The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5 Review: boXed in

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Secrets are exposed, and loyalties are tested in the latest chapter of The Gifted.

Despite everything that has happened, The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5 easily became the most intense of The Gifted Season 1. Not through big action scenes, but genuinely good development for a lot of characters.

Angry Mutants Are Angry - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5

Don't get me wrong, there are some dope action sequences in "boXed In." But I was more into characters being called out on their actions.

In addition to that, we finally get to see why Jace hates mutants as much as he does. Even though it's not the most creative backstory, it works regardless.

I don't think we have seen everything that happened on July 15. Heck, the way they have been talking about makes it sound like it's 9/11-esque.

So far, we see that a park got attacked by some big-red beam during the mutant's right march. It better be bigger than only a park being attacked.

If I'm supposed to buy that The Gifted takes place in a timeline where mutants are feared, we need more. I do believe that we have yet to see the whole July 15th event. 

Can You Trust Reed - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5

Heroes Reborn did a similar story like The Gifted with their own "super-powered disaster" incident. In fact, the dates of both shows are not that far off.

The Gifted had its incident happen on July 15th while Heroes Reborn's happened on June 13th. The only difference is that The Gifted has better writing while Heroes Reborn, well, didn't.

I expect The Gifted Season 1 to have answered fully what happened on July 15th by the time we get to the finale. I don't necessarily need this event to be slowly teased out throughout the series.

Something I wish other shows would learn from The Gifted is how they portray their side characters. I appreciate that the mutants didn't agree that easily to Thunderbird's orders regarding Reed. 

If the bartender hadn't tested his loyalty the way he did, it would have driven me crazy. Even if your minor character isn't one of the main ones, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be portrayed as less intelligent.

Mutant Parents To Be - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5

To be honest, I expect Reed to continue to have to prove his loyalty to these mutants. His stunt with the Sentinel Services isn't something you forgive and forget that easily.

I never like when shows have a character's consequences be quickly forgiven or forgotten. It is a regular issue in comic book/superhero shows like this. 

Luckily, The Gifted isn't ignoring someone like Reed and what he did. Speaking of character consequences, Dreamer was forced to deal with her recent actions too.

But this is also where it doesn't entirely work because of one single reaction Clarice has. We get the answer that Dreamer can take away those planted memories. But instead of simply accepting the help, Clarice lashes out and storms off because...reasons?

You were screaming a minute ago about being stuck with these memories. When you literally have a way to solve your problem, why push away?

You Have Some Explaining To Do - The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5

Why didn't Clarice accept the help and then decide to be done with Dreamer forever? It is one of those small issues that shouldn't have to happen.

Yes maybe she was furious and caught up in the moment, I get it. But if she literally said "I'm now stuck with these memories!" only to be told that Dreamer can get rid of them, why react like this?

I wouldn't be shocked if the next chapter has Clarice being acceptive of letting Dreamer fix her. As if this moment in "boXed In" will never have happened. 

It's only an unnecessary extension of drama that we don't need. I'm sure these two will not be on good graces any time soon. But it gets annoying when a character says one thing, but then says the complete opposite.

It didn't ruin "boXed In" by any means, but it's one of those moments that we don't need. If this had happened between angsty teenagers, I would have been more understanding.

Finding the Mutant Underground Way Station - The Gifted

Disclaimer to teenagers: don't take offense, I was a teenager once, and angst comes with the job only for a few years. At least in most's only for a few years.

The twist that Jace had forgotten most, if not all of his memories, can go either way. I'm betting that he will hate mutants even more now because of what Dreamer did to him.

Overall, "boXed In" continues the strong track that The Gifted has been on since its premiere. Characters progressed in their development and had to deal with their actions.

The Gifted continues to be not only one of most thrilling new comic book shows but also one of the smartest. Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5!

Did you feel that Reed had to prove his loyalty to the underground network? Will Jace go even more cray-cray after this episode?

Will Polaris and Eclipse make great parents? What do you think happened on July 15th?

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boXed in Review

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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Clarice: Hey! I need to talk to you! Did you mess with my head?
Dreamer: What do you mean?
Clarice: I watching you with the Sentinel Services guy and then I remembered something. Last week the two of us started to have a conversation and now that conversation is just gone. And now I can't go 10 minutes without this memory of John coming back to me. I'm asking you straight up, did you mess with my head?
Dreamer: You couldn't use your abilities. Johnny was in trouble and if you were going to help, you needed a connection to him.
Clarice: You had no right! Were you ever going to tell me?

Jace: Did Grace wait up for me? Come on, I know it's late, I just want to tucker her in, a little frog-and-toad.
Paula: want to talk to our daughter?
Jace: Why are you looking at me like that?
Paula: Oh God...oh God what did they do to you?!
Jace: Baby, you're freaking me out, what's going on? Where's Grace?
Paula: Grace is gone!
Jace: What do you mean?
Paula: We lost her...we lost our baby.
Jace: Why would you say that?
Paula: We lost our little girl.
Jace: That's...
Paula: Grace is dead! She died four years ago!
Jace: What did they to me...I don't, it's not possible...
Paula: She is gone, Jace!