Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 6 Review: People in the Rain

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Eternally burning with no feet.

I've always imagined hell would be a person just burning, no relief in sight, and no feet to stand on, either. They would be snapped off leaving only the bottom of the leg bones out of the torturous, melting flesh. No place to sit, nothing to quench your thirst, no balm for your flaking skin.

After Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 6, there is no other place I would rather Brady be at the moment. He's downright demonic.

Trying to Change

Robi must have had one of the worst childhoods on record to find anything about Brady in the least bit appealing.

It's difficult to fathom why he'd champion Brady as his replacement manager when Robi is putting so much faith into who comes after him knowing that person is as important as he is to his future plans.

Any hope I had for Brady's intelligence level (let's face it, he does manage to look smart building electronics and whatnot) was whisked away when he couldn't even focus for three minutes sitting across from the corporate bigwigs.

Hilariously, I thought he was worried his mother would set off the bomb, giving him up to the world. Well, maybe that was a worry on some level. I'm not sure what his worry about her was at that particular moment in time.

Killing anybody and everybody was definitely on his mind. Is it ever not on his mind? It made for a fun couple of minutes leading up to his disastrous "had it up to here" type of explanation of his management style. 

If I had made such a mess in front of those people, I would never be able to go back to work. Enough. Yeah, I'll say it was enough.

After Brady killed her son, it's no wonder Deborah went off the deep end. The little creep probably kept her drinking all these years, too.

She's not even addicted to alcohol. She wants alcohol to flush away the memories of her life, to black out and forget the POS she has for a son.

If Deborah didn't have the DTs by the time we saw her, she wasn't going to get them. Her alcohol problem isn't physical, it's psychological. And he son is keeping her hooked in more ways than one.

She set someone on fire when she was working at Jamie's salon. It's too bad it wasn't Brady. It's obvious why she has no friends. They are all stiff drinkers and the moment "Chaz" discovered she wasn't interested in partying, he turned on her.

Proving she's not the issue, she didn't run for a bottle of vodka, but a bottle of water. It was only the nasty nature of Brady and the realization she's trapped in a world unable to get out that sent her back into the drink.

Does she know Brady is the Mercedes Killer? The discussion about her intuitions on the matter lead me to believe she's hiding something in her subconscious. She knows a lot more than she thinks. 

My question is why is Brady keeping her alive? Does he need her sexual satisfaction that much? Just ewww.

A New Friend - Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 6

Hodges will ready to get to business tracking the Mercedes killer, and made decent progress pinpointing Brady's activities playing with automobiles prior to the Mercedes case. 

But there were more pressing matters at hand when Janey's mother took ill and then died. Bill was there for her, and in doing so made a connection with her niece who brought to mind Bill's daughter, Allie.

As the timing of the events were in tune with Allie's birthday, we had our first significant information on Bill's daughter and the difficult choices he made trying to save her life. God, nobody said parenting was easy.

I love the choice of Nancy Travis as Bill's ex-wife. When you get a look at her, Janey and even Ida, the women who circle Bill's world are all remarkably similar. Feisty, fair and smart. 

For Allie's third DUI and the first for which she had been processed, Bill decided it was time for her to learn the consequences of her actions so she understood playing with her life wasn't a game.

From flipping her dad the bird to the appeal that it was only a cry for help, things went from bad to worse for his girl, and watching Bill stand straight, looking his girl in the eye while getting her to understand what was going on was remarkable.

We know Bill's relationships fell apart, but we don't know why, and it's not as easy as saying it's because of that incident. When Bill wished Allie not to cry getting onto the bus to jail, it was if she heard him, pulling herself together, turning around for an uneasy smile and a wave goodbye to daddy.

The hardest lessons you learn are often the ones that mean the most, and if Allie had ODed on her 18th birthday and gotten two non-prosecuted DUIs before that one, those were lessons that meant nothing. 

Unfortunately, while Bill was reminiscing, helping Janey and tracking Brady, Brady was also tracking him.

Bill almost caught what was happening when Brady copied his keyfob, but his mind was full of too many other things to fully settle on what the double sound of his car's alarm system meant.

Brady is getting more brazen. He's falling apart in public and pushing his mother too far. What is his next move?

Now that we know a bit more about Allie, does that mean Brady is going to forge forward with his threat against Bill's estranged family?

Share your thoughts below.

People in the Rain Review

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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ida: You needed to be heard last night, but you got petulance instead. I was so concerned with my bruised dignity, I acted undignified myself.
Bill: You're the most dignified human being I've ever met.
Ida: Yet it's still not enough.

Brady: Good old Chaz. Did he fuck you?
Deborah: You weren't born mean.