DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Zari

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Everything changed after the water bitch attacked.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 3 introduced Zari, the long-awaited Muslim superhero with the power to control the air and outstanding technology skills, and Sara's interaction with the Time Bureau has put the team at risk.

Zari the Outlaw - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

It's about time the Legends team got another female member, right?

This team has been testosterone-fueled for a long time (even with a female captain), and it's time for the superhero genre to be more inclusive to women and female superheroes.

Sara: How are you feeling?
Amaya: Like I just understood what you meant by the term 'mansplaining'.

Plus, Zari is from the future, so it'll be interesting to see the contrast between her knowledge vs. the Legends' knowledge, and how that influences her decisions going forward as they fight anachronisms throughout time.

Kuasa was an intriguing villain, and it's disappointing they won't be dragging out her story longer. We didn't get to see much of her abilities, her skills, or any of her background and why she was brought back to disturb time.

Plus, seeing the elemental fighting between Kuasa and Zari could have been a recurring factor going forward. Zari could have had her own villain among the many yet to come.

Gary: Her powers let her control water.
Mick: A human squirt gun, big deal.

As for Sara and the Time Bureau, she's really making sure her team has fewer options than ever.

With Ava (Agent Sharpe) hunting them, and the promise to exile them to the "dawn of time" if she catches them, it ups the stakes and will make it that much harder for the team to prove themselves and even have the ability to save time.

How can they fix time when they're too busy trying to save themselves from the Time Bureau?

Gary: She's gonna kill me.
Jax: Chick from your distress call?
Gary: No, Agent Sharpe. She hates you guys.
Sara: Well, feeling's mutual.

This new development in the tension between the Legends and the Bureau seems so rushed, and it's something the writers should have saved for later on in the season. We haven't needed the repeated threats from the Time Bureau so soon, especially when the Legends are going to have to deal with them all season.

This threat should have come closer to midseason, so there was less time to try and explain how the Legends are going to repeatedly escape the clutches of the Bureau's forces.

What a bitch.

Gideon [about Agent Sharpe]

Hopefully, going forward, we see more of Ava as a person and not as the bitch working at the Time Bureau. If we're supposed to care at all about her character, we need to see much more of her history and what drove her to the career she has chosen.

A lot of people are 'shipping Ava and Sara, but I just don't see it.

There's nothing but disdain between these two, and as fine as the line is between love and hate, it's a bit of a reach to think these two can ever come to terms with one another, much less pursue a romantic relationship.

It's the dweeby one. Gary.


Why does Legends of Tomorrow keep Nate around?

I'm genuinely wondering. Nate has been nothing but a nuisance this season, and he seems to be pointless on the team.

He's the idiot who makes stupid things happen like his history book falling in the hands of Julius Caesar, or taking a drug that leaves him unable to help the team with Kuasa or the Time Bureau.

It's essential to have comedic relief, but with Nate, it's like they're trying too hard. Simple lines like Gideon calling Ava a bitch or Sara calling Gary a dweeb are the comedic relief the show needs.

It's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3. Nate's idiotic antics shouldn't still be happening when this team is supposed to have improved enough to have saved the world twice, but it's like Sara just picked up the children from daycare.

Metahumans have been illegal since 2021.

She's the only one taking any of this seriously aside from Amaya, who was the only one who took anything seriously during Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 until it was too late. But Amaya has been too overwhelmed by her totem problems to help Sara control the children. 

If this is what they're going to do with Nate's character, please just get rid of him. Once in a while, it's okay for episodes like this where Nate is drugged up and being comedic relief the entire time.

But that's all they do with Nate. When has he actually done something worthwhile and vital since getting his powers?

Welcome! - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 1

His relationship with Amaya was the one part of last season that kept him somewhat bearable; now we just see him whining over that relationship, which he knew was doomed to fail due to her being from the past and having a family line to keep going.

All I'm saying is if nobody knows what to do with Nate, then replace him with a character who will help the Legends grow stronger.

Hey, Legends writers, I hear The Flash has a character that you may be able to steal for a little while.

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Zari Review

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Gary: She's gonna kill me.
Jax: Chick from your distress call?
Gary: No, Agent Sharpe. She hates you guys.
Sara: Well, feeling's mutual.

It's the dweeby one. Gary.