The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Three Girls in a Tub

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On The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 7, not one but two relationships were tested, and nothing ended up in a predictable place.

Jane starts dating a new guy and questions what she wants from her love life and Ryan. As for Sutton and Richard, they explore the idea of a dinner with Sutton's friends, which ends with them breaking up.

Meanwhile, Kat is in charge of a new person at Scarlet and has to take on the role of a boss when issues start creeping up. 

Getting To Know You - The Bold Type

Sutton and Richard were meant to make it work, and now I have no clue what to believe in anymore.

But seriously, what just happened and where do we even go from here?

While I wasn't exactly happy that Richard and Sutton broke up, I was really happy that it wasn't a Friends type situation. Richard and Sutton couldn't make it work right now, but it didn't have to do with Sutton getting a job and focusing on that or anything of that sort.

That has to be a small positive point when it comes to a pretty upsetting break up, especially when I really thought they could make it work.

There is obviously an age gap there, one that Richard felt more because of the dinner. I could see that worrying him but is this the first time this was brought to his attention?

If Richard never felt like he was dating someone too young, one night shouldn't change that. There were a few incidents that ruined the night yet I do think there was a chance for a great dinner between all of them.

Richard was really putting in an effort, too, if that dinner set up was any indication. 

Sutton was worried as well, on a bigger scale maybe. Richard let it slip that if they were discovered, things wouldn't go well for him. Sutton got to see what would happen to her firsthand when someone else was judged for the same kind of relationship.

I wish there wasn't such a focus on just the fact that Richard is above Sutton as a board member since there is much more to them as a couple. I have no clue what this means for them, but I know I will be here with breadsticks waiting for them to realize they should get back together.

Single and ready to mingle!


Kat had a new role going on at Scarlet, one of a boss.

It opened the door for more interactions between Jacqueline and Kat, this time with Kat learning what it means when you have someone working for you that isn't really going to last.

Kat trying to make the situation work in a way that left Natalie at the magazine was heartwarming, but it was obvious what was coming. 

Natalie just wasn't suited for this job, she really didn't get what was wrong with her social media usage, and that doesn't really work when you are trying to be involved in that world.

Everything you post lasts forever, and everyone is ready to save the receipts. Mistakes can be made but there wasn't any improvement, and it was memorable seeing Kat tackle that situation.

We don't always focus on Kat's job at Scarlet, and I was happy that we finally got more insight into that. She is Director of Social Media. Clearly, she has achieved quite a lot and that is always inspiring to witness. 

Kat: Are you drunk?
Jane: Yeah, I had an assignment that involved cocktails and I'm tiny.

Jane breaking up with Ryan didn't hurt as much as Richard and Sutton; it didn't hurt at all, in fact. 

Maybe I saw what Jane didn't see at first, but she needed someone who wanted to talk because sometimes she doesn't know how to break down what she is feeling.

Her new date showed us a side of that; a relationship that she could have that promises more along the way. Jane is looking for exactly that, and while she could get that with Ryan, she also just can't.

Ryan could be happy dating other women, and he couldn't, how would we even know though? He is a bit similiar to Jane in that way, not exactly pushing or opening up if she doesn't.

That may have worked in the beginning but now someone needs to force those moments where they talk about the big stuff, and if no one in that relationship is doing that, it leaves them doesn't leave them in a very promising place.

Maybe Ryan will decide that he wants to have the talk. For now, though, I am nothing but ecstatic to see Jane going after what she wants. She wants a real romantic relationship, and she will go for it. It gives the rest of us hope. 

There was I time where I would have loved to have three twenty something girls in my bathtub.


The friendship between Kat, Jane, and Sutton continues to be the biggest highlight of The Bold Type.

I can say with complete honesty that their scenes in the different tubs were perfect in every way. This core part of the show never disappoints, and despite all the break ups or plot twists, that constant is what warms my heart the most.

The interactions between all three of them are true to form. It is exactly what friendships are like between women. There is no weird energy or competition being created between all the ladies on the show because that isn't real life.

Real friends support each other, hang out in bathtubs when one of them is hurting and even fight sometimes. In the end, though, they love each other and support each other, making each friendship work despite any hiccups along the way.

No matter what happens to Kat, Sutton, and Jane regarding their relationships and careers, that is what truly stays important. Their connection remains strong, and I will cherish their scenes together most no matter what.

You are jeopardizing my relationship and my career over a Kylie Jenner tweet?


Where do you see Richard and Sutton going from here? Is there still a chance for them to make it work? What about Ryan and Jane? Do you think your friends would find a great date for you on a dating app? What are you really hoping to see more of? And what could you do without?
Let us know your thoughts below!
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Three Girls in a Tub Review

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The Bold Type Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Single and ready to mingle!


Kat: Are you drunk?
Jane: Yeah, I had an assignment that involved cocktails and I'm tiny.