Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Steel Bars and Stone Walls

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Wynonna Earp is back, and she and her team have more than just Revenants to worry about this season

But before they tackle the monsters that have invaded Ghost River Triangle, Wynonna made their first priority saving Dolls on Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 1.

It's Wynonna

"Steel Bars and Stone Walls" picked up right where Wynonna Earp Season 1 Episode 13 left off. Goo-infected Willa wasn't shooting at Wynonna or Doc, she was shooting at a monster, aka a Devourer of Souls.

But thanks to Wynonna and a huge tree limb, the only thing this monster devoured was Doc's hat.  

And that left Doc head naked for the rest of the hour...and maybe forever?!

Wynonna felt pretty good about her victory, but deep down she was feeling something else.

She killed her older sister, and that's not something that's easy to live with even if there was no other choice. So Wynonna did what Wynonna does best -- she buried her feelings and moved on.

But killing Willa wasn't the only thing she was feeling guilty about.

Dolls had helped her despite being warned not to, and now he was taken by Black Badge to some unknown location for who knows what.

Three Amigos - Wynonna Earp

If she lost Dolls too, it would spell the end of our favorite gunslinger. There's only so much one person can take, even a strong as steel girl like Wynonna Earp.

That's why it was great when she "met" Eliza in Dolls' motel room. Eliza provided Wynonna what she needed to save Dolls -- a way in! 

And we also got one of the best scenes of the hour! How great was the fight between Eliza and Wynonna?

There's nothing like Wynonna complimenting another woman on her fine choice of underwear after getting whacked in the head with a lamp.

Black Badge is so far off the government grid, they're sub-Atlantis.


Eliza would have made a great team member had she lived (there would have been lots of sassy interactions between those two), but someone had to die, and Eliza had the winning ticket.

It was shocking to see her get shot the way she did, but it was better that it was Eliza and not Waverly or Doc.

Still, it dug deep into Wynonna's psyche.  Having Eliza's blood splatter all over her face probably didn't help much either.

The guilt just kept getting deeper and deeper in Wynonna's world. The poor girl deserved the cry she had in Willa's room later as short-lived as it was.

But it was nice to see her face light up when she saw Dolls was okay. 

Blood Pact - Wynonna Earp

Wynonna isn't going to be able to brush off all the death that happened, but at least she was able to save Dolls even if she wasn't the one who unlocked Dolls from the cage.

And she really doesn't have a lot of time to spend wallowing in guilt, anyway, now that she and the rest of the team (Is the lab tech part of the team now?) signed a blood pact with Black Badge. She's got monsters and Revenants to kill, a curse to get rid of, and sister to protect.

Speaking of Waverly, the goo infection provided some scary moments. Did anyone think she was going to use that ax on Nicole? 

And what's the deal with her being able to calm monsters down? I would have liked to have seen how far she would have been able to control the Devourer of Souls had Wynonna not barged in and put it out of its mystery.

Deputy Marshall Dolls is many things. He's stubborn, he's humorless, he's principled, and he's strong. He's a good man. He's also not a man at all.


What does it mean? Is she able to control monsters? Will the Revenants know she's different now? 

Nicole knew there was something different about Waverly. It was just her "taste," but Waverly isn't going to be able to keep her secret for long. 

Wynonna will be devastated when she finds out, but will she be able to do anything about it? Will Waverly let her?

Nicole isn't too happy with Waverly right now, and she has every right to be angry. While they are a new couple, Waverly needs to be more open with her. That's the only way the relationship is going to work.

If Waverly continues to hold back, it's going to spell trouble for Wayhaught. It wasn't a happy sight seeing Nicole turn away when Waverly tried to kiss her, but it was understandable.

Taste Different - Wynonna Earp

I'm going to guess that Nicole is going to be the first one to find out about Waverly's secret. It's going to be interesting to see what she does and how she reacts.

Doc was the hero of the day. He was willing to sacrifice himself to save Dolls and blow them both up if Dolls wasn't who he should have been. It was good that Doc wanted to protect Wynonna from seeing Dolls in a way that would have killed her inside. 

What I want to know is what did Dolls tell him to tell "her?" Was the "her" Wynonna or someone else? Will Doc divulge the secret?

And who's hand was it that crept out of the crate and blew up the dynamite? Inquiring minds want to know.

"Steel Bars and Stone Walls" was a strong start to Wynonna Earp's second season. It was full of the all the fun we're used to and laid down some interesting groundwork for the rest of the season. It's going to be a wild ride for sure!

What did you think of "Steel Bars and Stone Walls"?

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Steel Bars and Stone Walls Review

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Wynonna Earp Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Black Badge is so far off the government grid, they're sub-Atlantis.


What's worse than dead?