Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Bad Moon Rising

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The big bad demon isn't going away anytime soon.

On Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 2, Joe reveals that Manfred may have a bigger part in Midnight than he could ever have imagined, but is Manfred prepared to take on the challenge?

Manfred thinks he's in Midnight to escape from Hightower, but Grandma may have had bigger plans for him.

He Sees Something - Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 2

It doesn't even seem possible that Manfred could be the one to save the world.

He barely knows how to save himself (although he did do a good job saving Creek from the tiger), and it doesn't seem as if he'd even be remotely interested in a task that huge.

But he probably won't have a choice as the floorboard demon he thought was gone has reared its ugly head again, except he doesn't know it.

It's taken a liking to Fiji, but it's unlikely she'll be able to tackle it all on her own. Especially if it's part of the larger group that's about to terrorize Midnight and the rest of the world.

Fiji doesn't know what's going on, but she can take some comfort in the fact that it disappeared when Bobo showed up.

Lem and Olivia - Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 2

I get the feeling that Bobo is more than just a regular guy.

Not that it would be impossible for anyone to kick all those bikers' asses single-handedly, but Bobo just doesn't look that type.

There's something more to him. He seems like he's on the right side, but he could be there for the other team.

After all, it's his house where the big bad floorboard demon lives and all the other horrible things Fiji and Manfred found there.

The sinister side of Midnight is coming to the forefront, and it's not just the floorboard demon.

The Sons of Lucifer are spreading their wings, and it won't be surprising if they end up becoming soldiers for the demons when the time comes.

They've already killed off the Sheriff, but the problem is that we didn't know him well enough even to care. 

Still, it seems like a waste to off the Sheriff so early. 

Interrogation - Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 2

The threat of the Sons of Lucifer isn't very real right now. They're sort of the backdrop the big bad.

I realize that the show is trying to put all its pieces into place, but the Sons of Lucifer just don't seem to fit very well into the puzzle. 

I'd be very disappointed if one of them was really Aubrey's killer, but now that Livingston and Gomez are gone, who's going to investigate the murder?

It shouldn't be that difficult for anyone to figure out who killed the Sheriff, and it won't be long before someone discovers Gomez is missing.

And once the spotlight is on Midnight, it's going to spell major trouble for our Midnighter troop. 

Burying Bodies - Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 2

We got to know the Rev a bit better this hour. I was expecting a werewolf and instead got a weretiger, an unusual but a welcome change on the cliche.

Poor Rev had no intention of getting out of the cellar, but Officer Gomez couldn't help herself and paid the price.

It was surprising that no one heard her screams in a town as small as Midnight.

I was also pleased that we didn't lose a main character when Olivia wanted to shoot him.

Losing three people in the hour would have been too much. 

And while I'm not yet invested in characters other than Manfred and Grandma, I'd like to get to know the other Midnighters better before they're killed off.

I'd imagine as it gets closer to the significant conflict we're going to lose some of them, but I hope we get a chance to dig deeper into the characters before then. So far, most of what we are discovering feels superficial.

We need to care more about what's coming down the pike for this small Texas town before disaster hits.

So, over to you. 

What did you think of "Bad Moon Rising"? Does Manfred know he's the key to saving the world? Will Joe share the information with the rest of the Midnighters?

Which character are you most interested getting to know better?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Bad Moon Rising Review

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