The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Recoil

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We waited an awfully long time for the resolution to the cliffhanger at the end of The Night Shift Season 3 Episode 13 only to be left with another doozy of one. 

The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 1 picked up 48 hours later, and we immediately learned that TC survived the blast in Syria, but Syd's fate is still up in the air. 

Will TC find her, and if so, will she be okay? How long will we have to wait to find out? 

Paul and Drew - The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 1

If she was going to be dead, it would have been better to rip the Band-aid off and tell us now. The longer they drag it out, the harder it would be to accept. So, it's probably safe to say she'll be alive when TC finds her. 

But, while TC was surviving multiple attacks in Syria, the hospital back in San Antonio was in the middle of its own war zone. 

After the walk out in the name of Topher, those who stayed behind were so busy they didn't even have time to pee. There was no talk of adult diapers, but maybe Shannon should have considered it? 

Also, if most of the staff walked out, why was there such a long line at the ladies' room anyway? 

Luckily for Shannon, she had some help in the form of new temp nurse Cain, and Kenny who decided to come back to work pretty much immediately. 

So what do we think of the new nurse? 

Holding Down a Patient - The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 1

He's already getting too attached to patients, and Kenny put him in his place a time or two. But in the end, he was right and made a difference for that patient. 

It's not surprising that Shannon and Kenny would assume the worst. Their patient came in acting extremely aggressive, and his tox screen showed drugs in his system. Most doctors and nurses wouldn't question it further, but Cain believed him when he said he didn't take the drugs. 


Cain noticed no track marks or any evidence of drug use, but why did he look so closely? It'll be interesting to learn more about the new nurse and just what makes him tick.

It almost feels like he could be hiding something behind that wood carving talent. Could he be an ex-addict himself? He's only a temp, but assuming he'll be sticking around for awhile, chances are we'll get to see him butt heads with Kenny again. 

Jordan: I'm sorry. I didn't realize...
Julian: That's because you've never walked in my shoes. I make hard decisions every day. Deciding who lives or who dies. So please tell me, why should I bump your friend here ahead of little Jesse's mom?
Jordan: What do you want?
Julian: What I want? Everyone who left back at work, with you in charge. I read your plans from a few years back. They're not that far off from what I'd like to do with this place.
Jordan: Does everyone include Topher?
Julian: No. He's not a part of the deal.
Jordan: He's the heart and soul of this hospital.
Julian: This hospital doesn't need a heart and soul. It needs a leader. So everyone back to work, no Topher, or I won't operate on your friend. The ball's in your court, so do something with it, before my offer expires.

While one can see Julian's point, his ultimatum to Jordan was a jerk move. Okay, sure, there are tons of patients who need surgery, but Mac is there RIGHT NOW. Is helping him really going to mean little Jesse's mom doesn't get her surgery too? I get there's the issue of cost, but this is still a hospital. 

It was actually pretty great that Jordan flat out lied to him and said she'd come back to get Mac his surgery. She'll still end up coming back, but more on her own terms after flawlessly negotiating with Julian. 

Julian agreed that Topher could come back too, but only as a doctor, not as an ER chief. I assume we'll get some sort of confirmation that he turned down the offer, because we know the actor will not be returning. 

Getting Paul to agree to come back will be the next big challenge. Can he learn to work for his father? 

Jordan Negotiates with Julian - The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 1

If Jordan can, chances are Paul can. Scott very nearly convinced him already. 

Scott: So what are your plans for the future?
Paul: I guess try to find a residency at another hospital.
Scott: No guarantees of that. And, even if you got one, you're going to lose a year at best, and at worst you're going to start completely over.
Paul: Wow, I hadn't really thought of that.
Scott: Seems like you haven't been doing much thinking at all lately.

He's not going to want to start over somewhere else. 

Now we get to our big cliffhanger! 

Sure, falling from a roller coaster car to a big parachute on the ground has to be absolutely terrifying, but come on girl, just do it! 

She's endangering not only her life but the lives of her friend and Drew. Drew needs to pry her fingers off of that cart and make her drop. He probably won't do that. Instead, he'll give her an inspiring speech, and she'll find the courage to drop on her own, saving the day. 

Her friend is in pretty bad shape, so she may not make it anyway, but at least she'll have a chance. 

So what did you guys think of the premiere? Do you miss Topher? Do you like Cain? Will TC find Syd? Will Paul come back to the hospital? Hit the comments with your thoughts! 

If you need to catch up after the long hiatus, you can always watch The Night Shift online

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The Night Shift Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Cain: Perhaps we should let it work, no?
Shannon: This guy punched Sarah and almost ripped my head off, how much longer do you want to wait?

Paul: Hey Shannon, you got a minute?
Shannon: I haven't had a second to pee.
Paul: Look, just real quick, um -
Shannon: Later, Paul!