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Did the group manage to reel Simon back in before it was too late?

That was a huge question on Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 15 when it became apparent that he was going to need to get some blood on his hands to get his way.

While his mission went into overdrive, Alec and the team prepared to transport Valentine, but they were shocked by who tried to stop the transfer. 

Who was it?

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Luke: Plasma?
[Simon nods]
Luke: Yea. You gotta be careful, Simon.
Simon: I know.
Luke: That stuff is strong.
Simon: I know, it's just a one time thing. I went out with a couple of friends and got a little carried away.
Luke: It's understandable. Clary told me what happened. Listen, I just want you to know, whatever is going on between you two, I'm always here for you. You're the closest thing to a son I've got. Whether you like it or not.
Simon: So, I'm not grounded?
Luke: Don't push your luck.
[Simon gets a headache]
Simon: It feels like Metallica is rehearsing in my head.
Luke: Nothing a little sleep can't fix.

Clary: I love you.
Simon: Don't...don't do that.
Clary: Why?
Simon: Because you don't mean it the way I mean it! You never have. Ever since we were kids, I've been in love with you. Every minute of every day. You're the first person I thought of when I woke up. Always have been. If the Seelie Queen had asked that question, "kiss the one you most desire," no one would have even come close. There's something between you and Jace, and you can't deny it.
Clary: I don't know. Maybe...maybe deep down...but Simon, there's nothing like you and me. It's nothing like it.
Simon: But it's enough...enough for me to know. Kissing you, trying to be more than was a mistake.