Younger Season 4 Episode 8 Review: The Gelato and the Pube

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Thanks to Maggie, I'll be looking for pubes on everything.

Before watching Younger Season 4 Episode 8, it would have never occurred to me I'd one day be teasing an article with, "Can Charles keep a pube from falling onto him and Liza?" 

Well, can he?! 

I Will Not Mess This Up - Younger Season 4 Episode 8

It was another near perfect episode of Younger.

The only thing that kept it from perfection was to tell the stories they managed to tell so well, Kelsey's role was diminished. You cannot have everything in a mere 22 minutes, but damn if they don't try.

Maggie was on fire with her chatter about cocks and pubes. She manages to say just about everything in a disgustingly poetic way.

You gotta nice thing with a pube on top. That's all I'm saying.


The upstairs neighbors had a lot of gall, didn't they? 

Cock A Doodle Do - Younger Season 4 Episode 8

When they came knocking on the door looking for their cocks, I really thought they were going to say they were appalled to learn Liza had paid the bill at their restaurant. 

When they didn't, I kind of wished Maggie had killed one of their chickens for roasting, and I love animals! (Yes, I am one of those people who eats meat but doesn't kill it my defense I always thank said meat for being my dinner).

We had another mention of Zane but still no closure on whether or not he was the one responsible for stealing Moore out from under Empirical. If he was, it was a very strange ending to their relationship with the text assuring her she misunderstood how that went down.

It seems as if Kelsey and Josh were able to put aside their kiss at the cottage, too.

An Irish Lass - Younger Season 4 Episode 8

When they went out to find each other dates, they put in zero effort, though. Either they don't know each other as well as they thought or they weren't interested in seeing the other dating someone else.

Liza had no issue seeing Josh happy and spotted Josh's type right away, putting in a good word about him before making introductions. Who knew Josh had such an understanding of Irish culture?

Richard didn't exactly have the best "surprise" waiting for Diana when she got home from work. She was ready to pepper spray his son, Ethan. 

Hello Ethan - Younger Season 4 Episode 8

Will Ethan be the thing that drives a wedge between Diana and Richard? Seriously. Do any of you see her living with a teen for more than a couple days?

What kind of kid couldn't just masturbate into his hand while visiting his old man instead of taking along his flesh light? Or for heaven's sake, don't leave it between the couch cushions! 

When Diana opened that up and put it close to her face, I thought I was going to die. No, that's not a review statement. But can you imagine? That's almost as bad as looking right at your boyfriend's son's girlfriend's hoo hoo up close. Oh, the embarrassment.

And now to the meat of the story. Charles and Liza and Pauline.

Of course, I was right about Mrs. Brooks. She wrote the book and brought it to Millennial so she can remain Mrs. Brooks. 

Maggie: So. How was lunch with the pube?
Liza: She is one complicated woman. Evidently, the real reason she wrote the book was to win Charles book, and she wants me as her editor to help her do that.
Maggie: She is not a pube, she's a goddamned bush!

The conundrum about Pauline's book was real, and it was so noble of Charles to understand her need to write it both personally and professionally. 

But the beauty in the man that deals with the situation so well also worries me. He takes the time to explain things to Liza in a way he thinks she'll understand them, which is wonderful. He's kind and understanding to a woman who left him with his children for a year to find herself.

But Charles isn't too good to be true. He is all that he sets out to be. All he seems to ask in return is to be treated in the same way he treats others.

Pauline may have made a mess of my life, but she is not going to make a mess of us.


And that's when I realized Liza might be the pube on Charles' gelato.

She cannot hold out on telling him the truth about herself. That she's done so this long into there being a "them" is too long. 

Granted, they've only just begun, but Charles is such an honorable person that any dishonesty will be like a dagger to his heart. Who wants to see Charles with a dagger to his heart? 

Charles and Liza can be the real deal, but the window for that to happen is slight. Liza can be the pube on her own relationship. How long do you think she has to do the right thing?

Weigh in below. Are you looking everywhere for pubes now? Have you ever seen the word in writing as much as in this very post? 

Don't forget, you can watch Younger online to relive every step that has brought Charles and Liza to this point.

The Gelato and the Pube Review

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Younger Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

When you are in a long marriage, it's formative. You go through profound experiences together, like having children. It makes you who you are. It's like when two vines grow together and they turn into one plant. Sometimes they grow apart searching for sunlight in different directions, but there is still that part that is all twisted up together.


Kelsey: OK. Did you read page 58?
Liza: Yes, and I'm trying hard to forget I ever did.