The Son Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Honey Hunt

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Would young Eli really leave the tribe if given the opportunity?

It's hard to believe but that seems to be the case on The Son Season 1 Episode 8 when young Eli doesn't return to the tribe after finding the herd of horses.

Prairie Flower  - The Son Season 1 Episode 8

Toshaway doesn't believe Charges the Enemy when the young warrior tells him he let young Eli go free in exchange for letting him have all the horses. 

It's hard to believe Eli would just leave considering how he was ready to kill Charges the Enemy before the two of them even heard the horses.

And remember, Charges the Enemy threw young Eli off the cliff, so for all we know, he could be seriously injured.

I just can't believe Eli would leave Prairie Flower, Toshaway and Ingrid.

Obviously, he's not dead, but to just take off like that? Nope. Eli wouldn't do that.

What's most disturbing is that Toshaway didn't go out and investigate. He didn't believe what Charges the Enemy was telling him, so why didn't he at least go out and see if Eli was dead somewhere?

Even Prairie Flower thought he should have gone out to see for himself.

Eli Contemplates - The Son Season 1 Episode 8

But maybe that's just not their way. Still, it didn't stop Prairie Flower from running away to escape being forced to marry Charges the Enemy.

It didn't matter anyway because Charges the Enemy followed her and then manipulated her (or guilted her if you look at it a different way) into marrying him. 

She did it out of duty, definitely not love.

Her heart has to be breaking over Eli's actions. If I was her, I'd be confused too. And very, very angry. 

If Eli does come back, he better watch out. He's not only going to have to deal with Prairie Flower, but he's going to have to answer to Toshaway and also deal with Ingrid.

Eli faced his demons in 1915 when he was shot by an Apache woman during a "Honey Hunt."  She did it because he killed her entire village to avenge the death of his son and wife.

The woman didn't care why he did it, she was just very, very angry. And to be honest, I didn't think she'd actually shoot him so I was very surprised when he actually did.

Phineas and Eli Talk  - The Son Season 1 Episode 8

His whole hallucination as he was dying was amazing. He saw the younger version of himself reminding him of all the bad he's done in his life. Had he actually got on the horse, we wouldn't have the older Eli anymore.

But thankfully Phineas was able to escape from his female captor (we'll talk about that in a minute) and found his father dying by the stream.

Will this brush with death (which probably isn't the first time this has happened) change his mind about his plans for the Garcia land?

There's already trouble brewing back home and buying off the Garcia land illegally like they will once the judge gets things going isn't going to help any situation.

I get that Eli will do anything for that oil, but the Garcias saved his ranch and his family. Of course, the fates are going to start screwing with you. But money is money and honor is something that Eli doesn't know anything about apparently.

It's interesting that Eli went to Phineas about it instead of Pete, but it does make a lot of sense. Pete would never have gone along with a scheme like that and he's going to be very angry when he finds out what's going on.

Phineas is ready to do aything his father asks, without question. It's too bad that he's not the one in charge of the ranch. I think he would've done a much better job at it.

I loved the scene when he was stopped by one of the "Honey Hunt" ladies. His uncomfortableness was palpable, but he had no choice. How would it have looked if he turned down a willing and able woman. What would his excuse be, "I'm tired?"

Maria and Pete - The Son Season 1 Episode 8

Maria and Pete certainly weren't tired from their escapades because they went at it a few more times. I was just waiting for someone to walk in on them. Pete wanted to run away to Montana but Maria wasn't so sure.

There is no doubt he loves her because he wouldn't be willing to run away from the ranch for Sally but the minute he has the opportunity to do so with Maria he'd take it.

But as I said in my review of The Son Season 1 Episode 7, the chances of Pete and Maria be able to be together is about nil. Especially now that Pedro is on to what's happening between the two of them.

It's about to explode in South Texas and it's not going to be pretty.

What did you think of Honey Hunt? Will Maria and Pete be able to be together?

Will Eli give up his plan for the Garcias land? Did young Eli really leave the Comanche?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Honey Hunt Review

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The Son Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Pete: Sally and I are over. There's nothing left between us.
Maria: I've heard this kind of talk before.
Pete: I mean it. It's different. I promise.

White People lie all the time. It's all they know how to do.

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