Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Review: Basics and Bombshells

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Grey's is back!

I don't just mean that in the sense that it has returned, but also that the show is back to the quality that had been missing for the majority of Grey's Anatomy Season 13.

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 1 brought out all the emotions and was jam-packed with nods at the show's past seasons, previous relationships, and the balance that had been missing for so long. 

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 2 brought it home with tying up loose ends and moving on to new storylines. It was refreshing in that it felt new and improved, but it also had the classic feel that the Grey's fandom fell in love with many years ago.

Amelia Brainstorms - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 2

The premiere addressed so many of the pitfalls that had plagued the previous season, and we finally got some much-needed answers and resolutions. I was practically giddy, were you? There's so much to cover.

First off, Megan Hunt is a delight. Abigail Spencer breathed life into this character whom we knew very little about.

 She's funny, witty, charming, warm, and relatable. She's a genuine person, and she brings out the light-hearted, happy side of Owen that we haven't seen in quite some time, if ever.

That split second when she pretended as if she forgot him was such a sibling thing to do. Even after being a POW for a decade, and suffering from a terrible abominable injury, she was still in good spirits and cracking jokes. 

Owen: Megan, Megan
Megan: Who ... who are you? [pauses] Sorry, I had to do it.

I miss her already, and she hasn't even left yet. I hope there is an open-ended situation where she can return down the road since Abigail Spencer is busy with Timeless

She was so light-hearted about the fact that she had been presumed dead for ten years. She used her time to tease Owen about their childhood, poke into Nathan's romantic life, and inquire about everything she has missed while she was away.

She also dropped a bomb on them about having a son that she adopted while she was held prisoner; a young Syrian boy to whom she was just dying to get back. It had to be difficult for her loved ones to process that.

It's not so much the son, but it's the fact that she wanted to be patched up quickly so she could be on her way. I got the sense that Megan let go of her family in all of those years and created a new one. 

Prayers for a Miracle - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 1

She just goes back and already had plans of leaving again as if nothing had changed. Too much has changed on her end. She has a life now that doesn't quite include her family the way that it did before. 

Megan's mother and Owen didn't appear to let that sink in nearly as much I expected them to, but I'm sure it's going to hit them at some point. They grieved for ten years thinking she was gone; she spent her years knowing that they weren't. 

Nathan is the one immediately affected. He's already heartbroken and confused right now. 

Everyone but Nathan probably saw Megan declining that proposal. Also, how awkward was it that Meredith walked in on it?

Game Changer - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 1

It probably had less to do with Meredith and his supposedly being in love with her, and more to do with Megan honestly moving on. I wish she would have gone with that instead, and I certainly don't know what to make of Meredith walking away from Nathan after he told her what happened.

It wasn't the least bit surprising that Meredith wanted in on surgery with Megan and that she'd do everything in her power to fix this woman. It wasn't despite the fact that it was Nathan's true love, it was because of it. 

It was frustrating that Teddy was so hard on Meredith, and it did feel like Teddy overstepped. I understood Amelia's hackles being raised during that scene where Teddy confronted Meredith, but when I took into consideration the fact that Teddy has been away for a while, it made sense. 

Wistful Teddy - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 1

Teddy doesn't know anything about Derek's death and the impact that it had on Meredith. She doesn't know that if anyone understood Nathan and his love for Megan, Meredith did. She wasn't approaching the situation as someone who had romantic feelings for Nathan.

Meredith approached it as a widow who understood exactly what it was like to lose the person she loved the most.

Meredith couldn't save Derek, but she could make damn sure that Nathan could have the love of his life alive and well.  I wouldn't have wanted anyone else on my side but Meredith. 

I had one great love of my life and he died.


Meredith pulled off a rare abdominal transplant surgery and saved Megan. Can we take a moment to appreciate how incredible Meredith is as a surgeon? As Richard said, she's the spitting image of Ellis right down to the passionate tantrum she threw in the breakroom.

