The Flash Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Elongated Journey Into Night

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Another DC hero entered the Arrowverse amidst some drama with our hero in the latest chapter of The Flash.

What do you do when you have to deal with a new metahuman who is one of your formal rivals? That is one of the biggest questions from The Flash Season 4 Episode 4 dealt with.

Elongated Meets Speed - The Flash Season 4 Episode 4

Since the announcement of Elongated Man coming to The Flash Season 4, this is the episode I've been waiting for the most. Hartley Sawyer's entrance as Ralph didn't disappoint at all, and the wait was worth it.

I will admit that it feels weird to have a new hero enter the team so soon after Wally West's recent departure. But at the same time, we know Kid Flash will be back sooner rather than later.

While Ralph doesn't have the rivalry with Barry in the comics, I appreciate that they took a different route here. I would probably not have enjoyed Ralph as a character if he had been too similar to Barry but only with different powers.

Having someone as troubled as Ralph go through a redemption is not something we see every day in the Arrowverse. That is what made "Elongated Journey Into Night" that much stronger in the end.

I never even saw Ralph as a villain but as a troubled soul. Barry, however, sure struggled with that idea throughout most of the hour. I don't know how to feel about the fact that Barry still easily puts all metahumans in the same box.

Still Loving That Suit - The Flash Season 4 Episode 4

We're four years into his journey and by now I expect him to be more open-minded. That's why I appreciate his team calling him out on it, even though I expect Barry to be a better than this.

I get that he makes those calls based on past experiences and knows how dangerous rouge metahumans can be. Maybe that is still a step he has to take as a character, and to some degree, it works.

The other aspect about Ralph that I loved was his powers because that's his thing. I was a little concerned going into this thinking "how will the effects look?" But thankfully, the great VFX team didn't disappoint.

The sequence where Ralph stretches his arm so Flash can run on it was priceless. We've seen a lot of phenomenal comic book moments come to life and this is 100% one of them.

I want The Flash to takes its time to flesh out this new partnership and not to rush it. It would be too easy if they're the perfect allies by Christmas.

Why So Nervous Ralph - The Flash

The final scene when Barry tried to give a superhero name for Ralph put a big grin on my face. For those not aware: Plastic Man is also a DC character with similar powers to Elongated Man.

It will be hilarious to see how Cisco comes up with "Elongated Man" for Ralph when the time comes. Overall, the introduction of Ralph was not only one of the highlights of The Flash Season 4, but the Arrowverse season as a whole.

We also got to meet another DC troublemaker in the form of Danny Trejo's Breacher. If you needed a reminder that Trejo is and will always be badass, then this was a good example.

Out of all the protective dads I have seen on TV, Trejo marks as one of the tops. With or without powers, I would have been crapping my pants if he was testing me like he did with Cisco.

I'm guessing on Earth-19 Ralph's Doppelganger, or someone that looked like him, pissed off Breacher big time. How in the world would stretching powers manage to destroy a planet?

Gypsy's Father Visits - The Flash

That was perhaps the only part of "Elongated Journey Into Night" that I didn't get. 

I'm not a coffee person, but even I was laughing at the idea of coffee not existing on Earth-19 anymore.

Overall, "Elongated Journey Into Night" is my favorite episode of The Flash Season 4 so far. Ralph's debut only helped to get me more jazzed about the new season.

I appreciate that DeVoe is finally on Barry's radar in some capacity. Can we also have more Trejo as Breacher, please?

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought about The Flash Season 4 Episode 4! What did you think of Ralph Dibny's introduction?

Did you enjoy Vibe vs Breacher? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Elongated Journey Into Night Review

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Joe: That guy has not changed a bit.
Barry: Really, did you expect him to?
Joe: [Sees Ralph's stretch] Guess he was on that bus.

Ralph: Do I get a cool superhero name?
Barry: What do you think about...Plastic Man?
Ralph: I think that is the dumbest name I have ever heard.
Barry: Yeah, Cisco comes up with the names.