The Originals Season 4 Episode 13 Review: The Feast of All Sinners

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Ending a season is a difficult task, but it's especially difficult when you have not been picked up for another one and have no idea how to close off the plots while leaving some threads to potentially continue the drama. 

On The Originals Season 4 Episode 13, all of the characters came together to take down The Hollow once and for all, and it resulted in some of the show's most heartbreaking scenes yet. 

To Life - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

Vincent always seems to have an answer for everything, and everyone was so thankful to him for doing his bit to help them save Hope. Despite the fact that Vincent essentially got New Orleans to himself, I do think he would have helped out in the mission regardless of whether he was friends with the Mikaelsons. 

If you watch The Originals online, you will know that he's had his fair share of beef with Inadu and her band of villains over the years, so it was one of those things he needed to do. 

It just so happened that he and everyone else seen eye-to-eye for a change. I do believe his spell was a little convenient when you consider the fact that he was originally saying they were screwed. 

It's difficult to even think about what New Orleans will look like when The Originals Season 5 kicks off. Will Vincent still be around? Will Freya and Keelin be inviting him over for dinner parties? We need answers. 

The thing I love about this show is that the family always comes together in a crisis... even if they are at odds with one another.

The Sisters - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

Freya's decision to become a vampire if Kol did not show up was a conclusion everyone probably foreshadowed for her. I've been harsh on Freya because of the way she treats others, but I can't say she does not care about her family. 

She's ruthless as hell, but she would do anything to keep her family safe. I thought for sure that Kol was going to run off into the night when he heard the plan. 

Instead, he managed to make peace with his siblings and got ready to propose to Davina. He may be happy now, but something tells me there's only so much time he and Davina will be able to be together before Davina's mortality becomes an issue. 

We don't even know if either of the above characters will appear on Season 5, but considering 25 percent of The Hollow is inside Kol, it would make sense for him to return. 

I may be in the minority, but I still don't see anything between Rebekah and Marcel. With Claire Holt's contract details unknown, and Charles Michael Davis a regular, it's difficult to care. 

The Plan - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

It was cute that they met up in New York and rekindled their romance. But Marcel apparently gave up his title as the King of New Orleans. That's a huge thing for him, and if they split up by the time Season 5 rolls around, it would have been a royal waste of time. 

Add in the fact that Sofya conveniently left New Orleans. I get that she was only there to get to Klaus, but I don't get why her relationship with Marcel was one of the focal points of The Originals Season 4 if she was going to get an off-screen exit. 

It's not the most fluid of storytelling, but her exit scene was likely a casualty of trying to cram so much into what could have been the end of the series.

The savage Mikaelsons heroically defeating an evil. Maybe this will finally earn us redemption.


For me, the biggest shock of all was Elijah being compelled to forget everything and heading off to Europe to become a musician. How was that for a shocker?

Elijah has been tormented by his past for so long that it would not have been surprising if he decided to sacrifice himself. Even Klaus seemed happy to see that his brother was at peace. 

Peace on this show is non-existent, and if anyone deserves it, it's Elijah. Give him a break from his suits and drama for a few years.

Could this be foreshadowing Daniel Gilles' exit from the series? It does seem like he wants to branch away from the show. Maybe the constant uncertainty about the show's future is not good for the morale. 

The Brothers - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

I was ecstatic when he admitted to Hayley he knew the relationship was over. Like I've said before, Hayley knew what she was getting into with Elijah, so I struggled to get on board with the way she was acting towards him. 

Obviously, she was shocked that Hope got to meet him inside the pendant right after Hayley got to see what was behind the red door. Haylijah's love story has always been rather tragic, and I don't see a happily ever after on the cards for them no matter how hard they fight for it. 

It sucks to see a relationship we've invested so much time in practically combust before our very eyes, but too much has happened. Time does heal things, so there is hope they could make their way back to one another. 

Who knows, maybe Hayley will like the European musician version of him better and choose to strike up a relationship with him. Though, Elijah is going to be super confused if he ever comes up against vampires who don't like the Mikaelsons. 

Comparing Notes - The Originals Season 4 Episode 13

He'll quickly learn there are a lot of them floating around the world. Maybe Klaus will stick around and let them know the Mikaelsons have turned over a new leaf. 

It's crazy just how far the Klaus has come ever since he first appeared on The Vampire Diaries Season 2. He would have done anything for power, and now, thanks to being a father, he's making some big sacrifices. 

It's amazing how one event can be a catalyst for so much change. I would have laughed in your face if you asked me whether Klaus would be able to change a few years back. 

With Hope making her way to Mystic Falls, it was evident we would be getting to see Alaric once again. Hopefully, Matt Davis will be a more prominent fixture on Season 5. 

The school plot has a lot of potential and considering there is going to be a time jump; it would be good to see what's happening with Alaric in his later years. 

"The Feast of All Sinners" would have served as an ambiguous ending to this supernatural drama series. It would have worked better if the powers that be knew the fate of the show before writing it. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Summer Fontana has been a real delight as Hope. I don't think we'll be seeing her again because, well, the casting notice for a teenage version of the character. Fontana is one of the most talented young actresses out there. Hopefully, she lands a new role quickly. 
  • With Julie Plec serving as a co-showrunner next season, it should be intriguing to find out which characters are brought across from The Vampire Diaries
  • The scene with Rebekah tearing up as she told Freya to keep Keelin around was everything. Keelin has mostly been on the sidelines with most of the family not acknowledging her existence. 
  • Will Klaus keep killing to a minimum or will he use it as a way to make the long days grow shorter? 
  • Is it just me or has Josh been on the periphery too long? He needs to be upped to a series regular, like, yesterday. 

Over to you, The Originals Fanatics. What did you think of the season finale?

Hit the comments below. 

Note: The Originals Season 5 debuts in 2018 on The CW!

The Feast of All Sinners Review

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