The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 6 Review: Kenny Vs Lee: Part 2

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Rachel Lindsay was not afraid to send any of her boyfriends home this week on The Bachelorette.

But first, The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 6 wasted no time getting back into Kenny and Lee's feud. 

Rachel Lindsay on a Date - The Bachelorette

Lee continues to be a pathological liar, and I continue to be confused by his hairstyle. (HOW and WHY is his part so far to the side?!)

And also confused by how he made it this far in the show.

But have no fear, justice was served when Rachel made the right decision and sent Lee home.

I don't trust you, and because of that I'm going to send you home.


In an interesting turn of events, Rachel also didn't give Kenny the rose but instead offered him a chance to spend more time with her.

I was disappointed at first, but after watching Kenny go back to confront Lee one last time instead of just leaving in the helicopter, I understood her decision.

Kenny definitely didn't watch The Bachelorette before he came on the show because if he did, he would have understood the importance of a good exit scene on the two-on-one. He could have learned something from Alex on JoJo's season.

After spending more time together and getting to know Kenny's true intentions, Rachel gave him the rose. Afterward, he FaceTimed with his daughter, McKenzie, and the audience got to see a whole new side of Kenny. 

I'd like to start a petition for McKenzie to be The Bachelorette in 2030. 

It's time for another rose ceremony (this time 23 minutes into the episode, for the record) and two more guys are going to be sent home.

If she doesn't give me a rose, there's something wrong with her brain.


Anthony and Josiah didn't get roses, and I'm kind of surprised. Anthony got a one-on-one earlier in the season, and there seemed to be a spark between them. And Josiah seemed like too much of a character for the producers to send home without a big blowup or major reason.

The most shocking part of the rose ceremony was that Matt DID get a rose. Honestly, I wouldn't have been able to guess his name even if I had a million tries.

After a quick ad for a hotel in Denmark (it's supposedly the perfect place for a fairytale romance!), Rachel goes on a date with Eric.

We coping to love in Copenhagen.


They end up in a hot tub in the middle of the city, but not a normal Bachelor hot tub that was randomly placed for the show. It turns out in Copenhagen there are public hot tubs available for everyone! I'm surprised the franchise doesn't travel here every season. 

Eric and Rachel also stop by an amusement park and go to dinner. He opens up about how he never felt loved as a child. I think he should spend some time with Ben Higgins and discuss their respective fears of being "unlovable."

Rachel seems interested in Eric and gives him the rose. There's truly nothing like talking about your sad past to get the Bachelor or Bachelorette to fall in love with you.

(Sidenote: Did you notice Rachel was drinking whiskey, and Eric was drinking champagne? There's nothing wrong with either of their drinks of choice, but it just goes to show how badass Rachel is yet again).

Seven of the remaining guys (everyone besides Eric and Will) go on the group date with Rachel on a Viking ship.

It's not exactly romantic, but I think it's totally telling that Bryan, Dean, and Peter got to sit toward the top of the boat with Rachel. (I see you, ABC!)

The men also learn how to fight from Viking Fighting Instructors (yes, that is supposedly a real career and career title).

Alex: These group dates involve two things: dressing up and being physical.

And of course, it wouldn't be a group date this season without ridiculous outfits. I feel sorry for the contestants who were on the European handball date (I'm still haunted by those male rompers) and this Viking date. 

At least they will have interesting pictures to add to their Bumble profiles when they're sent home.

In the final Viking battle, Kenny and Adam both get hurt and cut their eyes. It was pretty anticlimactic, but at least we got an explanation about Kenny's bleeding eye that was all over the promos. (Unlike Leah Block's mysterious black eye from Ben H's season).

Bryan (duh) is the first one to steal Rachel away during the group date cocktail party. They talk about Bryan's family and basically confess their love for each other. He's already secured his spot in the top two.

Rachel also continues to bond with Peter, and if she hurts him, I will... do nothing. Besides maybe tweet about how much I want Peter to be The Bachelor or just marry me instead. 

After realizing how much he missed his daughter and how close hometown dates were, Kenny asks Rachel for validation. They both agree that their relationship isn't progressing as quickly as it should be, and Rachel tells Kenny she thinks he should go home.

I'm happy that Kenny got to go out a hero, but I'm kind of sad we didn't get to meet McKenzie in person. 

Speaking from one daddy's girl to the next, she's lucky to have you.


Rachel gives the group date rose to Peter, and Bryan seems surprised and a little ticked off. There's no doubt in my mind that it will come down to a difficult decision between the two of them at the end (it could even come down to who picked out a less tacky Neil Lane ring).

Rachel and Will leave on a boat for Sweden, and I think it's safe to say they're using the majority of Nick Viall's travel budget (you know everyone from his season is watching and still bitter about that trip to Wisconsin).

They spent time exploring the city, and the chemistry between the two of them is lacking. Will should get ready to take a trip to the friend zone... and say hi to Jack Stone when he gets there!

I honestly thought there was something between Will and Rachel earlier in the season, but their relationship is fizzling out. She doesn't give him the rose.

During last night's episode, I put Peter, Bryan, Dean, and Will in my Top Four. After this episode, I'd like to change that to Peter, Bryan, Dean, and ERIC. 

In a shocking turn of events, there is actually a rose ceremony at the end of the episode! I have never been more excited to see Chris Harrison take Rachel's jacket and lead her back to our regular format.

Rachel is very emotional at the rose ceremony but gets it together long enough to send home Alex.

Yes, that means Matt (?!) lives to see another week. There is no new episode of The Bachelorette next week because of July 4th weekend, so I guarantee I will forget who he is again when the show returns.

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