Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Karma

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Is Deran going to go legit?

On Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 2 Deran's hopes to buy the bar were almost dashed because of Baz, but Pope and Craig came to the rescue.

Meanwhile, Baz lost his cool with Lena, Craig burned down the house, and Smurf got some unsettling news.

Enjoying a Beer

Out of all the boys, I never would have guessed that Deran would want to do something other than make money the illegal way. But on Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 1 he showed that he had high aspirations if only he could get the money he needed to make his dreams come true.

Deran didn't see any problems with hitting a church even if Craig tried to get in his head with talk about karma. All Deran wanted was the money so he could buy the bar. Time was running out and he needed it sooner rather than later.

Once the church job fell through because Baz wanted to wait for the bigger paycheck, Deran was so desperate he was about to rob a bank. If Deran had lived another kind of life, he'd be going to the bank to request a loan to open his business.

Craig didn't tell Pope about what Deran was planning to do with the money, and Pope didn't really ask. He just wanted to make sure that Deran wasn't in some trouble. But he also didn't want him to make the foolish mistake of robbing a bank so he came up with another plan.

Who would ever have thought to hit a taco truck? Leave it to Pope to come up with the most bizarre ideas ever but his plan worked even if there were a few hiccups along the way.

Deran Gets the Keys - Animal kingdom 202

Pope even gave Deran his share of the cut so he could meet his obligation without even knowing what the money was for. That's a good brother for you.

Now Deran is a business owner, but remains to be seen is how this is going to affect his involvement with other jobs. Running your own business takes a lot of time and is Deran going to risk it all to do more jobs?

It seems like he's trying to go legit, but will he go all the way legit or use his other money making skills as needed?

How will Pope and Baz react when they find out about the bar? What about Smurf?

I can't imagine Pope is going to be angry about the bar. He's probably going to pat his brother on the back for trying to do something for himself. Pope is turning out the be one of the better brothers of the bunch.

On Animal Kingdom Season 1 he seemed like he was the bad seed, but he's shown more and more that he's full of compassion and is more stable than Smurf wants everyone to think.

Just look at his interactions with Lena. He certainly is a better father to her than Baz. Wouldn't it be great if Pope was Lena's father?

Granted Pope might be feeling tons of guilt for killing the girl's mother, but he has a lot more patience than Baz ever will.

Pope with Lena - AK 202

Baz only thinks about himself. He's so desperate to find a partner that he doesn't think about what he's doing to Lena. He plopped her in front of the TV so he wouldn't have to interact with her and then blows up because he thinks the TV is on too loud. 

Why not try to be a father instead?

I'm guessing he didn't really wanted a child in the first place. It was probably an inconvenience for him then just as it is now. It wouldn't surprise me if he wanted Catherine to get an abortion and she refused.

The only reason he hired a private detective to find her is so he can hands Lena off. But he has realized that she very well might be dead. Why else would Catherine leave her child? It's not something she would do.

But can you imagine if Catherine did leave him? He would kill her himself.

But what will he do when he learns that Catherine is dead?

I hope Lucy finds out that he's lying to her. I hope she rips off his balls when she does. I can't believe he lied to her the way he did. Doesn't Lucy realize that there is no way Catherine would leave her child like that?

Why doesn't Lucy ask more questions? It annoys me that she keeps giving Baz second chances. I would have kicked his ass out of the house not invited him in and then into the bedroom.

But Baz will get his eventually.

Animal Kingdom Taco Truck

Craig and Nicky are idiots, but the whole apartment was amusing. The way Nicky was moving in slow motion and not taking it so seriously should have been a wake-up call to her. It should have been a wake-up call for both of them. 

But neither of them are going to change, and it wouldn't be surprising if one of them ended up dead sooner rather than later from all that partying.

The mysterious Jake resurfaced, this time via phone, but only to tell Smurf that Manny died. Who could Manny be? Is he an ex-husband? A former partner? 

It's surprising that she's going to go to his funeral service. What will J think of it? 

I hope J asks lots of questions because inquiring minds want to know.

Now over to you. What did you think of "Karma"? Will Deran get out of the family business for good?

Will Lucy find out the truth about Catherine? Will Baz learn how to be a good dad or will Pope take over?

Is it possible that Lena is actually Pope's child? Will Nicky and J get back together?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You gotta ski mask?


Baz: You know what, Pope, why don't you figure out your own shit before you start telling me how to raise my kid.
Pope: Her mother left and you're banging some woman she's never seen before in her mother's bedroom. It's not Lena's fault that your girlfriend doesn't like your kid.
Baz: You don't know shit and you never will. You get that? No one is ever going to have a kid with you.