Preacher Season 2 Episode 13 Review: The End of the Road

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Tulip faced off against Jenny/Lara on Preacher Season 2 Episode 13, but the outcome was nothing like I expected it to be.

Sure, Tulip had a screwdriver, and Jenny/Lara had a gun, but for the most part, Tulip always comes out on top. Unfortunately, this time she didn't. 

Jesse Talks with Herr Starr

It's hard to believe that Tulip is dead, but that's exactly what she is. Not even Genesis could save Tulip, and when Cassidy tried to turn her into a vamp to save her life, Jesse stopped him.

For some reason, Jesse thinks the old lady from his past can save Tulip's life. If Jesse was a teenager when he was, I guess what you would call a parking attendant to a psychic/witch or whatever she was, could this lady really still be alive?

I'm guessing the woman was Jesse's grandmother who we saw at the swamp when he was a boy. Maybe. I'm not sure.

All that matters is we won't find out about Tulip's fate until Season 3. That is, if AMC renews Preacher, which it hadn't yet as of this writing.

I haven't been a huge fan of Preacher Season 2 mostly because of all the time the gang spent in New Orleans. Nothing happened once they stopped searching for God, and it made for a boring season.

Jenny has a Huge Surprise - Preacher Season 2 Episode 13

Having said that, the most exciting part of "The End of the Road" was the showdown between Tulip and Lara/Jenny. Even though it lasted only a few moments, it was one of the most intense moments of the entire season. So much was said with hardly anything being said.

I would have liked to have seen them go at it for at least a few minutes before Tulip got shot. It would have been an epic fight, I'm sure. And perhaps they did. Maybe Tulip did try to get the gun before Lara/Jenny got off the shot. Maybe Tulip was able to stab her.

For all we know, Lara/Jenny could be laying in a pool of blood herself. Yet, I'm not getting that feeling because of Herr Starr's reaction to the phone call.

The ambulance he said to get rid of was the ambulance Cassidy had called for Tulip. That gives me the impression that Lara is still alive otherwise there would have been an ambulance for her.

Of course, I could be wrong. It could be that he directed Hoover to cancel the ambulance for Lara, but that doesn't seem likely. It's another question in a sea of questions to be answered on Preacher Season 3.

I'm a little disappointed in this finale because it could have and should have been so much more. Some of the loose ends should have been tied up. Like Hitler and Eugene, for example.

What exactly was the point of their story? We spent an entire season in Hell with them only for nothing to happen when they got out.

Granted, I laughed when Charon started speaking with a twang instead of the deep voice I expected, but should that have been the highlight of their adventure? 

What would have worked better was if the two of them escaped from Hell earlier in the season, and we could have ended with Eugene facing Jesse because that end game would make the most sense.

Instead, we have them getting off the bus, which was a nice throwback to Preacher Season 1, and then Hitler running off. It made absolutely no sense. Why would he run away from the one friend who would be able to protect him in the new world he just entered?

It also didn't make any sense that he wasn't flipped out by what he saw since it had been so long since he was out in the real world. Of course, that could be the reason why he ran away, but I got the feeling he ran away more because he was afraid of being found out.

I was grateful that Hitler got out of Hell. It would have been a complete waste of our time had he been stuck there. Yet, I'm still left scratching my head as to the point of it all.

In the end, their story wasn't connected to Jesse's at all. Am I wrong to be confused?

Speaking of Hell, what exactly happened to the Saint of Killers? On Preacher Season 2 Episode 12, he asked to speak with Satan and was told that Satan wanted to speak with him. 

Why even bother putting it in our head that we might see him again before the season ended? I was looking forward to that conversation and seeing who Satan might be.

Then we have the issue of Denis. What was the point of his story? I understand the idea of creating more tension between Jesse and Cassidy, but why bother bringing this character into the scheme of things for him to do nothing but try to eat women?

I'm glad he's gone. He died a horrible death, but Cassidy should have done it a long time ago. In fact, he probably shouldn't have turned him at all. 

Maybe the whole point of that story was to show that Cassidy's solution to problems, like the death of loved ones, was to turn them. Maybe it was to show that he could and would actually do it.

That's the first thing he wanted to do to Tulip when Jesse's use of Genesis didn't work. It was a bad idea, but is Jesse's solution any better? So she becomes a zombie instead of a vampire?

Cassidy and Tulip are Leaving - Preacher Season 2 Episode 13

God FINALLY made his appearance, but it wasn't anything to write home about. We already knew God was the DogMan. The bright light at the end of the hour only confirmed it. At least that's the impression I got.

I feel like the entire season was wasted on a story that had no real payoff. How did everything get twisted around so much?

There was so much anticipation coming into the season, and unfortunately, it didn't meet my expectations. I guess I just wanted more. 

What did you think of the Season Finale of Preacher? Will Jesse's witch bring Tulip back to life? Were you surprised about Denis? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts?

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The End of the Road Review

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Preacher Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Jesse: I didn't sign up for this shit.
Herr Starr: Spoken like a true Messiah.

Charon: If I say he's free to go. He's free to go. Those are the rules.
Superintendent: I don't know if you've heard, but God is gone. The rules have changed.