Younger Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Gettin' Hygge With It

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What a mess.

Unfortunately, I'm absolutely certain Younger Season 4 Episode 2 hasn't even begun to show the worst that will come as a result of LIESa's secrets. After the party at Diana's, she recognizes that, too.

But despite Josh's offer to Kelsey for a place to "crash" for a while, he doesn't realize what he's doing to her by not opening up about completely about him and Liza. Kelsey is going to be betrayed again. I can feel it.

Hygge - Younger

I cannot stop singing "Gettin' Hygge With It,"  na na na na naaa

But that's about the only teensy bit of happiness that came out of this Younger eppy, so I'll take it. If my life were as complicated as Liza's, I'd be begging my doctor for some Xanax right about now.

Who would have ever thought Diana would be so happy now? For once, I'm not worried about her. Granted, she's going to take the news about Liza very hard, but she has Richard to lean on now. 

Richard: It's easy to see why Diana leans on you so much. I mean, you don't have to be a therapist to know she has some trust issues, but not with you. You're one of the few people she has complete faith in.
Liza: That's, uh, nice to hear.

When Richard was first introduced, his personality was so much like Diana's that it was difficult to warm up to him. But their relationship is the real deal. He's a good egg. 

Lauren has really lost touch with her best friend. Not only has she resorted to using the Uber app to track Kelsey's moves, but she can't even be sure Kelsey would or wouldn't sleep with Josh after Liza broke up with him. 

There was a time when they could almost finish each other's thoughts. 

Kelsey hasn't had much time to slow down and think about her life since Thad (Chad?) died. She didn't take the appropriate amount of time to grieve and has been on the run ever since. She still doesn't even have a place of her own to live.

That's going to catch up with her.

Fetish Get-up - Younger Season 4 Episode 2

Kelsey is so off of her game that she didn't know Colin lost his Random House deal. Kelsey is usually the first person to know everything about anything in the publishing world. 

While she was arguing with Liza about the meaning of a meme, she was missing the bigger picture, no only in her career but in her personal life.

If she's going to blame anyone for her life and her business falling to pieces – and you know she wants to point fingers at Liza – she has to stop her world from riding on perpetual tilt. 

Liza noticed immediately what Colin was doing. What a craptastic bastard to do that to Kelsey again. He's a failure out of the gate, and he kicks the one person who could have helped him rise above the tidal wave sucking him under? I hope he enjoyed his 15 minutes.

Washboard Abs - Younger Season 4 Episode 2

Josh was hosting a party at home that most definitely violated the fire code for the building but took the time to check in on Kelsey when she arrived.

Still, he's not being truthful with her because of his need to avoid the topic of Liza. At the same time he's being funny and reassuring Kelsey the two of them have LIESa in common and are sure to be a comfort to one another, he's somehow managed to keep the truth of his story from her.

The reason I know she doesn't understand the entirety of his own truth with Liza is because Kelsey would be devastated to know how long Josh kept the secret with Liza. Only a short while until they ultimately broke up is one thing; the better part of the year they were dating is another.

I'm imagining Josh and Kelsey growing ever closer and probably even sealing the deal. Whether their guilt will overcome them or his truth will come out at that time, I don't know, but I don't think this is a romance for the ages.

It's one of convenience and necessity to get them through a tough time. The miscommunication is going to send Kelsey reeling, possibly back to Liza. Or, that may be how the others learn of Liza's secret. 

Maggie and Montana - Younger Season 4 Episode 2

If you watch Younger online, you already know how fun Maggie can be. I know I don't often mention her and her all-too-brief scenes, but that's because they don't fit. So, here's what I've decided.

Debbie Mazar needs a spinoff for all of Maggie's antics. It should run directly after Younger and the apartment should be the touchstone for the two series. Maggie and Liza should cross over every episode (hard work is tough, guys) so the world is connected.

The show will remain focused on both the younger and older crowds because of how the women socialize. That way, we'll finally see some real stories with Maggie. They're deserved. There simply isn't enough time with the unique story being told about Liza.

Younger has already introduced an entire world full of electrifying characters for this new show including Montana. So many beautiful women come and go in Maggie's world, many of them fully fleshed out in very little time. Bring them back and let's get crackin' on meatier storylines for all of them.

Gimme a ring, Darren, TV Land. I'm here for you. Anyway...carrying on...

This precious house of divided friends is already crushed on Younger, and it's going to be smooshed even more.

What do you think? Am I off my rocker to think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg? 

Do you think Diana might come out on top of it all because of her glorious relationship with Richard? How badly do you think Charles will take the news of Liza's age when it finally drops?

Are you up for a spinoff featuring Maggie and all her artist pals in NYC? 

Gettin' Hygge With It Review

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Younger Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Kelsey: Isn't hygge about being...cozy?
Diana: Yeah.
Kelsey: I've been to your home. It's...
Diana: Elegant. Yeah. I plan to "hygge" it up.

Charles: How old is your friend's husband?
Liza: He's...older. In his 40s.
Charles: Is that unusual among your friends?
Liza: Oh, we don't really think about that. We