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Remember when Dariela said she missed getting out into the field with her friends?

On Zoo Season 3 Episode 3 we discover Abe hasn't been missing it because he hasn't been home for ten years.

Oh, and Dariela made the best of her time while Abe was away.

As we've learned, in the future contacts are everything and Dariela's past might jeopardize saving Isaac's life!

But that's not nearly the best the episode has to offer.

You thought you'd seen it all with Jamie. She's an author, a millionaire, an adventurer.

Did you want to add brain surgeon to that list? You can after you watch Zoo online.

When Mitch begins "glitching" there's nothing to do but dig into his big, bad brain.

Make sure you click the video above to see some of the most spectacular stuff on television this summer!!

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Mitch: Drill firmly and evenly just until the skull pops. Turn it off. Do not drill too far.
Jamie: Until the skull pops. Got it.
Clem: "Got it." Like this is no big deal.

Jamie: OK. What do we do?
Mitch: Land the plane. And I need you to get me four items. Car battery, commercial grade velcro, lollipops and a pig.