Yes, it's amazing that Mer has finally reached a point where she can move on romantically, and I want that for her as a viewer, but it is pretty amazing watching her become a more grounded, softer version of Ellis. 

Her mother would be proud of her, just like Richard is proud of her. It was also nice that they touched a bit on Maggie being Richard's actual daughter and wondering if Richard looks on and admires her as much as he admires Meredith.

You are my surgeon, Dr. Grey. Just promise me you'll find a killer set of abs.


It didn't feel like a jealousy thing, but an honest inquiry. Hopefully, we're in store for some more focus on their father/daughter relationship. Richard has plenty of room in his heart for another daughter to gush over as much as he does Meredith and Miranda.

Maggie also had her hands full with avoiding Jackson. Fasten your seatbelts, you guys. This Jaggie business might be a go. We might have ourselves a bit of a love triangle, too. 

Love triangles are tired and cliche. They are also loathsome, more often than not, but it is what it is. Maggie still deserves better than to be shoved into another love triangle. 

Maggie has no filter

The good thing is she appears to know that. It was rather adorable that she was avoiding Jackson after the reveal (and awesome that she came clean when she remembered how awful it felt to be strung along and out of the loop).

But then it led to Jackson avoiding her because it may have hit him that he might actually like her, which is something he probably didn't realize himself until it was brought up.

Then April was avoiding him.  It was so juvenile, but so classic Grey's that it was amusing. 

Finally, finally, FINALLY, they addressed the Montana situation. Honestly, it was like the two hours addressed all of the things we had issues with last season and checked them off. 

April Stays true

They needed to have that talk, and April did the best thing for herself by telling him exactly how much pain their uncertain relationship left her in. Moving out is wise on her part too. April is just not the girl who can do casual sex or comfort sex without it meaning something, and Jackson knows that. 

April was delightful in these installments. She was great at her job, they gave us a glimpse of her friendship with Nathan and Arizona again, and she advocated for herself in a healthy way.

It causes me pain the way that we're doing this, and I think I have to move out.


They also, finally, revisited the relationship between Jo and Alex. It was certainly pleasing that they shut down the "DeLuca loves Jo" situation in one line. It was even better that they dug into why Jo distanced herself from Alex.

Ben becoming Jo's "Stephanie" was certainly entertaining because he pretended like he wasn't interested, but he's Ben, so he paid attention and offered reasonable advice when he wasn't laughing at Jo being a disaster. 

It's not Jo and Stephanie, but personally, I never bought into Jo and Stephanie being as close as they made it seem. 

Jo and Ben's relationship was fun. It was still Jo using someone to work through all of her angst, so it felt about as one-sided as all of her relationships, but it works better with someone like Ben who doesn't pull any punches.

If a guy hurts you physically that has nothing to do with you and what you do.


I liked that he told Jo that any man being abusive is not in any way her fault, but also let her know that Alex isn't that kind of person and that he literally thought she was being hurt. I also loved that he wanted to nip the whole thing in the bud, so he told Alex that Jo was afraid of him.

Given her past, it's certainly understandable that Jo would feel that way, but neither Ben nor Alex told her anything she didn't already know.

 She knew Alex thought she was being hurt. She also knew Alex had an abusive dad. Perhaps it was the news that he didn't kill her ex that won her over. 

Rejoice Jolex fans. Based on that sexy hookup, they appear to be back on track. 

Jolex reunite

Who is going to tell that poor sub-intern I affectionately referred to as Clark Kent? 

Those interns were hilarious. That's the type of humor that had been missing for a while. I'm usually annoyed at Millennial jokes because we're saturated with them, and it's ridiculous, but the new interns were the epitome of Millennials.

Interns fainting, Clark Kent with the glasses that won't stay on (I've been there, so I empathized), the girl with the recorder, everyone in their phones not talking to each other, and Richard having to force them to be motivated to work for a was all hilarious.

