Suits Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Divide and Conquer

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Maybe now Harvey has learned his lesson.

On Suits Season 7 Episode 4, Harvey continued what had become a rather bad habit. He flew off to Chicago to ask for her advice about his company instead of dealing with his issues directly.

While it all worked out in the end, that bad behavior also bit him in the ass. Two things come to mind: Be careful what you wish for, and Harvey will think long and hard before he books that flight to Chicago again.

Poaching an Attorney - Suits

My first question and I already know the answer (TV) but I'm going to ask it anyway is why Harvey would feel the need to fly to Chicago to discuss matters of the firm with Jessica.

When Jessica was in the office, Harvey never struck me as such a mama's boy. Now that Jessica is out of sight, Harvey cannot get her out of his mind. Skype, Facetime, and even Google Chat are all easy and free alternatives to wasting money the firm clearly doesn't have for these ridiculous getaways.

Harvey: When, exactly, do you think I'm going to stop coming to you with this stuff?
Jessica: Truth is, you don't need to talk with me about this stuff anymore. You just do it 'cause you miss me.

The airfare, the lunch, even the conversation – none of it is free for either party as they're both named partners of Pearson Specter Litt. It took Jessica less than two paragraphs to address Harvey's concerns with a lesson he's already learned. 

What's even more aggravating is Harvey has transferred his chats with his therapist turned girlfriend, Paula, to the same with Jessica. Harvey is too brilliant and confident to have so little faith in himself in all things.

Despite the outcome at the end of "Divide and Conquer," I'm seriously beginning to doubt Harvey's ability to lead.

Let's face it, even his protege, Mike, doesn't follow Harvey's authority. Mike is embarrassingly insubordinate. While the entire firm was in cardiac arrest, Mike was out doing his pro-bono thing.

Friends Again? - Suits Season 7 Episode 4

That part was wonderful. Mike and Harvey put aside their differences over the pro-bono cases and Harvey even offered Mike a new case to ensure there were no hard feelings as a result of what happened with the Reyes case.

Mike admitted he and Alex resolved their issues and all was right with the world.

When hell began to rain down on the firm, Mike tossed aside everything he was doing and was at Harvey's side. At the same time, Alex proved he's one of them now when he stood beside Louis and saved an important client, animosity be damned.

The firm was fighting for its very existence, and there was a coming together from all involved, at least briefly. 

Defending the Firm - Suits Season 7 Episode 4

It happened so fast it was impossible to know what was happening. Surely someone was trading secrets with Bratton, who was at the epicenter of the crisis, filing fraudulent cases based on proprietary information, aiming to get their clients back on their side of the table.

Louis blamed Alex, Donna blamed the recently departed Stephanie, and it was all hands on deck with miraculous results.

But it was not due to Harvey's leadership per se, as much as it was a coming together of the team. Alex was a standout, and his actions with Louis tamed the beast the named partner had become recently.

It was very simple for Alex. We're all in this together now. The sentiment almost made Louis cry. 

At one point, Alex put himself up as the sacrificial lamb. If Bratton wanted their clients back, then give them to him. Fire Alex, just don't let his hiring be the thing that brought down Pearson Specter Litt. By that time, everyone was on board. He was one of them. Nobody was sinking with the ship.

There were a couple of times I thought the story could go differently. During a conversation between Harvey and Louis when they were saying how brilliantly Alex and Mike came to their aid, I didn't expect the two to confront Bratton.

Harvey: Don't tell him I told you this, but Mike jumped inside the phone booth and put on his Superman outfit.
Louis: Great, so I guess there's only one thing left for you to do.
Harvey: I'd say there's only one thing left for US to do.
Louis: You want me to go with you?
Harvey: Your name's up on that wall, isn't it?

I imagined the name of the firm changing with two additional named partners. I'm such a sap.

And then, THEN (and this is what kills me about the hour) when Mike got in so deep with Oliver and the Reyes case there was no turning back, and the shit had hit the fan, splattering it far and wide around at Pearson Specter Litt, I wondered if they might expand their pro-bono cases to include class actions for money.

I don't know anything about the law or if that can even be done, but certainly lawyers get a cut of class actions, right? Even if they go in with the best intentions? 

It was just a thought, and it was mine in my attempt to redeem Mike from self-sabotaging.

Speaking with Oliver - Suits Season 7 Episode 4

You guys, FIRST Mike was talking to Oliver in public, and that was bad enough. But we all know Mike. He can't let things go. And he didn't let go of the Reyes case. Oliver was so excited about the offer, but the way Mike tried to dismiss him and get him to reject it at the same time was never going to work.

When the firm came thisclose to losing some or all of Alex's clients, I thought it might not be bad after all.

Then I realized Mike hadn't been around and had no idea what was going on at the firm, but if he did, he might have had an idea of a bargaining chip with that particular client to toss them at Bratton so they'd go away. 

Let's be honest here, Pearson Specter Litt doesn't want to be representing that client right now. If they're in bed with the prison system in any way other than a simple development deal, it could get ugly. At the very least, Mike could have talked to Harvey and Alex about it if he was keeping everyone in the loop.

But the damn secrets!!!

Too Close for Comfort - Suits Season 7 Episode 4

Mike is as far into the case as he can get at this point, and there's no going back. He was face to face with Reyes and it's because of Mike he decided to press on on behalf of others like his son who had been wronged.

My hope is the firm will expand its civil practice. I think it's worth the effort.

My belief is there is bad mojo coming down the road. Rachel's decision to put off the hunt for a wedding venue, her (beautiful) conversation with her father and thoughts of working with him are red flags about her future with Mike and the firm.

That Jessica set everyone up to come together and support one another and the only person who was off on his own turned out to be Mike (despite donning Superman's cape during the courtroom appearance), doesn't bode well, either.

You came to me saying that your house was divided, and whether you like hearing it or not, Harvey, nothing unites a divided house like an attack from the outside.


Mike continues to dance to the beat of his own drummer. With a man like Alex on the team who also has a deep, dark secret, but was willing to jump on the stake for a firm he's only been a party to for weeks, it might start to paint Mike in a negative light.

I'm only speculating. If you watch Suits online you know how drama loves...more drama!!

What are your thoughts on everything that went down?

Were you shocked Jessica set up the entire play before Harvey even got back to New York? 

When do you expect Harvey to book his next flight to Chicago, or can it be he's finally ready to settle into leadership?

Despite the win, are we in for more shake-up at Pearson Specter Litt?

Speculate away in the comments below!

Divide and Conquer Review

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Suits Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Harvey: Mike, seriously. I thought you were busy with that pro-bono.
Mike: I am. Donna said you needed my help, so I gave it to you.
Harvey: Thanks, Robin.
Mike: Aww. You're welcome, Batman.

Harvey: When, exactly, do you think I'm going to stop coming to you with this stuff?
Jessica: Truth is, you don't need to talk with me about this stuff anymore. You just do it 'cause you miss me.