Scandal: Dean Norris Snags Top Secret Role

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Scandal may be coming to an end, but it still has one final season of twists, turns, and steamy hookups before Olivia Pope and her favorite pals take their final curtain call. 

Little is known about Scandal Season 7. Like, there is so much secrecy, and that's actually a good thing. Scandal is at its best when it's offing characters without prior knowledge. 

Dean Norris Promotes Claws

We are still in shock about Liz North being bludgeoned on Scandal Season 6, so shocks are totally okay with us so long as they are not forced. 

The latest addition to the cast for the final season is Dean Norris, who has been added in a recurring role throughout the show's farewell run. 

No other details have been revealed aside from the below picture which shows him mingling with Cyrus. The image in question is from Scandal Season 7 Episode 2. 

Dean Norris on Scandal

The official synopsis reads: 

President Mellie Grant hosts a state dinner for President Rashad of Bashran in a first step toward peace in the Middle East, and in case Mellie’s charm alone doesn’t work, Olivia secretly puts Jake to work so that they are armed with a back-up plan.

Meanwhile, the team at Quinn Perkins & Associates attends the party in hopes to gain more high-profile clientele.

Norris, Dean

So, we can probably assume Dean's character has a connection to President Rashad. There's also the possibility that he's a new man for Cyrus. 

But, Cyrus has not exactly had the best track record with men, so we're not sure he should rush back into dating. 

Norris appeared on Claws as a series regular this summer and is expected to return for the show's second season next summer. 

Selfie with Uncle Daddy! - Claws

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