Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Sacar Con Sifón El Mar

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Alliances were constantly being tested on Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 8, and some may still be on shaky ground. 

Has anyone else noticed that the more Camila relies on Teresa, the more she questions James?

Get the Meeting - Queen of the South

In response, James has become more cautious, while Teresa continues to be the one to make the bold moves. 

One of the highlights of Queen of the South season 2 has been the growing partnership between James and Teresa. I hope that Camila’s continued questioning of James and confidence in Teresa doesn’t completely ruin their dynamic. 

I've never had to ask you twice to do something. Today is not the day to start, James.


Today was Camila’s birthday, and I did love that Pote not only got her a beautiful cake but knew that she’d appreciate the decorative spoons as a gift. 

That man is no fool. 

Pote Protects Teresa - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 8

To say Camila’s birthday was filled with ups and downs was an understatement. 

On the upside, I was thrilled that she confronted Epifanio about the attempt on her life in this Queen of the South quote

Epifanio: I will gladly kill your business, but not you.
Camila: Well, if it wasn't you, then look at your puppet, Cortez. If you can't control your dog, it's best to put him on a leash or put him down.

I’d suggest putting him down, and soon. He’s a brutal, power hungry, misogynist, who is loyal to no one. I think his death is a matter of when, not if, and the only question is who will be the one to take him out. 

Then there was Epifanio’s heart attack. 

Epifanio in the Hospital - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 8

Inches from death and you're still a charming son of a bitch.


Epifanio and Camila are a complicated couple. One moment their trying to destroy one another, and the next Camila is running to his bed side despite the risk of being arrested.

When I lost you, I thought my heart would break. Perhaps it finally has.


The Vargas share history, a long marriage, and a child. There’s also still plenty of passion there, and if you dig deep enough, no small amount of love.

Until something drives a wedge between them and then one or both of them lash out and they’re out for blood once again. 

Epifanio: Is there a problem with Isabela?
Camila: Yes, she had a father that lost control of her.
Epifanio: She's home studying.
Camila: She's home with Kiki Jimenez and I can promise you not one book is open. You were supposed to take care of that.

Despite their contentious parting, I am curious to see if Epifanio will do anything about the Colonel attempting to kill his ex-wife, after his specific orders not to harm her. It would be oddly weak if Epifanio let that kind of betrayal go unanswered. 

Kelly Anne Confronts Camila - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 8

Even Kelly Anne made an appearance on Camila’s birthday, and Camila’s handling of Cole’s jealous, naive wife was genius, especially after having spent the entire evening having sex with the man in his office…

Kelly Anne: You know exactly who I am, and I know exactly what you are which is a drug dealer and a whore, and I'm not just going to stand here and bat my eyelashes while you wreck where I lay my head.
Camila: Do you really think your husband would have an old woman like me when he can have a young beauty like yourself? With the amount of money and power your husband has, he can have any woman he wants.
Kelly Anne: What are you doing up there so late?
Camila: My business runs on a 24 hour clock. It doesn’t stop at six and neither does his billing.

Will that placate Kelly Anne? Will the DEA take another run at her? I just don’t know but I think I’d rather see Kelly Anne become a stronger character than a weaker one whom the DEA can play to their advantage. 

In Chicago, Teresa overrode James objections and made a daring call to steal Devon’s drug shipment, and it got a response from Devon just in time to save Teresa from herself.

When Teresa and Guero fell into bed together, I really thought it was goodbye sex on Teresa’s part. I thought she was going to follow Camila’s orders and send Guero on his way. 

An Intimate Moment - Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 8

Instead, I was shocked when she packed up and prepared to flee with him. 

I understand that the heart wants what the heart wants, but the heart can be pretty darn foolish. Teresa has to know that Camila will hunt her and Guero to the ends of the earth for such a betrayal. 

But thanks to Devon’s right hand woman, and some intervention from Pote, Teresa and Guero’s escape ended before it ever began…

Pote: This is one flight that you're not going to get on. You're not going with her, Guero.
Guero: That's not really up to you, my friend.
Pote: Camila doesn't bend. Neither do I. Teresa's a strong woman now, she stands on her own. She's not that little girl you left behind to be raped by Gato.
Guero: You let that happen? You let Epi make that call and you didn't do nothing?
Pote: You can blame me. You can blame Epifano. You're too scared to look yourself in the mirror. You stole from your Padrino. You snitch, and you come here. You want to tear down everything that she fought to rebuild. Huh? If you really care about her, Cabrón, you walk out of here and never come back.

Outside the planes, it sounded like Guero was going to do the noble thing and leave, but then he said he was coming back…after he took care of something important.

Now I’m scrambling to figure out what that could be. 

Does he want revenge over Teresa being raped? Is he going back to the DEA to make a deal to take down Camila but save himself and Teresa?

Or does he not plan to come back at all. 

If you have a theory, share it with me; I’d love to hear it. 

In the meantime, don’t forget to check back in next week for my review of Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 9, and if you missed any of the drama, you’ll want to watch Queen of the South online here at TV Fanatic.

Sacar Con Sifón El Mar Review

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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

James: It’s not safe. We're just targets at a gun range. We need to leave.
Camila: You stay where I say.

I've never had to ask you twice to do something. Today is not the day to start, James.