Watch Zoo Online: Season 3 Episode 5

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Jamie is arrested on Zoo Season 3 Episode 5.

She goes on to manipulate both Mitch and Logan to do her bidding.

It turns out that the men make a really great team.

Not only do they accomplish a lot together, but they have some of the wittiest moments.

Jackson is also out trying to prove himself, and that means finding sister Abigail.

He is also in a revealing mood, sharing truths with Tessa as well as Abe and Dariela.

It seems pretty safe to say he and Tessa are on the road to recover, at least if both of them make it out of their latest sticky situation alive.

They find a new hybrid, and you won't believe what this one can do. Seriously. 

Jump on board the crazy train and watch Zoo online with the rest of us!

It's one of the best things to do this summer.

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Clem, hey, it's your dad. Chloe tells me you're still in New York. So am I, and apparently I'm a lawyer now.


How are you guys used to these things? I feel like I got a chick pea in my ear.