Zoo Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Ten Years Gone

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Let's face it; there is nothing these crazy critters cannot do.

Critters refer to both the gang we know and love as well as the hybrids on Zoo Season 3 Episode 3 because if a giant bird isn't making off with a Humvee, well, Jamie is picking up the nearest drill for brain surgery.

Sure, she got it.

Brain Surgeons - Zoo Season 3 Episode 3

The photos CBS has for "Ten Years Gone" do not do the hour justice. 

We needed some shots of the drill, a few flyovers of Jamie drilling into Mitch's head and at least one of the bird trying to squirrel away the Humvee. Oh, the humanity of it all!

Instead, we have my words.

I cannot get over the lengths to which they're going to prove the sheer spectacular nature of Jamie. I get it; she walks on water. We're not worthy to watch her, let alone stand humbly in her shadow. That's why we're out here in TV Land, and she's in there.

Mitch: Drill firmly and evenly just until the skull pops. Turn it off. Do not drill too far.
Jamie: Until the skull pops. Got it.
Clem: "Got it." Like this is no big deal.

Sure, time can be credited for a lot of what she's accomplished, such as writing and making millions, but the ease with which she grabs the handy drill and willingly goes into Mitch's brain with nary a question asked is hilarious.

Then again, something did make her stumble. Not the drill or brain surgery. No. The pig. More specifically, what kind of pig. Not that she was wielding a drill with what looked like a one-inch in diameter drill bit, but why Mitch wanted a pig.

Jamie: OK. What do we do?
Mitch: Land the plane. And I need you to get me four items. Car battery, commercial grade velcro, lollipops and a pig.

Mitch is such a MacGyver. I love him. 

He's going to make the coolest grandfather when and if he ever discovers he's going to be one. That will probably come about the time Clementine's getting pulled away from his loving arms by Duchovny. 

If Clementine has intellectual property that belongs to the Reiden Global woman, we can bet our asses it's residing in Clem's uterus.

Disgruntled Parents - Zoo Season 3 Episode 3

And no, I don't think Abe and Dariela are going to give up Clementine to Reiden any more than then wanted Reiden to have any of the other kids that weren't theirs. I think there will be quite a show of making Reiden believe they're getting Clementine, though.

Since Abe and Dariela aren't with the group yet, it's possible others might even think they've gone bad while they try to release Isaac from Reiden's grasp. That's the cool kind of thing that happens while groups are split.

Look how frightened Clem is to tell her dad about her pregnancy. The timing felt off but what she's not considering is she's pregnant at a time nobody else can manage it. It's a bloody miracle. 

Even though he's bellyaching about her drinking a beer at age 14, that was more of dad thing he felt he needed to say to be a dad. He was absent again and being in dad mode felt good. Discovering your daughter achieved the impossible in an impossible time will probably make him proud.

Not if she fails to reveal her condition and they're all in danger.

Jackson Makes Plans - Zoo Season 3 Episode 3

Unless it's just me, those birds digging under the house spell danger. 

They are a very nifty kind of hybrid. Perhaps they're part ostrich that they can breathe with their heads in the dirt. But what kind of bird can dive into the earth like that? None that immediately come to mind. 

Abe already gave Jackson some information they may be able to use to ward off the hybrids, and it must be information Abigail is using to control them.

They run on a 32 kilohertz (or something) frequency. There's no other reason for information that detailed to be spoken aloud unless it was going to be useful later. How is Abigail training a bunch of hybrids to attack a house?

She must have known a lot more about hybrids before Jackson found the last one, thus the need to kill it before anyone could discover what she knew. 

Making a Deal - Zoo

But Jackson, Logan, and Abe have been pretty on the ball, and if they didn't entirely burn out the Biodrive 1142 in his head, Mitch will likely remember a boatload of stuff connected to the Blue Diaspora and the day will be saved.

I had to laugh when they said the Biodrive 1142 was used to collect human thoughts into a collective consciousness. Of all people to try to force into one collective hive, they chose Mitch Morgan? Good God. His brain probably burned out all the other biodrives.

Oddly, the guy said that program was dismantled 13 years ago, too, so the mystery is deeper than we can imagine. Hopefully, it's not deeper than Zoo Season 3 allows.

I fully expect Tess to come back to Jackson, too. She's been living in the dystopian Portland (I thought it was at least all of Oregon) for years. She's forgotten what it's like to live without him and his calming presence. I hope they swapped numbers. 

It's utterly surprising Zoo wasn't nominated for an Emmy today, don't you think? Where are the damn awards for the fun shows?

I suppose those are the Saturn Awards. Nonetheless, Zoo is a lot of fun. Just when you think they can't possibly pull out another level of crazy from their bag of tricks, you're proven wrong again.

We haven't conquered the inside of earth yet, and the birds are already digging inside. It's something to think about.

What do you think of Zoo these days? Are you loving every minute of it? If you are lost, you can watch Zoo online to catch up. This isn't Zoo Season 2, you guys!

Ten Years Gone Review

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Mitch: Drill firmly and evenly just until the skull pops. Turn it off. Do not drill too far.
Jamie: Until the skull pops. Got it.
Clem: "Got it." Like this is no big deal.

Jamie: OK. What do we do?
Mitch: Land the plane. And I need you to get me four items. Car battery, commercial grade velcro, lollipops and a pig.