Claws Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Quicksand

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What just happened?

The central mystery just went from a whodunit to a why-dunit right at the end of Claws Season 1 Episode 3.

A World of Trouble - Claws Season 1 Episode 3

I didn't see any way that Roller was still alive. Granted, there didn't seem to be a lot of blood from his being shot in the chest. And Virginia is such a dim bulb that Desna could have sold her anything.

And that would explain why they only found one set of remains in the boat.

But still ...

Roller was last seen floating away in a flaming boat. It couldn't have been that easy to escape from a burning boat in his condition.

Also, how was he able to stay underground while everyone is looking for his murderer? He's not the type to fade into the woodwork.

I just don't get the why of this whole scheme.

Now, I can see Desna being the brains behind such a plan. Uncle Daddy has been using her badly despite her crucial role in helping the drug clinic to be a success, laundering the profits and wrangling psycho doc Kenneth.

But I just can't see Roller as a big-picture kind of thinker. The lunk-head is Uncle Daddy's favorite son and just got lavished with a new home. Are we supposed to believe that he cares enough about Desna to either escape or overthrow Uncle Daddy?

I don't buy it. What else is in it for him?

So here's another possibility: Desna's cracking up. 

In addition to her normal, everyday routine of caring for Dean, she's coordinating a cover-up with a flaky Virginia while trying to move up to a better salon. Her sleep has been plagued by nightmares. Maybe she's gone over the edge and is imagining Roller alive.

Either storyline could be intriguing, but I vote for a resurrected Roller. Maybe he is smarter than I've given him credit. Or maybe he at least has some animal cunning going for him.

But Uncle Daddy won't go down easy.

Searching for a Killer - Claws

I mean, in the midst of hunting for Roller's killer, Uncle Daddy still had an ingenious plan to put Jenn, Bryce, Desna and Kenneth in his debt.

I should have seen something coming when Uncle Daddy accepted conditional help from them all. But the clinic is such a wacky place that a seizure and a robbery didn't seem at all out of the ordinary.

So I was still surprised when it was revealed that Uncle Daddy set up the whole rip-off.

The Pompano Police detective, Chip Lauderdale (a great porn name), is a worthwhile addition to the cast. Even though he's obviously in Uncle Daddy's pocket, he still seems like a legitimate investigator, despite the wardrobe (must be a Florida thing).

The series is still revolving around Desna, which is a good thing. First, she had to be partnered with dum-dum Virginia. Seriously, Virginia's story was that she was attacked by men armed with a See and Say who chained her to a toilet in the woods. No wonder everyone looked at her dubiously.

Desna had to keep her under house arrest so that Virginia wouldn't say anything even more stupid if that's possible.

How many layers of lies is Desna going to have to juggle while keeping her best friends in the dark?

Following the outstanding funeral scene on Claws Season 1 Episode 2 we were blessed with a wild bachelorette party that started at the salon and moved on to She-She's. As Jenn noted, "Those bourgies can really throw down." Both scenes offered the same entrancing, surreal feel.

More importantly, Desna used her wiles to get her dream salon back on track by entertaining Mandy's friends in the bridal party.

In a Tough Spot - Claws Season 1 Episode 3

Despite Jenn's misgivings, Uncle Daddy roped Bryce into helping out at the clinic, and he was woefully out of his element. It was hilarious watching Bryce trying to empower an oxy addict with his abundance-coach talk while she munched on Bugles.

It seems that the drug clinic is going to reflect Kenneth's personality, and it's going to be like falling down the rabbit hole.

Dean has decided he is going to follow Roller's lead and become a disciple of Arnold. And poor Quiet Ann was the person nominated to train him. But she was busy dealing with her stalker, and Dean was smart enough to know when Desna was simply trying to humor him.

I'm looking forward to Quiet Ann's deep connection to Desna finally being explained. Ann was a little more talkative (she was married to a Yale professor?), but she's still largely an enigma.

A New Approach - Claws Season 1 Episode 3

So what happens on Claws Season 1 Episode 4? It all depends on which of my above theories is correct, or if there's something even more bizarre happening.

To catch up on this ever-deepening dramedy, watch Claws online.

Is Roller alive or is Desna crazy? Were you onto Uncle Daddy's scheme? How about that wild bachelorette party? Comment below.

Quicksand Review

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Claws Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Virginia: I look like a hero.
Desna: No, you look like a dumb-ass who is going to get us killed.

I got enough on my plate, China Doll. Now I've got to dodge your Doctor Doolittle bullshit.

Desna [to Virginia]