The 100 Round Table: Last (Wo)man Standing

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Octavia surprisingly won the conclave, decreeing that the bunker would be for all the clans to share. Luna, Ilian, and Roan – three major characters – all died in the fight. 

But in the end, none of that even mattered – in the closing moments of The 100 Season 4 Episode 10, it was revealed that Clarke (with some help from her new mentor, Jaha) had effectively stolen the bunker, claiming it for Skaikru and sealing her people inside.

Below, TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Allison Nichols are joined by Samantha Coley from Tell-Tale TV to discuss everything that went down during “Die All, Die Merrily.“

Check out their thoughts, and chime in with your own by leaving us a comment below. (Be sure to tune in for The 100 Season 4 Episode 11 on Wednesday, May 10th at 9/8c on The CW.)

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Octavia in this episode?

Yana: I wasn't upset with her like I usually am, so that was a change. I think her approach to the conclave wasn't something I expected, because playing hide and seek just never entered my mind.

I also found the end of the episode kind of hilarious, in a messed up way, because Octavia was extending an invitation to everyone which kind of made the conclave useless. And all of this was happening while Clarke decided to put her foot down and just take what was theirs.

Allison: I was surprised that Octavia was the one thinking of sharing, while Clarke went the selfish (for lack of a better word) route and only looked out for her own people.

I kind of expected Octavia to be more bloodthirsty, like she has been all season. Instead, she did her best to survive. I'm hoping this signified that Octavia is done going down her extremely dark path.

Samantha: I loved this Octavia. This is the Octavia I've wanted all season. She was smart, she played to her own strengths instead of going in with reckless abandon and getting herself killed. And then she honored Lincoln, truly honored him for the first time since his death, by choosing to share the bunker. I want more of this Octavia. 

Three major characters died. Whose absence is the biggest loss for the show?

Yana: As someone who loved each and every major character that died, I will feel all their absences the most. But from a storytelling point of view, I think Roan's was the most shocking death, because he was such a main player in everything, working with Clarke and leading a large group of grounders.

It's safe to say that a large percentage of fans were confident that Roan would stay alive at the end. Luna was also a character that changed the game a bit, and she was one of the only people who was going to survive a lot of the deadly radiation effects, so who would have thought that her end would be so simple? 

Ilian was a wonderful little grounder who I adored, but he was never meant to make it until the end of the season. Sadly, Ilian was meant to shake up Arkadia at first, and then to provide an outside perspective to help move Octavia along in her journey. 

Allison: I loved Luna and Roan, so I will miss them a ton. I didn't really have strong feelings one way or another towards Ilian. Storywise, I agree with Yana. Roan's absence will be felt the most.

I'm wondering if Echo will step up and be the leader of Ice Nation now. Sure, Roan banished her, but no one in Ice Nation knows that. I'm really going to miss Roan's relationship with Clarke. I adored the two of them.

Samantha: I expected Ilian to go as soon as we saw he would be participating, and I had prepared myself to lose Luna even though she's much more plot relevant. I was gutted by the loss of Roan though.

He's been such an outstanding character and a wonderful foil to Clarke since he arrived on the show. He was also the closest thing to a leader that the unified Grounder clans had left. I definitely agree with Yana and Allison, Roan will be the biggest loss for the show, although all three deaths were sad. 

Clarke made a shocking and duplicitous decision to save Skaikru at all costs. Is she still a hero, or has she finally crossed a line?

Yana: Depends on who you want to see survive and how you would approach the situation. Clarke will always be a hero, but obviously not everyone thinks a hero is a hero if it doesn't benefit them.

So while Clarke's decision might not even make sense to all the Sky People, I think it makes sense to those like Jaha who don't understand how they were supposed to trust the grounders. I see that point, I agree with that point, and I think it was interesting how they had Clarke make that final decision and not Jaha.

I can definitely understand why they think that they found the bunker but now they might not even have the chance to survive in it because outside clans decide they have a claim to it and don't even want to all share it, instead deciding that they need to fight for only one of thirteen to have access.

But I also believe that Clarke usually doesn't make decisions like this unless she is pushed to the edge, so next week might provide a deeper insight as to how she reached that point and maybe raise the question of her going too far. 

Allison: Clarke finally looked out for her people. Ever since Mount Weather, Clarke has claimed that she's thinking of her people, but she's distanced herself from them. She became more involved with the grounders, and, yes, you can argue that maintaining peace with the grounders is protecting Skaikru.

This decision is 100% for her people. She is making sure her people survive, no matter what it takes. I'm not sure if she's crossed a line or not, honestly.

Samantha: Honestly, I have to disagree here. I think this marks her turn into becoming the villain in her own story. There's no heart in this choice. It shows that she had no faith in Octavia and entirely contradicts her plea to Roan earlier in the episode when she said she just wanted humanity to survive.

Clarke keeps using the same excuse that she had to do this or didn't have a choice but to do that, and it's really quite arrogant and foolish.

Time and again she's been offered help from people more morally centered than Thelonious Jaha, and yet she's swallowed his 'lone savior' ideology, and it's made her someone I don't even like anymore, which is just really sad. 

React to Bellamy and Octavia's almost-reconciliation.

Yana: Bellamy, take a compliment for once. I get that you feel lucky to be Octavia's brother, but that isn't exactly the issue that your relationship has been going through. You value Octavia, but how much has she been valuing you lately?

As emotional as that small moment was, I don't find that enough. We know that Bellamy loves his sister and only thinks the best of her, but what about Octavia? She blamed Bellamy for Lincoln's death and has continued to blame him and push him away.

There can't be a real moment of reconnection until both sides step up, not just Bellamy doing all the work and Octavia forgiving him. At this point, Octavia needs to admit that she messed up too.

Allison: I love the scene where Octavia overhears Bellamy praising her to Roan and Echo. I think for the first time in awhile, Octavia really heard Bellamy and didn't shut him down like she has been doing recently.

I agree with Yana in that it's all been one-sided. Octavia might be more willing to reconcile after this episode, but she needs to voice how much Bellamy means to her and that she's sorry for all that she's done. 

Samantha: I thought it was great! Finally, Octavia was able to hear how much Bellamy loves her, while before she was drowning too deeply in her own grief to hear anything other than her own despair.

It's definitely the first step in healing their relationship, and I agree with both Allison and Yana that it shouldn't be the only step. I'm looking forward to seeing them continue to heal in the next episode as they have to fight to get back to each other. 

What was your favorite scene, quote, or moment?

Yana: Luna killing Roan. This is just exactly what is happening in a project that I'm working on, so that was the greatest gift the writers could have given me. But also Echo getting choked by Bellamy and then banished... she is not having a good week, you guys. 

Allison: I loved Echo being banished because it was something I didn't expect. I went into this episode knowing that a lot of my favorites were going to die, so I was ready for the pain. There wasn't a "shocking" death, but my mouth fell open when Roan banished Echo.

Samantha: My favorite moment was actually when the warrior from Trikru died, and Gaia went down and hugged her mother. It was a very subtle moment and there were no words exchanged, but the emotion shown by Tati Gabrielle and Adina Porter in that moment spoke volumes.

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