Claws Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Avalanche

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That ended up a lot cleaner than I expected.

Yes, there was a lot of action and tension on Claws Season 1 Episode 10.

On the Run - Claws

Still, I expected more of a body count.

In the end, only one recurring character got killed off.

Yes, Juanda was a definite loss. She had supported Uncle Daddy through his decisions, good and bad, and even tolerated his infidelity with Toby. You could tell in her dying soliloquy how much they loved each other.

Juanda may have been the fiercest of the Hussers the way she took out that Russian thug with a stiletto and a whale sculpture. If only she hadn't gone back for her ring, she might still be alive.

Still, it was just as well that her gun wasn't loaded, or she might have accidentally shot her granddaughters. The tension was brought up nicely, then falsely dissipated, then ratcheted up again in the scene leading to her death.

I would have loved to have seen more of Juanda, but I guess it's not meant to be. Maybe this will open up more time for Toby instead. He could be an interesting character with a little more development.

I thought Uncle Daddy shifted gears too quickly after Juanda's death getting right back to business. I also don't understand why he didn't resent Roller more for his actions that led to his loss of Juanda.

Roller on the Run - Claws Season 1 Episode 10

Still, Roller's betrayal did lead to one of the episode's best scenes with the Hussers brawling, then bawling, with each other to the background music of Whitney Houston's "I Want to Dance with Somebody," while Desna shook her head in disbelief.

No wonder Reva chose to parlay with Desna, one strong woman to another.

It was obvious that Reva had nothing but contempt for Uncle Daddy and his crew, viewing them as the crackers they are. But then she had no more respect for her own men. They were just bargaining chips, nothing more.

It was a hoot watching Reva and Uncle Daddy turning the tables on each other. Who would have thought that that group of seniors dancing to "The Humpty Dance" was actually Reva's soldiers? Uncle Daddy's crew deserves to be working for her since she definitely outsmarted them.

We finally found out what the Russians were holding over Roller. Not surprisingly, he had gotten Reva's niece pregnant, and they were collecting, let's say, child support from him.

Figuring Their Next Move - Claws Season 1 Episode 10

He could have explained that to Uncle Daddy, who would probably have helped him out. But instead, he embezzled money and even took a cut for himself. So Uncle Daddy was right to feel betrayed, especially when the love of his life got killed because of it.

Bryce was right to blame Roller, as well, for his daughter being abducted. That isn't to say that Bryce is blameless in this whole scenario. He's fallen off the wagon and has been ignoring Jenn and his family, taking the position that making more money, albeit illegally, makes everything all right.

Jenn isn't blameless, either, in their relationship, preferring to be worshipped by Hank than to battle to get through to Bryce. If she hadn't been with Hank, maybe Juanda would still be alive. Then again, maybe Juanda, not the girls, was the Russians' target all along, so who can say?

Standing by Her Man - Claws Season 1 Episode 10

Also, Jenn still blames Desna for all her problems with some justification. If Desna hadn't tried to kill Roller, then maybe Bryce wouldn't have gotten sucked into the Dixie Mafia. If Desna hadn't made the Coombs her fall guys, maybe Bryce wouldn't have become a murderer and have fallen off the wagon.

But Bryce, not his addictive personality, made those choices, not Desna.

Dean was correct when he said that Desna needs to make better life choices. Her heart is in the right place, but this season, she's laundered money, attempted murder, covered up said attempted murder, stole drug money, and set up two other murders, although that was unintentional. What did I miss?

So it's karma that has sent her back to the salon she was trying to escape in order to launder money again for Reva. She's also soon to become an aunt, even if she knows nothing about it. It's a good thing she's tight with an OB/GYN, as she'll probably have to take care of the baby with Dean and Virginia as parents.

As frightening as it is, Polly (and Dr. Ken?) became parents as well, through the unorthodox method of human trafficking. I think Marnie will be a great outlet for Polly's compassion. Good luck getting adoption papers with her record, however.

Another one suffering a loss is poor Quiet Ann, who had to set up her soul mate, Arlene, to protect Desna. Hopefully, she'll find someone else next season.

Claws has presented a colorful cast of characters in its first season, and I can't wait to see what's to come next season.

 To catch up on the whole season, watch Claws online.

How did you like the wrap-up? Who do you feel worst for? Which couples will survive? Comment below.

Avalanche Review

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