Shooter Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Don't Mess With Texas

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Shooter isn't f**king around this season!

We get it, Shooter, the stakes are raised, and everything is bigger, better, and more intense. That did NOT require an increase in likable characters being killed off too.

Unfortunately, there was another casualty on Shooter Season 2 Episode 3. But fortunately, it also introduced us to a new character played by none other than Harry Hamlin. Addison Hayes may be the man behind Solotov. 


Three months ago, Solotov was happily residing in a  glorious home in Spain, playing Master Chef, and watching football/soccer like mercenaries do. He was minding his own business and living the good life until someone had the audacity to send a hitman after him. 

How exactly does that work? How does one send a mercenary after a mercenary?

That was not going to end well, especially when Solotov is clearly the Head Assassin in Charge on this show. 

Thanks to a reporter looking into the heroin years ago, and the fact that Solotov left Bob Lee and his unit alive, the boss was not happy. He was so displeased; he was willing to send someone after Solotov to take him out. 

You have two weeks.


Now we know why all of this is coming to a head currently. Hayes put Solotov on a new deadline (no pun intended) as far as taking Bob Lee's unit out. With each question answered, more sprout up. 

It's going to be fascinating delving deep into this new relationship, especially with the little we know about Solotov. He doesn't exactly play well with others, so what's the deal with Hayes? The man was completely unfazed by Solotov coming to him wearing a bomb; this man is as badass as he is mysterious at the moment. 

Solotov has already figured out though, that if he's going to pick off the rest of the unit successfully, he's going to have to take them out himself. The man tailing Isaac was awful, and the guy who took the waitress hostage was just as bad. 

"Don't Mess With Texas" was an apt title for this episode because the casualness of which guns were toted and people went about their day after witnessing a man being gunned down, was not lost on me. 

Isaac is a broken man hell-bent on revenge, and it's a character upgrade. I like this Isaac. 

This Isaac has zero damns left to give after his wife was killed. The ease at which he jumped to torture and murder when it came to the bad guys was amusing. 

If you don't have the stomach to do what it takes, move out of the way and let me do what I do.


In fact, Bob Lee and Isaac working together this season may be one of the best things the season gives us. That's because there is no mistaking whose side Isaac is on here. His very survival is aligned with Bob Lee. 

He has very little motivation to be disloyal to Bob Lee at this point, but with someone like Gregson around, it's still a sliver of a possibility that it could happen.

Gregson spent the entire hour reminding people of how much power she has while also being pissed at people for name dropping her because of all the power she has. Her conversations, both past, and present, with Isaac, were the most interesting. 

You've been using my name like a credit card all over this town.


She was the one who met with Isaac a few years ago and told him about Meachum and how the CIA took over the drug route. That's where the Russians came in, and presumably Solotov.  

She was also quick to remind Isaac in the present that had he not declined her offer to work together and take down the Golden Crescent; his wife may not have been killed. Gregson is awful, but she's an entertainer kind of awful. 

She's trying to keep Nadine under her thumb, but it doesn't appear to be panning out. Nadine is not a person you can have control over. She thrives off of coloring outside of the lines and following her gut. 

I just wish she'd follow her gut when it comes to sharing so much with her boyfriend. Harris is not trustworthy. He can't be, right? It feels like his considerate boyfriend thing is an act. It was funny, however, when Gregson had him awkwardly standing there in his underwear. 

Nadine like a dog with a bone, followed her lead trying to track down the reporter, Jeffrey Denning, who was looking into the heroin ordeal. It all paid off when he contacted her using a blocked number. 

What are the odds that she'll never get to meet up with him because he'll end up dead? Solotov, himself, might do the honors, and look devilishly handsome while doing it. 

There's been an incident. Your buddy Dobbs got shot to death. It looks like it might have been a robbery. I'm real sorry, Bob Lee.


That's certainly was the case with Dobbs. If Lin's death was sad, Dobbs being gunned down was devastating. In such a short period, he was such a likable, funny, loyal character with great lines and a nice chemistry with Bob Lee. 

The body count keeps climbing, but I didn't anticipate it hurting quite this much. Bob Lee is going to take this death hard. It may put him in a similar headspace as Isaac which will add something extra to their tenuous partnership, not to mention make them a highly-motivated, deadly pair. 

I thought the days of losing my brothers were over. I just wish I knew what happened.

Bob Lee

Then there is the effect on Julie and Mary. Neither of them can take much more pain and angst. Mary is hiding in trunks because she's afraid whenever her father isn't home. Julie is frayed at the edges genuinely afraid and vulnerable. 

They are not in a mental place to deal with an attack on their family and their lives being in jeopardy. 

How did you feel about "Don't Mess With Texas" Shooter fanatics? Was Dobbs' death unexpected? Do you have any theories on Hayes? Is Gregson trustworthy? Sound off below!

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Don't Mess With Texas Review

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Shooter Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Do what you gotta do, just don't make the mistake of speaking my name ever again.


I thought the days of losing my brothers were over. I just wish I knew what happened.

Bob Lee