Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Whoever Fights Monsters

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After bullets were sent flying at Wozniak’s house, Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 10 had the entire NYPD out searching for the shooters. 

Banding Together - Shades of Blue

As Tess said in this Shades of Blue quote

Espada: They weren't kidding about turning this city upside down thing.
Tess: Yeah, well, you shoot at cops we all fire back.

And it wasn’t just Wozniak and his crew who wanted revenge for Nate’s shooting, it was Linda too, but that wasn’t really a surprise.

Linda: You're going to hunt these shooters down? Promise me.
Woz: I'm going to get them.

Linda’s not stupid. She knows what her husband does on the street; she’s just good at looking the other way because she’s not a cop. She couldn’t stop Wozniak from doing his job his way even if she tried.

The thing that sent her fleeing their home was the recording of Woz and Donnie. She never saw that one coming, and even with that, she eventually came back home. 

Nate’s life hanging in the balance had Woz finally telling his son exactly how he felt about him.

I thought I lost you, Nate. I didn't push you away because you were gay. I didn't. You asked me, if I experimented and yeah, I did, but I love your mother and I love you and I will pay any price to make things right again. The truth is, I'm more proud of you than anything that I've ever done.


If only Nate had been awake to hear it. 

But Woz and Harlee’s crew had enemies coming at them from all sides. 

First came the realization that Bianchi was behind the ambush at Woz’s home and that the man had never left the city. 

Finding Bianchi's Cleaner - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 10

That led Wozniak and Harlee back to Bianchi’s girlfriend, who was obviously more than a pretty face if the mob boss had her meeting with an assassin. 

All balls and no brains. Isn't that what you said about me? Well, now I get to return the compliment. Not many people have what it takes to lie while sucking the business end of a loaded gun.


The game of Russian Roulette at her gorgeous condo, (I still can’t get over those huge windows and that view!) was intense. I knew Bianchi’s cleaner wasn’t making it out alive, but the sound of the bullet that took out the girlfriend took me by surprise. 

Once again, it really shouldn’t have. She would have run to Bianchi and told him everything. He would have moved the box from his attorney’s office before Woz and Harlee could ever get near it. 

And how exactly will that do that? I have no idea but I’m sure Woz is already formulating a plan. 

Speaking of Woz, what can you say about a man who shoots two people in cold blood, puts a gun to his own head, and yet makes sure that a now homeless dog is safe, and kisses it on the head for good measure?

Calling the man complicated doesn’t seem to cover it.

But Bianchi was far from their only problem.

Verco was coming at them hard and fast with photos of the crew putting the drugs and the gun in that backpack and then roughing up Quince. 

Choosing a Fight - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 10

Wonziak’s advice to Karen (aka Baby Girl) was spot on. At this point, Quince will want her and her son dead no matter what, but she’s got a better chance at surviving if he’s behind bars.

Until you kill the monster, it will keep coming back. Yesterday you told me that you wished you were a better parent, right? Well now is your chance. I missed my chance, Karen. Don't miss yours.


My only disappointment was that we didn’t get to see the look on Verco’s face as she told her story about being a criminal informant. That could have been priceless.

Over at the FBI disciplinary hearing, I’d like to say I almost felt sorry for Stahl, but I just can’t.

I have sacrificed everything, my marriage, my health, to serve this bureau. It is all that I have. Please don't take it away.


The mention of his health sparked my curiosity. Certainly, his mental health has suffered, but is there something physical that we’re as yet unaware? 

There are no saints on Shades of Blue season 2, but Stahl is the only one who consistently makes me feel as though I need to take a shower to wash the sleaze off. 

Turning In His Badge - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 10

Case in point, the way he leaned in way too close as he tried to manipulate Agent Cooper into pulling up Miguel’s DNA information.

Harlee finally found a moment of peace with Nava, sort of.

I’m sure she’ll never forget the first time he told her he loved her as she was trying to hide a man in the trunk of Wozniak’s car! 

Not the most romantic of moments. 

Nava Confesses His Love - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 10

I knew Stahl was going to go after Cristina to try and match that tooth to Miguel’s DNA, but I didn’t expect him to break in while everyone was home. 

And what is up with the lock on Harlee’s apartment? Stahl can apparently walk in and out at will. Why hasn’t she gotten some new dead bolts and a security system?

At this point, I’m not sure what good proving that tooth belongs to Miguel will do for Stahl. He’s on the outs with the FBI and he has nothing besides his word about where the tooth was found. 

Also, I would certainly hope that Wozniak burned Miguel’s body so that there’s no longer a trace. 

Other than making Harlee uncomfortable and upsetting Cristina, I don’t see where that tooth leads for Stahl, but at this point, maybe destroying Harlee is all he has left.

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Whoever Fights Monsters Review

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Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Julia: Thank God. I must have said my first Hail Mary in about 20 years on my way over here.
Woz: Did you remember the words?

Linda: You're going to hunt these shooters down? Promise me.
Woz: I'm going to get them.