Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Give It Up, Princess

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Ryo, Ryo, Ryo. Mass executions and ruthless rule rarely end well. But he sure seemed to think the opposite in Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 5. The main story featured mostly the Raza crew gallivanting around on an interstellar scavenger hunt, though.

Which is great if you enjoy scavenger hunts, I suppose. Mostly, however, the A-plot just dragged. Ah, boredom: the cardinal sin of entertainment media.

Stopping a War - Dark Matter

Here's a question: why didn't the Raza crew just go "save" Tabor's girlfriend first and then go after the super-secret Ferrous Corp file at their leisure? Answer: because then we wouldn't get the so-called surprise that Amber wasn't all sunshine and innocence after all.

Two: Tabor’s girlfriend has been kidnapped.
Five: Tabor has a girlfriend?!
Three: That’s what I said!

Some twist. It appeared painfully obvious to me from the get-go. Not to mention that the episode's title, "Give It Up, Princess," certainly strongly hinted in that direction.

And then there certain far more intriguing elements just got glossed over, like the encounter with the security android at Tabor's safehouse. (For all the Android's concern, Three sure took him down easily.)

I don't hate Adrian. In fact, so far I've enjoy the addition of him and Solara more than the ill-fated Devon and Nyx in Dark Matter Season 2 – less character shilling, for one.

(I really do miss David Hewlett, though, and hope he does manage to pop up at some point during this season.)

But if Adrian worked for Tabor for five years, why is he so consistently useless and hopelessly naive? It's bizarre, actually, and getting to the point that I'm surprised Three hasn't thrown him out the airlock.

At least he showed something of a spine, particularly when he refused to give up the goods on the Raza to the Ferrous Corp guy.

Though that scene begged another question: why couldn't the Ferrous Corp guys detect the Raza, which was seemingly parked within spitting distance of the station? Couldn't someone look out a window and see them?

To be fair, the sequence did allow Zoie Palmer to practice her Southern belle dialect. Because apparently there are still Southern belles in the distant future.

And it led into arguably the best line of the episode:

I don’t date guys whose asses I’ve kicked.


Too bad we didn't actually get to see her take down the entire station. That would have at least broken the monotony of much of the rest of the story.

Ryo's side of things certainly didn't help the situation much. At least it answered the question of Misaki's fate. Unfortunately, Ryo proved once again that he makes for a terrible emperor.

You have something to say, Teku? You have some advice to offer on how to run *my* Empire?!


Where's Four when you need him? Four consistently displayed much more intelligence, thoughtfulness, and definitely patience than Ryo, particularly Ryo-as-Emperor.

I definitely got the impression that Ryo's being manipulated and played, which frustrated me because Four was previously such a quiet yet powerful character.

Seriously, does anyone else wonder whether Misaki or Teku was behind the would-be assassination?

All this left me wondering: how long until Ryo reunites, one way or another, with the Raza and his former crewmates? And, by that point, will any viewers be sorry if he gets killed?

Ryo engenders little sympathy among viewers with his ongoing devolution into ruthlessness and cruelty. Do we even care if Zairon loses the war anymore?

The coda for the episode featured Commander Nieman, who served as an antagonist from almost the start of the series, preparing a handy exposition-laden report for the Ferrous Corp mucky-mucks.

Not only clunky, but full of ominous promises of victory in six months, destruction of the independent colonies (read: Goodbye, Six!), and there's a super-duper secret ace-in-the-hole they hadn't bothered to use for some reason.

"Agent Zero" sounded like a James Bond parody. I hope whatever it is turns out to be more interesting than it appeared.

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If you missed this episode, fear not! You can always watch Dark Matter online to catch up. And be sure to tune in on Friday, July 7, 2017 at 9/8c on Syfy Channel for Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 6, "One More Card To Play."

What did you think of "Give It Up, Princess"? Were you surprised at the double/triple cross? Were the missing Ferrous Corp ships responsible for the Ishida defeat? What happens next?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Give It Up, Princess Review

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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Five: The good news is that we got the right file, because it has Ferrous military-grade encryption.
Adrian Maro: What’s the bad news?
Five: It has Ferrous military-grade encryption!

You have something to say, Teku? You have some advice to offer on how to run *my* Empire?!