Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Nowhere to Go

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If you ever thought that this series lacked in the way of massive space battles, then Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 13 almost definitely made up for it with the huge dust-up at the end.

Furthermore, the dramatic climax featured the fulfillment of yet another one of Future Five's warnings/predictions (in this case, the Black Ships).

All that being said, I can't help but feel that "Nowhere to Go" seemed almost hastily written, with events happening because they were required to happen for the plot to progress.

Uniting Enemies - Dark Matter

In a move that likely surprised no one, Two did not kill Ryo despite the many, many reasons to do so. Nor did she consider dumping him at the nearest GA facility and let them deal with him.

Teku was lucky he called when he did, or else Two wouldn't have vacillated long enough. Though Ryo clearly had plot armor on his side.

Two [about Ryo]: He has things to answer for! He’s a tyrant, a mass-murderer!
Teku: A ruler who had to make hard decisions.
Two: He attacked us, stole from us, and more importantly, he bears some responsibility for the death of our friend.
Three: Not to make this all about me, but he also sent an assassin who tried to kill me. Repeatedly!

I will say this for Ryo: I liked him more in his closing moments, when he coolly took down Possessed Two, than I have for literally this entire season.

Teku's excuse-making for Ryo's failed rule (which Two actually called Ryo on here, thank goodness!) did not improve my opinion of Emperor Ryo or that plotline.

Nor, for that matter, did this episode do any favors for Teku's character. Where he started out a contrary but loyal voice, here he just became a plot device, delivering the Ishida ships to the big battle.

Speaking of plot devices: Alt-Portia just happened to be hanging around in the exact right time and place to stun Three, then hung around for him to wake up, and then flew away with him in tow... why?

Certainly not out of the goodness of her heart. She certainly never seemed that sentimental, so why would she bother saving Three? Other than so Anthony Lemke can return next season, I mean.

So, why get Three out of the way? Because he would have known something was wrong with Two, who was possessed by the extradimensional alien.

Basically, they used Fridge Logic in Alt-Portia removing Three in order to avoid Fridge Logic to explain how Two's possession would go unnoticed.

Rather more pleasing was the return of Alt-Wexler. His light-hearted banter provided a much-needed relief from all the direness and gloom. I hadn't even realized how serious the mood had become all the time until he popped up again.

To be fair, it's a matter of opinion, but I honestly wouldn't be opposed to him returning as a main character next season. He's not mostly useless like Adrian Maro, but he's not an overpowered super-fighter like Solara or Nyx.

As soon as Possessed Two suggested blowing up the blink drive to destroy the station with a tear in the fabric of space-time, it became painfully obvious that the aliens were going to use it to create a portal into our universe.

Really, they couldn't have broadcast that more blatantly if they put up a neon sign and brought in Admiral Ackbar to shout, "It's a trap!" to the whole galaxy.

Even the fact that Two was possessed was pretty well obvious as soon as they revealed that the woman left alone in the room with her was possessed.

With the season closed out, Dark Matter left many unresolved arcs and stories, including (but not limited to): the pending android rebellion, Sarah and Three, Five and her sister, Two's daughter (seriously, family issues galore here, folks!)...

Finally, let's take a moment of silence for Six and the blink drive. And the Marauder, too. Unless serious shenanigans happen, all three are history.

I'm not sure if Six was ever anyone's favorite character on this show, but he still brought a different energy and a particular morality. As for the blink drive, its MacGuffin status provided many episode plots – though, really, there were more an enough reasons to destroy the thing for good.

And that's all for Dark Matter Season 3, folks! You can always watch Dark Matter online. Be sure also to share your thoughts on this episode in the comments section below!

What did you think of "Nowhere to Go"? Did you find it an exciting finale? How will the crew of the Raza deal with the threat of extradimensional alien invasion? What about the many dangling plot threads?

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Nowhere to Go Review

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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Truffaud: I’ll have to run this by the Board.
Two: ‘The Board’? This isn’t a corporate takeover -- this is *war*!

This is the beginning of a new age.

Possessed Two