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Desna almost got away with it.

Roller was back in Palmetto, and the other shoe eventually dropped on Claws Season 1 Episode 8.

Scary Times - Claws

Roller's return was a hoot. First, he spooked Desna and her crew at the salon. Then he climbed the stairs wearing a beautiful halo to shock Uncle Daddy (and poor Toby).

Everyone had settled into life post-Roller.

Now he was back from the dead, spreading chaos wherever he went.

The only people worse off with Roller gone was Jenn and Bryce. The last place two recovering substance abusers should be was anywhere near an illegal pill mill.

Seeking Solace - Claws Season 1 Episode 8

Jenn saw a silver lining in Roller's return. Roller could take over the clinic again, and she could have the kind man she loves back. Maybe that would keep her from flirting with her square-dance instructor, Hank.

And maybe, just maybe, they could stay on the wagon...together.

Bryce disagreed. He's very good at the illegal pharmacy game. It also pays considerably better than being a failed life coach. If he has to take an occasional snort to salve his conscience, so what?

Uncle Daddy also disagreed. He loved the work his new golden boy is doing at the clinic. Bryce's brains have brought profits up 20 percent, and he's proven he can do the dirty work as well.

Out of His Own - Claws Season 1 Episode 8

Maybe Roller's embezzlement had some impact on the clinic's bottom line. He's ready to get his hands back on the revenue stream, but there's no place for him anymore. Paraphrasing Uncle Daddy, every critter has to know his place in the jungle.

Roller's involvement with the Russians did explain some things, such as why the Russian twins were keeping track of customers at the clinic and why Reva, the Russians' boss, was hanging out at Desna's salon.

They were tracking the missing Roller because of his connection to the clinic, not for his business acumen.

But why Roller was involved with the Russians never really got answered. Did he get a cut of the embezzled funds? Or were they holding something over his head? It's got to be something big for him to risk crossing Uncle Daddy.

This episode's other big question is whether Roller ever had amnesia. I think he did, and the champagne cork popping brought the memories back to him. While Roller has animal cunning, I don't think he has the smarts to carry off acting like an amnesiac for any length of time.

After all, this is the man who came up with TIGEL Pharmaceuticals. That's right up there with Virginia's Tit-tus as her abductor.

And we left off with this genius holding Desna at gunpoint.

Desna should have gone with her instincts and run.

She thought she was all set. Roller was dead, she got out from under Uncle Daddy, she's about to open her dream salon, and she's being courted by a wealthy doctor.

Dean's having sex with Virginia, but Desna can't have everything.

But Roller returned, with the cause of her downfall hidden inside his little pea brain. And it got loose.

She's sort of figured out what Roller was up to, and sort of has the Russians on her side. But it's hard to use blackmail material when the other party is armed.

As for the rest of the cast, Dean was happy, because he can satisfy his girlfriend and his idol Roller isn't dead.

Helping Desna - Claws Season 1 Episode 8

Polly and Dr. Ken acted on their mutual attraction, becoming this episode's couple having sex in an inappropriate place. Then he got clingy, and she pulled back. So perhaps this was just a fling.

Quiet Ann and Arlene were still going strong, but I don't expect that to last. I almost expect Arlene to be a casualty in next week's season finale. She's actually investigating the attempted murder of Roller, and it's in too many people's best interests for her not to solve it.

So what happens next? Was Roller brought back just to be killed off for his betrayal, either by Uncle Daddy or the Russians? Will Desna and Virginia get found out, and will it matter much after Roller's secrets come out? Can Jenn and Bryce survive as a couple?

I've already written off two of the other couples, and I can't take Dean and Virginia seriously because Desna will kill her if she survives Roller.

To catch up before the season finale, watch Claws online.

Were you surprised by Roller's secret? Do any of the couples have any staying power? Who doesn't survive the finale? Comment below.

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Claws Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Hank: Hey, Dean. They're going to have lady talk.
Dean: Oh, I'm OK with that.

Yeah, it was Roller. But he didn't say hello at South Beach. Very bad manners.