Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Did Spencer's Twin Sleep With Toby?!?

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Either Spencer's twin could is wreaking havoc around Rosewood or we are being played once again by Marlene King. 

On Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 18, Toby returned, and Spencer and the former couple apparently made their way to bone town. 

Below, TV Fanatics Yana Grebenyuk and Jay Ruymann are joined by super fan Meaghan Frey discuss the twin theory, Aria winning the game and Mona returning to her old ways. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Did Spencer's twin sleep with Toby?

Yana: I went back to examine that scene after I saw this question, and all signs point to yes. The way Toby was confused to see her, the look she had when he was behind her, and the behavior that didn't exactly line up.

Meaghan: Yes. As soon as she walked into the cabin in all black, I was yelling at my TV that it was her. After all, all black is AD's uniform. 

I have seen it brought up that it couldn't be her twin because she had the wound from getting shot like Spencer should have, but that wound looked too fresh and didn't even really look like a gun shot wound. It looked like she carved it into herself.

It is looking like if Spencer's twin really is AD, it might actually be the boys that help figure out who AD is when they start comparing Spencer stories.

Jay: I think so. This “Spencer” had the same hair as she did at the airport with Wren, and she just seemed off. Also, Toby literally saying, “That doesn’t sound like the Spencer I know” is a clear sign foreshadowing it, but who knows? Plus, she suddenly changed clothes and drove hours out to the cabin after being at the police station?

Did A.D. call the cops on Aria, or did they really let her win the game and have the body back?

Yana: I doubt Aria will be caught with the body next week so I'm going with the second option. She has the body back, but now she has to hide it again, bring the girls into this and frankly try to avoid even more trouble since the spotlight is on them now.

Meaghan: I don't think getting a dead body in your trunk can really ever be described as winning. Like Yana said though, I doubt she is going to get caught with it.

Jay: Aria’s not going to be caught with the body, and it was honestly probably A.D. using her to transport it to frame the girls. Better to have someone else get caught with a dead body than yourself, right? Plus, Aria was already exonerated, so it could’ve been framed as the girls used her car to cover up their crime.

Packed Up - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 18

Is Mona returning to her old ways now?

Yana: No.She is doing what no one else seems to by figuring it all out and saving the day.

Meaghan: Not yet, but she is on her way. Mona is like an addict when it comes to this stuff. She has spent too much time too close to the game, and it is bringing back nerd Mona and bringing out the A in her. She has good intentions though. The Liars just need to stop pushing her away.

She stole the game so she could figure out what was going on. Obviously, it isn't going to look good for her, but I'm sure the truth will come out. Hopefully, it comes out before Mona is bleeding on the ground. I really don't have high hopes that she is making it out alive.

Jay: I disagree with Yana and Meaghan. I don’t think she has good intentions anymore. Loser Mona is back, and she’s hunting A.D. to steal the game back from them. It was her game originally, and the preview for the next episode made it very clear she’s not happy that it was stolen from her.

It's Bad - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 18

How did you feel about Tanner returning?

Yana: Didn't care one way or another at this point.

Meaghan: Does she have nothing better to do than to harass these girls? The only good thing I can say about her return is she at least gave the girls a chance, to tell the truth. Not her fault they didn't take it.

Jay: Why is she the one cop in Rosewood that hasn’t died?

Was Spencer too harsh on Aria?

Yana: I think the one part I rolled my eyes at was her saying Aria caused her parents to get a divorce. Her dad's inability to keep it in his pants caused their divorce, but besides that Aria did knowingly harm her friends to some extents and it is their right to be angry and betrayed. 

Meaghan: Pot kettle black. They all have betrayed each other at one point or another because of A. I bet if any of them were in the same situation they would have made the same choice.

Jay: Hell no. Why is everyone so quick to point out all of Spencer’s mistakes when all of the girls have screwed up? A.D. made Aria hurt Spencer the most; she has every right to be upset and furious with her. Aria literally helped break up her family.

Anyone want a Flip Phone? - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 18

We finally find out who killed Charlotte next week. Who do you think the killer is?

Yana: The twin. Maybe Spencer's twin pretending to be her.

Meaghan: Mona. In Mona's eyes, she thinks Charlotte stole the game from her. That is an unforgivable thing for Mona, and I definitely could see her killing over it.

Jay: I’m with Meaghan. Mona. It’d explain why she was so quick to change her story.

What You Doing Here? - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 18

Which couple did you like most this week?

Yana: Haleb and Emison. I wish they hadn't done them so badly in the last episodes/seasons, but I'm glad Haleb got married. Emison is still stuck with that disgusting forced baby plot but outside of that I love them and their moments were wonderful. 

Meaghan: Haleb. I'm actually glad they didn't have a big wedding. Hanna was going to have that with Jordan. Her relationship with Caleb is very different than that relationship. Their wedding was perfect for them as a couple, and I loved it. They were the only couple I cared about ending up together at the end of the series so the rest can be over for all I care.

Jay: None of them, honestly. I hate how the writers went about reuniting the couples; they’re all ruined for me now. I’m just watching for the mystery.

Over to you, Pretty Little Liars Fanatics. What do you think about all of the drama?

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