Preacher Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Viktor

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Hell is a strange place.

And that's about all I got out of Preacher Season 2 Episode 4, as it was as dull as Eugene's uniform.

Sure, we learned the truth of Tulip's secret, but didn't we already figure that out on Preacher Season 2 Episode 3? Did we need a whole hour to spill those beans?

More Secrets - Preacher

It's like we were in our own television viewing hell this hour because nothing happened. NOTHING.

The story barely moved forward until the very end when finally something exciting happened, but by that time it was too late. My mind was mush.

Thank God the Saint of Killers has finally found his way to New Orleans because someone needs to add some life into this show.

I still haven't read the graphic novel, so maybe there is some reason we are spending so much time with Eugene, but as a television VIEWER, there is no point to keep returning to that story.

Still, there was some humor to the Hitler storyline – mostly when he thought Eugene was going to save him and got a big surprise instead.

Eugene didn't even know he was going to start kicking Hitler in the face until he actually did it. It was for survival so he wouldn't be sent to down to the scary pit, but it was out of character for him.

Eugene was so used to being bullied that it was difficult for him to be the bully, but once he got the hang of it, he proceeded with gusto.

Eugene - Preacher Season 2 Episode 4

Is Hitler even alive after that beating? Who cares??

The guard lady was the devil in disguise (or just a nasty demon) who warned Eugene he couldn't be nice in hell, but wouldn't that make the guard devil wonder why Eugene was down there in the first place?

Doesn't Old Scratch get some sort of packing slip with each new arrival so he can exact the proper punishment?

It doesn't seem right that Hitler should suffer the same punishment as everyone else, yet he kept reliving some silly memory where a Jew bumped into him while he was enjoying lunch with a lady friend. 

And that's how he began hating Jews. 

Did we really need to see that backstory? How is it even relevant to what's supposed to be happening?

Jesse continued his search for God in front of a television screen, and that was just as boring as watching Hitler befriend Eugene.

Why is he continuing to look for a God that looks like God?

Besides, I thought he was supposed to be hitting the jazz clubs. I still think the ZZ Top looking guy on Preacher Season 2 Episode 3 who told Jesse how to get into the music was the God Jesse was seeking, but he missed his opportunity.

Cassidy spent the hour worrying about Tulip while Jesse was completely oblivious. Cassidy has not been very fun this season. He's had some moments, but nothing similar to Preacher Season 1

What happened to the crazy vampire that used to suck the blood out of cows? (And, yes, I remember the cat, but it's still not the same.)

Cassidy should have pulled Jesse by his hair to get his attention. Granted, he didn't want to tell him about Tulip's secret, but he knew he was going to anyway, so why draw it out?

And where was he when Jesse showed up at Viktor's? 

Jesse and Cassidy - Preacher Season 2 Episode 4

It was great that all of Viktor's big, burly men were afraid of Tulip. She showed us again what a badass she is when she took on a few of them. 

Viktor was angry, but the guy is in love like everybody seems to be. She attracts men like a magnet.

Still, next time we see Jesse, he's going to be either crushed or super pissed. He's crazy in love, and that's a completely different kind of love. He wouldn't have done what he did to save Tulip if he wasn't.

The best scene of the hour was Jesse taking on Mr. Torture. It was the kind of gruesome we're used to seeing on Preacher.

I just wish we would have seen more of it or more of something.

What did you think of "Viktor"? How will Jesse react to Tulip's news? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Viktor Review

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