The interns from hell

They were the cream of the crop that Eliza chose. Eliza had to f**k things up one last time, eh? Richard reminding Alex, April, and Bailey that they weren't hotshots out of the gate either was such a Richard thing to do. 

Miranda brought us some humor as well, and it's a relief that competent, fun, awesome Miranda is back. She was seriously missed. 

Miranda, when she's forced to walk around in uncomfortable heels, is not a woman to be trifled with. She became "fight the patriarchy" Miranda, for sure. 

Bailey: Let me just get this right, you want me to let you have women masturbate in my MRI so that you can study their brains when they orgasm?
Carina: Yes.

Fortunately, that attitude led to taking on Carina DeLuca and her study of female sexuality. Carina having women masturbate in an MRI and studying orgasms is something ripped right out of Masters of Sex. It certainly sounds like a fun study. 

Carina DeLuca is a fun addition. I love her already. 

Although it felt like Arizona violated some kind of roommate code by continuing to sleep with Carina after she discovered she was Andrew's sister, I like them a thousand times better than Arizona and Eliza.

In the middle of siblings

Arizona was ghosted by her very own Penny, but she may have upgraded with Carina. Their chemistry was hot. 

Andrew may not be worked up about his roommate dating his sister because he was distracted by Amelia and her incredibly risky surgery. 

Amelia has been off for a while. Almost everyone has noticed that, and it made her an extremely annoying character. Oddly enough, she didn't come across as off-putting as she had previously been known for until the second hour.

Your family is gathered. Is she family or not?

Mama Hunt

Has she been a terrible wife to Owen? Definitely. Yet, it was difficult to not be the tiniest bit defensive on her behalf when Teddy and Megan constantly talked about her. Perhaps it was because neither of them knows much about her at all.

Amelie stepped up when it came to getting Owen to his sister. But knowing that his sister was able to be raised from the dead, so to speak, and Derek was gone forever was going to take a toll on her. It made sense that she would throw herself into work. 

That would be a difficult situation for anyone. That isolated incident wasn't enough to judge her so harshly, but when Owen went back to her and told her what his family had said, her response was classic, unlikeable Amelia.

Epiphany  - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 2

She was so harsh and cruel and difficult to root for. That was the Amelia who has been tormenting Owen for months.

The second she volunteered to be part of Carina's study, it was obvious that a tumor would be found. It explains Amelia's erratic behavior and all of her difficulties. It wasn't as much of a shocker as it could have been, but it will be interesting watching it unfold.

Whoa...that is a beautiful tumor. Whose brain is that?


Owen has finally reached a point where he's done with his marriage, and now Amelia is sick and will need him most. He's an upstanding guy, so he'll be by her side, no doubt about it, but Teddy's presence will make things interesting.

Teddy and Owen are a pair that just never had the timing right. It was amazing that she returned and that she was able to step right back into the role of being his person. She coached him through a panic attack and instantly picked up that he wasn't happy in his marriage.

It was good having her back. It'll be better knowing that she may stick around for a bit. Things are going to be complicated with this Amelia news, however. Also, didn't Teddy mention that she was seeing someone? 

Owen and Teddy reunite

Their kiss, however desperate and untimely, was still sweet. 

I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised with the cohesiveness of the premiere. It went back to its roots with unusual cases that gave the doctors opportunities to be badass. After all, this is a show about doctors. 

Thankfully, Jo and Andrew are on the path to being viewed as confident, competent, strong doctors as well. They were desperately in need of that, especially Jo who had a bad habit of being too personal all of the time. 

The sexy was back courtesy of Ben and Miranda, Carina and Arizona, and Jolex. That had been missing too. As well as the friendships. All of that was touched on, and it was all the better for it. 

We even got a reference to George and Cristina! 

Alright, Grey's fanatics, how did you like the premiere? Am I too optimistic here? Did you like Megan? How do you feel about the Amelia bombshell? Will Nathan and Meredith ever reunite? Sound off below!

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