Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Part 9

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At first, there was nothing, and now we have answers. 

Or the beginning of some of them, especially since Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 8 took us a bit in the other direction. 

It was only just the beginning, so there was set up for Major Briggs, his conversation with ''Cooper," and his previously unidentified body popping up in South Dakota.

The best part of Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 9 might have been the break that we were offered. Experiencing Bob and his birth was much heavier than the insight we got into Andy and Lucy's relationship or Cooper's slow connection to his old life.

The Doppleganger - Twin Peaks

Things are finally starting to make sense when it comes to that floating head and headless body, both belonging to Major Briggs at different points in his life. 

This search for the zone that was happening clarified that the different lodges are alternate dimensions that we should continue to look out for.

But how was it possible for Major Briggs to essentially hibernate without a body?

My best guess at this point would be electricity, which Cooper proved when he got distracted by that outlet on the wall. 

It's the adventure that the Sheriff, Hawk, and Bobby are going on that worries me most. Nothing good comes out of visiting these other areas or lodges. 

Or did Major Briggs foresee that and he is aware that he is luring his son somewhere safe that could provide more answers about Cooper? And what exactly did happen between Evil Cooper and Briggs?

That could also apply to Gordon's situation right now, with Cooper getting away and him being so close to the truth but yet so far. He's got the key to Dougie, yet there is also this clue to the real Cooper coming in from the other side.

Everything is one small step away from the other; the dots just have to be connected at the right time.

Especially dots like Diane's, that text message was as cryptic as ever, and she almost didn't seem surprised. Was she meant to be? Or did she know that if she got involved that things wouldn't be as quiet as they might have been before?

I know, I know. Fuck you, Albert.


Diane must have gone through a lot, as predicted by Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 7 when she had that faceoff with Evil Cooper. That is why I truly am not buying the "Diane might be evil" angle. 

She wasn't shocked by the message, one that could have come from Evil Cooper, but that is all we got. There has to be more coming; my only request is that it doesn't hurt Diane.

She already got involved in plenty of things that she didn't want to be part of, just let her smoke in peace in that morgue.

Cooper flew the coop.


Twin Peaks is shaping up to be my favorite portion in all this, no surprise there.

From Lucy and Andy shopping for chairs (which could have been solved quicker by them buying one of each) to having to watch someone move their soup from the conference room to the lunchroom.

Everything is shifting back there, with Gordon maybe figuring out that they need to plan a visit there.

I'm wondering why there hasn't been any contact between Gordon/Albert and Twin Peaks. If Gordon is trying to figure out what is happening with Cooper, he could retrace his steps back to the town he spent so much time.

These are all thoughts that make a lot of sense when you consider how much information the two groups could exchange.

Lucy: Andy, I really love the beige chair.
Andy: And Lucy I really love the red chair.

How does one process seeing the entire Horne family, all but the one member I want to see the most.

Audrey, where are you?

Ben Horne at least shocked everyone in the world by not giving into his assistant. That in itself was out of character for him, so I am counting on that to be explored more.

Right after we figure out where that sound in his office is coming from though, that takes priority.

And Jerry is still in those woods, struggling against his foot that isn't his floor.

It might be possible that Jerry isn't high, maybe there is something wrong with him that needs to be checked out? 

Someone should get on that.

And Audrey's brother Johnny died just as quickly as he was running around the house. It didn't even connect that that was him until he was already dead, which must have some significance if that had to be displayed for us.

Will that be what brings Audrey back to us? Will anything?

Your father never lost faith in you.

Betty Briggs

For Your Consideration:

  • Cooper drinking coffee like a newborn puppy discovering a new toy will never stop making me smile. 
  • Kyle MacLachlan separates Evil Cooper and Real Cooper in such subtle ways. Besides the hair, you just know that there is nothing but pure evil going on in one person and rainbows and unicorns in another person.
  • Will we actually see Hawk, the Sheriff, and Bobby travel to the Black Lodge? I'm not sure if I trust that, if only because Briggs wouldn't send his son somewhere dangerous. Bob might not be in there anymore, but nothing good comes from visiting that place.
  • It could take me a while to start scratching again. That armpit itch was cringeworthy; no one scratches at something like that. When has anyone seen something weird appearing on their body and jumped right into irritating it more? Don't do it! It's how horror movies begin! That girl has no idea what's happening. 
  • I have to say, I did not expect those cops to do their job. But they managed to swipe Cooper's DNA and arrest the guy who tried to kill him. Consider me shocked. 
  • The actor behind William Hastings giving us that epic Scream cry was a gift, a real gift. And, fun fact, the website he created is real for anyone who wants to read up on some other dimensions. 

What did you think of the time spent with characters like Gordon and Hawk? Are we any closer to Cooper being discovered? Just how long are you willing to wait for Audrey? And what was up with that girl and her rash? Let us know below.

While you're at it, go back and experience Twin Peaks once more, which you can do when you watch Twin Peaks online right here at TV Fanatic!

Part 9 Review

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Twin Peaks Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Cooper flew the coop.


I know, I know. Fuck you, Albert.