Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Bob the Builder

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When will Ray catch a break?

On Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 10, Hollywood's number one fixer tried to come to terms with the loss of Natalie just months after the death of his wife. 

Kim Raver on Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 10

Natalie reaching out to Ray for help proved that Ray felt he was partly responsible for her death. He should have been there to keep her safe, and he was not. 

The surprising thing for me is that I cared a lot for Natalie. She was poised to become the female lead after Abby's death, so it was an unfortunate twist to kill her off so soon. 

It did help crank up the drama. What's so great about killing her off is that it is causing aftershocks for the whole Sam Winslow arc, and it's giving Susan Sarandon some great material.

Sam telling Ray to keep his mouth shut about Landy was a ballsy move, and I am elated he defied her order and ratted out the villain to the detective.

Ray Has a Gun - Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 10

Landry is a terrible, terrible man, and he deserves some comeuppance for the way he dismissed Natalie upon learning about her pregnancy. The only reason Sam agreed to keep Landry's name out of the case was that he knew all about her dodgy dealings. 

If he was to be arrested there would be nothing to stop him from opening his mouth about everything that Sam and Ray have done. If he goes down, he's taking them down with him.

Sam felt betrayed by Ray, but she knew she could get him back on the same page as her if she mentioned him being given the green light to kill Landry. 

This was music to Ray's ears because of everything Landry had done to Natalie. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but Ray will likely be carrying out this big murder before the end of Ray Donovan Season 5.

Did anyone else love Ray, Bunchy, and Terry teaming up to get the money back? Despite their differences, they all managed to come together to get the money. 

Trying to Help - Ray Donovan

The man who had the money was a sick individual, and I could have done without seeing a murdered dog. This show always has some sort of corpse, but I'm one of those people who cannot stand the sight of an injured animal. 

It was so obvious the killer was going to strike when Ray found the bag with the cash. Even though Ray put up a good fight, it was almost like he was considering letting the man kill him. 

Maybe all of the loss in his life was getting to him and thought he would be better off dead. Then, Terry had to play God and shoot the criminal to save his brother. 

Ray is never going to be able to forgive Terry for helping Abby die, but Terry knew it would play out the way it did. It's easy to say Terry would have been better off keeping quiet about his role in the assisted suicide, but that would not have been true to the character. 

Ray Donovan has really suffered over the last two seasons with inconsistent storytelling, so it was nice to see that the creative team are still being true to some of the characters. 

I really don't know what to make of Bridget and Dr. Bergstein. On the one hand, we have Kim Raver on the show which is always great because she is a solid actress. 

On the other, we have Bridget turning a gun on the doctor to force her to save Smitty's life. Bridget is not thinking rationally right now, and she's going to find herself in a dark place.

She's mad at everyone because Smitty's opportunity to be put on the potentially life-saving trial was robbed from him. The whole notion that he would be in a much better place right now if he was part of the trial is downright absurd. 

Yes, some of the patients are now in remission, but that's not to say it would have worked on Smitty. The figures may be in his favor, but what works for some, does not work for others. 

It's time to nip this storyline in the bud before it drags on much further. I would not be opposed to Bridget continuing her life with Smitty off-screen, either. 

There has been some significant character development for Bridget on Ray Donovan Season 5, and I don't want her actions in the back half of the season negating it. 

Mickey In Trouble? - Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 10

Mickey was as funny as ever, but he should probably think of an exit strategy before the police come knocking on his door. He should have known better than to blackmail Jay White of all people. 

Jay now has the evidence he needs to prove that the Donovans took it upon themselves to dispose of the body and further complicate the case. 

I wanted to smack Daryll when he failed to realize he was being recorded before it was too late. He's never been the smartest member of the Donovan clan, but he should have known better. 

Now, it looks like both of the boys are going to find themselves in the slammer, and maybe they should do some hard time. It's time for actions to have consequences for them. 

"Bob the Builder" was a solid hour of this Showtime drama series. With such an uneven season, this was a treat for viewers. Hopefully, the final few episodes can keep up the pace. 

Over to you, Ray Donovan Fanatics. What did you think of this episode? 

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Bob the Builder Review

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Ray Donovan Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Terry: Jesus, what a mess. Come on, let's take you home.
Bunchy: I'm not going home.
Terry: What?
Bunchy: I'm going to get my money.
Terry: Bunch!
Bunchy: I'm going to get my fucking money!

Ray: You just had a bullet taken out of your shoulder, Bunch.
Bunchy: So fucking what? I'll be alright.