Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Part 10

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There's nothing like some extremely slow pacing to remind you what you could do without, and what you would love to see explored more. 

Does this sound familiar? It might because I still find myself wondering why there is such a focus on the plots that aren't related to Twin Peaks. Specifically when there are characters invovled that were never in the original two seasons, why is it worth spending that much time with them?

That's a big point that was brought up on Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 10, where plans were set in motion to destory Dougie and Richard Horne continued to remind us that he was just a disgusting human being.

Laura Is the One - Twin Peaks

Richard is the worst person in the world, I'm officially calling it. To me he is just garbage, which was actually very clear from his first appearence. 

This time around though he got to murder a witness to his crime and then went after his grandmother while his uncle was helpless on the ground.

A real class act, right?

At this point I don't think there is any other conclusion than the one that was floating around about Richard being related to Evil Cooper, and by extension to Bob as well. 

There is still no trace of Audrey to be found, something I was annoyed about at first and now I'm just angry. It's obvious that Richard is her son, so where is she?

Anyway, Richard demonstrates such a lack of empathy, kindness, or any human emotion that isn't murder that this has to be it. Evil Cooper somehow had sex with Audrey, either with her consent or probably without, and out emerged Richard. 

So while Evil Cooper has to be destoryed, doesn't that mean that Richard should be too?

He isn't a piece of the Black Lodge but he was possibly created from someone who was pure evil and there can't be this amount of darkness just roaming around.

Do you find me attractive?

Janey-E Jones

Cooper wasn't around that much but he had plenty of fun in the few scenes that we go with him.

Looks like Janey-E saw her husband in a different light with that mysterious weight loss, and him not talking also made things more interesting for her.

The two had sex and Cooper pulled off the most awkward "I love you" scene because you actually start to feel bad when you realize that things aren't looking good for Janey-E.

For now she has a husband that she is feeling sparks with again, but that guy is one cup of coffee away from running back to Twin Peaks.

These are the moments that get me wondering about the characters we only met this time around. 

Their stories might not be headed anywhere but at some point people like Cooper will hve to return to Twin Peaks. And I can't help wondering what that means for Dougie's wife and son, or where that leaves situations that they were put in because of this Black Lodge business.

We're just naked, screaming little fucks.

Dr. Jacoby

Norma finally got a drapes business and nothing made me happier.

Although her weird appreciation for Dr. Jacoby could have been avoided. If only because he is everything you don't want to see when you visit Youtube, but he seems to be doing good for himself so it can't be all bad.

Norma on the other hand was kind of an unknown since we last saw her. She must now know her real age though so there's that.

There is also a strong chance of her not being with Ed anymore, but if that means she found success elsewhere than I can't complain there either.

What if there is just an entire portion of Twin Peaks that needed silent drape runners and we never knew?

Meanwhile, Becky is doomed to the same relationship problems that her mother had in the past. Becky's boyfriend, a guy who managed to look even more creepy than in Get Out, blamed her for everything wrong in their lives and was very close to hurting her. 

Is it too late to ask for that to be taken back?

There is nothing that we really know about Becky, but even her simply being Shelly's daughter makes me wish she didn't have her own personal Leo. 

He's so beautiful.


Albert and Gordon had a small portion of time to confirm that Diane isn't exactly trusted right now.

I can't say I blame them but yet I also find myself supporting Diane no matter what. She could very well be working for the enemy or could be involved in some shady stuff, and I still think she is doing so well.

There is a lot to unload with Diane and her secret messages, is it too early to pitch an Audrey/Diane secret friendship idea?

What if all this time these two ladies were working together to figure out what was happening with Cooper?

They were the ones who knew him the most, maybe they both went through some trauma and came out the other side with the realization that this person wasn't the Cooper they knew.

This is nothing but a pipe dream right now but it would be a wonderful friendship to explore, especially if both their stories are going to be horryifying experiences at the hands of a man they both thought they knew.

Albert: What should we do?
Gordon: Keep her close.

What did you think of the pacing this time around? Did you find anything missing in all these scattered storylines? Who are you still holding out hope to see more of? Who could you do without right about now? Let us know below!

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We're just naked, screaming little fucks.

Dr. Jacoby

Do you find me attractive?

Janey-E Jones