Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3 Review: Patience

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It's a night full of familiar faces and unexpected returns on Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3 – unless of course, you've been stalking the episode cast list. 

While Dean is isolating himself in his room (with I can't even count how many empty beer bottles), at least Sam is making some effort to get to know Jack and help him understand who he is and from where he comes. 

Missouri Needs Help - Supernatural

Certainly, it's about time Jack saw the video his mom made for him, knowing she was going to die giving birth to him. Hopefully, he can start feeling better about himself knowing she believed he could be good, even if Dean still doesn't. 

Given the hostile environment the bunker must feel like for Dean right now, it's not at all surprising that Dean opts to head out on a job when Missouri calls for help, even if Sam sent Jody in their place.  

Even though we haven't seen her since Supernatural Season 1, Missouri Moseley's return is a welcome one. Her straight-to-the-point mind-reading talents and her no-nonsense, unreserved compassion are refreshing. 

Missori Reunion - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3

The reunion is short and to the point with hugs all around and Missouri's immediate knowing. 

Missouri: Aw, honey! I'm sorry for your losses.
Dean: Leave it to a psychic to cut right through the small talk, huh?

It's a nice bit of literary symmetry from when she first met Sam and Dean when Sam was the one bottling up a bunch of grief.

No further exposition necessary, they all head to the crime scene and watch Missouri get in touch with some past and future visions. She quickly sends Dean on a mission to save her family, even if it means leaving her behind. 

Missori: You save my family, you hear me Dean Winchester?
Dean: Yes ma'am.
Missori: Good. And thank you.

I don't exactly feel good about bringing Missouri back just to have her go out like that, but if her granddaughter Patience is going to be a recurring character on the upcoming spin-off Wayward Sisters, I suppose I can understand the logic behind the choice. 

At least we got to see her being a badass one more time. And yeah, standing her ground with that wraith in the room was definitely badass. 

Jack's internal conflict about his powers is getting kicked up a notch or two, and I honestly can't blame him after Dean told the poor kid he's going to kill him if he turns evil. 

He seems to think that he has done nothing but let down the people who believed in him, including his mom, and obviously doesn't think he has done anything good in the short time he has been alive. 

Obviously, Sam is just trying to help by trying to teach him how to control his powers, but maybe focusing on the powers isn't the best idea.

The introduction to Missouri's granddaughter Patience is mostly expected; Patience is clearly a psychic just like her grandmother. However, her dad's reaction to his daughter's psychic powers is not okay. 

James and Patience - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3

Is it just me, or is this whole thing about taking angry grief out on undeserving people getting really old? 

Poor Patience has to go most of her life thinking her grandmother didn't love her just because her dad couldn't forgive his mom for not knowing everything all the time. That's seriously messed up. 

Missori and James - Supernatural

Not to mention, he denied Patience the opportunity to know the one woman who could help her understand herself and her gifts. Not okay, James. Psychic powers does not make someone infallible, James.

At least Patience is providing a nice foil to Jack in that she quickly accepts her gifts and pretty much immediately uses them for good things, including saving Dean, Jody and her dad from the psychotic wraith. Although I might argue Jack using his gifts to get free candy was pretty good, too. 

The problem is Jack doesn't see his gifts as being capable of anything good. He doesn't want to use them even with Sam trying to teach him how to control them. He thinks only bad things will happen if he tries, and he's scared. 

I've only been on Earth for a few days and I've already hurt people. I've already done bad things. And no matter how hard I try I can't--I can't even do the one, good, stupid thing you want me to.


It's good of Sam to tell Jack that he can relate though. Certainly, demon-blood-drinking Sam was not always good and did not always do good things with those powers, despite his best intentions. At least Jack knows Sam sees good in him, even with Dean's angry lashing out still repeating in his head.

Of course, it's Jody, always Jody, with the accepting, supportive pep talks at the end. Good for Jody, telling Patience to be herself and do what she wants, even when her dad and Dean both tell her to ignore her gifts and pretend to be normal. Someone had to say it.

Jody and Patience  - Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3

And good for Sam, finally telling Dean it's his fault that Jack is struggling so much. It's about time they had this conversation, especially the part where Sam reminds Dean that when everyone was telling him to put a bullet in Sam, Dean still chose to believe in his goodness. He saved Sam. 

Dean is hearing none of it. 

You deserved to be saved. He doesn't.


Dean admits what most of us already knew: he can't look at Jack without being reminded that Castiel is dead. He admits that he blames Jack for it all, screams it in fact. 

Dean: And what about Cas?
Sam: What about Cas?
Dean: He manipulated him. He made him promises. Paradise on Earth. And Cas bought it. And you know what that got him? It got him dead. Now you might be able to forget about that, but I can't!

And finally, eavesdropping Jack understands exactly what he needs to do to convince Dean he can be good.

And finally, we get our first glimpse of Cas again. 

Where could he possibly be in this big, black, empty  oh, right. How do you think ended up in "the empty" anyway? Hit the comments section and speculate on this place we've never seen before with me. Do you think anyone else is there? Do you think Jack can get Cas out? Will Dean forgive him if he pulls it off?

If you need to re-watch Sam and Dean's emotional arguing again and again, or revisit Missouri being amazing, watch Supernatural online

Patience Review

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Supernatural Season 13 Episode 3 Quotes

Missori: You save my family, you hear me Dean Winchester?
Dean: Yes ma'am.
Missori: Good. And thank you.

Missouri: Aw, honey! I'm sorry for your losses.
Dean: Leave it to a psychic to cut right through the small talk, huh?