Younger Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Irish Goodbye

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Well, so much for enjoying Clare as a character.

Clare's true colors weren't nearly as bright on Younger Season 4 Episode 12, as she appeared to be leading Josh down a different path than the one he believed he was walking.

To make things worse, Liza was so confused by everything, she found herself championing the marriage without fully realizing the ramifications of what it means in the long run.

Josh Needs Liza - Younger Season 4 Episode 12

When Liza first got to Ireland, it crossed my mind Josh might have wanted her there to keep him from making a mistake.

When they talked about the green-card wedding and lying about six months, the look on Josh's face indicated he wasn't really cool with the lie if Liza wasn't cool with the lie. So I thought, Oh! He wants her to make the decision not to marry Clare for him.

Of course, he still loves Liza. We know that. We've always known that. 

Yet, it never dawned on me he was only marrying Clare to get over Liza. 

I keep coming back to you, Liza, even when I know I should move on, and I need to put a ring between us.


Nico Tortorella was fabulous pulling off the kiss with Liza in her room. I could feel Josh's yearning for her as he leaned in and imagined how his blood boiled again being so near the woman he loved.

It must have been utter torture for Josh knowing if he made a move toward her it wouldn't end well and her feelings for him weren't what they used to be, if they ever were.

Choosing Clare, at least Josh feels like he's on equal footing. They're both interested in a future together to see where it goes. They like each other enough to marry for the green card, but not so much they'll be hurt if it doesn't work out.

But is Josh really that kind of guy?

Will He? - Younger

It seems to me he already wants more from Clare than she wants from him. She's more of a green card purist. While Josh is considering the possibilities of the two of them as a romantic duo, Clare sees his magnanimous gesture allowing her to follow her dreams in the big US City.

Liza wasn't even sure she wanted to or could lie for Josh for the purposes of immigration, but did when it came down to it. The wedding, though, listening to those vows. That was the real deal. She knew Josh better than anyone there. 

I think she should have tossed any ideas of ruining their friendship aside for his sake and stopped the wedding. What would you have done?

It seems like a moment Liza will live to regret. Doesn't she have enough already?

This Doesn't Look Good - Younger Season 4 Episode 12

Speaking of regrets, Charles will live to regret hiring Zane Anders.

Now we know why he was fired. It feels like we're seeing an about face of the character. Something that happens a little too often on Younger is the people we meet on the outside (of our little group) wind up being far less than we expect.

Whether they're loves or business associates, they disappoint more often than not, and I have to wonder why. 

I'd like to think Zane is just trying too hard, but his actions are well beyond that. Stealing Kelsey's contact, manipulating a situation on Good Morning America and ultimately blaming Kelsey for his tactic is really screwed up.

Why are we seeing the good side of people and getting to know the bad side only when they get closer to the characters we love or the businesses we want to succeed?

I'd appreciate seeing a more rounded introduction to characters from the onset. Everybody OUT THERE cannot have issues while everyone on the inner circle gets a pass.

But, boy. Zane. What a mess.

Quit Touching Him - Younger Season 4 Episode 12

Which leads right into what a mess Pauline is, too.

She is far too touchy for my taste. Every time she rubs Charles' arm, I want to smack her. There was nothing better than Charles thinking about texting Liza in response to learning the GMA page was blowing up after he was forced to appear on the show.

He wanted to tell her he didn't want to appear, and he also likely wanted to tell her everything she heard was incorrect and not to read into it. 

But what about that phone call during the wedding?

Charles has some pride, and for every thing he isn't saying to Liza, he's hearing more about her that throws him off, as well.

With Pauline fondling him, Diana wondering about them reuniting and the world thinking it's the best idea since canned peaches, does Charles have the confidence to withstand learning Liza is off "chasing" Josh across Ireland?

Liza has more time to suffer her mistakes, and her biggest ones are what she isn't saying. She is still hiding her truth. How can any one person be so afraid to be who there are (am I one to ask this question, I wonder?)?

This wasn't the finale I expected, and I cannot even imagine where it leaves us for Younger Season 5. Younger is maturing, and I like it. The emotions it's exploring are deep and complicated. There are no simple answers.

At least we're not always rolling in the deep, as Adele would say. Maggie is there to lighten our moods even when relationships hang in the balance. If anyone didn't laugh during the examination of Clare's mother's painting, then Houston, we have a problem.

Give me your thoughts on Younger Season 4 as well as where you think we're heading next season. 

What did you love the most and what do you hope to see as the tale progresses?

Don't forget you can always watch Younger online to continue the friendship.

Irish Goodbye Review

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Younger Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Liza: Well, are you in love with Josh?
Clare: Well, I love that he's willing to do this so I can follow my dreams in the states. He's amazing, right?

Zane: But I thought you two were back together.
Kelsey: We're selling a book, Zane, not exploiting Charles for sales.