Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Nevertheless, She Persisted

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Is it possible to have everything we want? 

That has been the question Kara has faced throughout all of Supergirl Season 2

While the answer to that question looks bleak after Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22, it wouldn't be Supergirl if we weren't also left with a message of hope. 

Saying Goodbye? - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22

Kara began the season believing she couldn't have a relationship, succeed in her new position as a reporter, and continue her duties as Supergirl. She broke things off with James before they ever really started. 

But, then Mon-El came along, and she started to believe that it was possible. Their relationship was rocky, to say the least, and when it finally found it's footing, Kara lost her job. 

For a minute she thought she could be happy just being Supergirl and having Mon-El, but we all knew it was just a facade. Kara loved being a reporter, but more than that, she needed that human aspect of her life. 

While her relationship and job situations faltered off and on, her focus on being Supergirl stayed constant. She's always put that first, often at the expense of her happiness. 

Kara made the toughest decision of her life; one Kal-El fully admitted he wouldn't have been able to make. She sacrificed a relationship with the man she loves to save the world. 

But does that mean all hope of having it all is lost? 

Kara: I don't know if it's possible to have everything you want.
Kal-El: Well, it is. But only because you worked for it.

Not by a long shot. 

Kal has it all. He has the job, the relationship, and he's Superman. But, let's not forget that he's been doing this a lot longer than she has. She's only begun to work at it, and she still has a long way to go before perfecting any of it. She still has a lot to learn, and plenty of room to grow in all aspects of her life. 

Of course, the first major obstacle will be figuring out how to get Mon-El back. 

I'm not sure whether giving him that necklace was a good thing or a bad thing. Where did he go? We have a long wait to find out. 

Mon-El's existence thus far has been controversial, but I think it's safe to say he will return. Despite how you might feel about him, he's become an important part of her journey. I for one want to see how it plays out. 

Supergirl Vs. Superman - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22

All right, so just how many colors of Kryptonite are there? So far we've seen green, red, and now silver. Are we going to make it through a box of Crayola crayons before all is said and done? Can we mix red and green together and see what brown Kryptonite does? 

It's interesting that green Kryptonite has a physical effect on them, while the other two we've been introduced to so far only affect their minds. Superman's powers weren't weakened at all, which was a good thing because that was one hell of a fight scene. 

Kara shared emotional moments with the most important people in her life. Kal gave her advice that only another Kryptonian superhero could, Alex told her how proud she was of her, and Cat praised her reporting skills. 

As usual, James was mostly forgotten. Kara even seemed to forget about him when she told Cat that everyone in her life was in a relationship but her. 

But hey, at least Cat showed some concern for her second-in-command. 

Cat: I need you to talk some sense into your friend, James Olsen.
Clark: Jimmy?
Cat: He's been parading around like Darth Vader, punching out villains, and I for one do not want to watch some space invaders slay him with their lifesaver.
Clark: I think you mean light saber.
Kara: Yeah, and Darth Vader actually punches out the good guys.
Cat: Oh, okay, whatever. I've never seen Star Wars.

What to do with James' character will be the biggest question mark going into Supergirl Season 3. Hopefully, they scrap the whole Guardian thing and start fresh with something new for him. He deserves better. 

Cat's already moved back into her office, which only gives me hope that by some miracle someone will convince Calista Flockhart to come back full time, but where does that leave James? 

Cat Moons Over Clark - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22

Now that we've gotten another taste of her, can we let her go again? How many times can we rip that Band-Aid off? 

Her reaction to Clark was priceless! It's hard to say who has the biggest crush on him, Cat or Winn. 

Unlike Cat, Superman is not someone we need around all the time, but in small doses, he is very enjoyable, especially when we get to see reactions like Cat's and Winn's. 

Thank goodness Cat finally revealed that she knows Kara is Supergirl!

It would have been torture if that ruse was kept up for much longer. Now if only she would let Kara know she knows the truth...but that can wait. 

We got a little bit of clarification on where Lena stands. She knows Mon-El is dating Kara, but I guess we're still supposed to believe she doesn't know Kara is Supergirl. 

That is silly because she has to know that Mon-El and Mike are the same person, and his only disguise was a pair of glasses!

But okay, we'll play along with it for now. Lillian knows the truth and has chosen not to tell her daughter, wanting instead for her to find out on her own and be hurt by it. 

That was probably supposed to be foreshadowing, but Lena doesn't strike me as the vengeful type. It's hard to believe she wouldn't be understanding when the secret finally does come out. 

All Wet - Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22

Here's hoping M'gann is back for good! If anyone besides Kara deserves some happiness right now, it's J'onn. He's been through the ringer lately, and the last thing he needs is for his heart to be ripped out again. 

Besides, Kara needs to see those around her happy right now. 

She told Alex not to let Maggie go, and Alex sure did take that advice to heart!

I was not at all prepared for Alex to propose. It took me completely by surprise. Once the shock wore off, I couldn't stop smiling. It's a little soon for them, but if Kara's theme for the season was having it all, Alex's was life is short. 

Seize the day Danvers! 

How great is it that Alex was the one to make the first move with Maggie, was the first to say "I love you," and is now the one popping the question? 

Ever since she came out, she hasn't wanted to waste another second. She knows what makes her happy and she's holding onto it for dear life. 

Maggie didn't actually say yes, but her grin was the only answer we needed. 

Some final thoughts:

  • Cat knows Kara is Supergirl, but does she know Clark is Superman? She has to, right? They do both keep showing up at the same time, and she even made that comment about him taking his glasses off in bed. 
  • Was anyone else super confused during that Supergirl/Wonder Woman commercial? It took me a second to realize it wasn't part of the show. 
  • And, finally, who has a theory on that cliffhanger? Who's the baby and what's the deal with the blood? Share your thoughts in the comments!

What did you guys think of Supergirl Season 2 as a whole? What are your hopes for Supergirl Season 3? We have a few months to wait, but you can always watch Supergirl online all summer long!

Nevertheless, She Persisted Review

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Cat: I need you to talk some sense into your friend, James Olsen.
Clark: Jimmy?
Cat: He's been parading around like Darth Vader, punching out villains, and I for one do not want to watch some space invaders slay him with their lifesaver.
Clark: I think you mean light saber.
Kara: Yeah, and Darth Vader actually punches out the good guys.
Cat: Oh, okay, whatever. I've never seen Star Wars.

Kara: I feel like -
Alex: You got punched by Superman?
Kara: Repeatedly.