heads battle with Bruce 2 was pretty awesome, but also goofy.
  • Selina also showed some pretty good moves. Is she even wondering how she lived after being shoved out a window?
  • Where was Ivy?

What did you think of "All Will be Judged"? Who do you think Lee will become? Will Bruce snap out of his hypnosis? Will Jim find the bomb in time?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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All Will Be Judged Review

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

You are difficult to kill. More cockroach than Penguin.

The Riddler

In shooting me, you gave me something to live for -- Revenge.

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