Younger Season 4 Episode 11 Review: It's Love, Actually

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Prediction. I cannot do it with Younger.

As witnessed on Younger Season 4 Episode 11, most of what I predicted was incorrect. Josh didn't have the look of an impending marriage proposal in his eyes when we last saw him, but he is making a grand gesture nonetheless.

Richard is a cad, although he moved Diana forward in ways she may not have expected. And Liza? Well, we can assume she's regretting her decision to step away from Charles even if I refuse to believe he's feeling anything like romantic love toward his ex-wife.

To Ireland! - Younger Season 4 Episode 11

Are we at the beginning of the end of Josh?

When Liza broke up with Josh, I wondered if he would be a mainstay on the series, then Kelsey moved in with him and even toyed with the idea of something more than friendship.

But the reality is that Josh wasn't friends with anybody in Liza's life before she began dating him, and the ties that bind them all together will begin to wear the longer they are apart.

If the tears sliding down Josh's cheek while he was contemplating his last snuggle with Clare wasn't enough to clue us into the emotions he felt as he considered two years without her, maybe they should have.

Will Josh go to Ireland for the foreseeable future? Clare wanted to be a New Yorker. That was her dream. She can't be that right now, but perhaps after they get to know each other a little bit, such as between Younger Season 4 and Younger Season 5, they'll marry and move back.

Or maybe Josh will fall in love with Ireland and open a tattoo parlor over there. What do you think?

Diana and Richard said goodbye, so we can't have two couples end back to back.

The Woman Struts - Younger Season 4 Episode 11

Richard was good for Diana. She needed to know someone would love her for who she was without needing to change. 

But Diana never needed some arse to manipulate her and take advantage. If you've ever had a significant other use you, then you know that once you get over what they offer you in return, you cannot show them the door fast enough.

I was so proud of her for her keen awareness of her strengths and weaknesses. If she had waited to tell Richard to get out until after the Pubbies, she might not have had the strength to do it.

You know, before I met Richard, I was prepared to accept that this was my life. No plus one, no one beaming like an idiot beside me in photographs, and I was OK with it then. And I'm OK with it now.


And even though she knows she can stand on her own, it doesn't mean she has to. She has friends, and that's what friends are for, right? I loved her grasping Liza's hand.

I was a bit put off by the idea that Charles and Diana (did I only just realize they're the royal couple? really?) wanted Millennial to hand off Marriage Vacation to Empirical under the guise that not to do so might rob it of awards consideration.

Unhappy Faces - Younger Season 4 Episode 11

That seemed like the only way anyone could think of to get Zane back onto the canvas, and that's unusual for Younger. 

Character wise, it would have been truer to form if the royal couple promised to put Empirical's weight as an imprint behind Marriage Vacation to ensure it would be considered rather than usurp new imprint altogether, especially since Pauline asked specifically for Millennial as a condition when she signed.

Granted, it's not like she'd turn her back on Empirical since she's interested in anything Charles has to say, but still. It's the principle of the thing.

For a New York minute, Kelsey considered going into business with Zane so they could capitalize on Edward LL Moore's contract, but Liza made sure Kelsey did her homework.

Ultimately, what it meant was we should have a lot more Charles Michael Davis for Younger Season 5. Booyah!! That sure worked out well for us, didn't it?

Who it didn't necessarily work out for was Pauline. I don't expect her to be back for Season 5. So of course, Jennifer W. is probably signing a long term contract, and we'll never see Charles MD again. 

It's Not How It Looks - Younger Season 4 Episode 11

Pauline is embarrassing herself with Charles, and I'm still wondering if she knows about Charles and Liza.

While we can rule out Jay (he really IS a nice guy) saying anything about the two, a woman can have instincts. Despite Pauline hoping for a reconciliation, I don't think it's coming.

Charles said there are changes in their relationship, but given the clues like asking her back for the kids and superimposing Liza's voice where he at first heard Pauline's, I believe Charles is happy they're getting along for the sake of their children and pleased at what Liza did with Pauline's manuscript.

He can feel Liza's touch all over it, and Pauline is overplaying all of his kindnesses as overtures of another type. She fully believed he was going to welcome her back into the fold at the fold at the Empirical Pubbies table, don't you think?

And using "we" are so happy to have Moore back in the family won't go over well with Charles any more than her squeezing his hand in front of all of his employees. Charles is just too much of a gentleman to say anything to her in public or to make her feel unwelcome in his life overall.

For Her Eyes Only - Younger Season 4 Episode 11

Poor Jay thought he really stood a chance with Liza. Meanwhile, she's calling him a viable, legitimate prospect as if he's a scientific specimen. If he figured out she's in love, a woman could surely figure it out.

I don't feel sad for Liza at the moment, though, because I'm still angry at her for stepping back so quickly and so badly misjudging Charles.

If she hadn't just come out of a relationship with a man who loved her to the moon and back again, I might be able to cut her some slack, but the sour taste from her marriage was cleansed by the taste of Josh, who was sweet and loving. 

He was truthful and didn't give her the impression what he said held no meaning. So why was it so easy for Liza to dismiss Charles as being untruthful with her? 

While I don't expect something off the wall for the finale if we're already shaking the trees of their leaves now, what are the next two installments going to hold?

I might as well not even guess. I'll probably be wrong. All of this is probably way off the mark.

What are you guys thinking? Who is feeling what? Who will be where and doing what?

Hit me up in the comments so we can figure this out together!

Say what? Are you behind? You need to watch Younger online and get with the program!

It's Love, Actually Review

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Younger Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

You know, before I met Richard, I was prepared to accept that this was my life. No plus one, no one beaming like an idiot beside me in photographs, and I was OK with it then. And I'm OK with it now.


You're leaving. We'll never get to know what we could have been, ya know?