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Did Reed's deal with the Sentinel Services allow him to return to his family?

That was the big question on The Gifted Season 1 Episode 3 when the family realized things were getting crazier on the run and they tried one last time to find peace.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and the kids were forced to ask an old acquaintance for some help to make it further to their goal. 

Also, Thunderbird tried to teach Blink how to control her powers. 

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The Gifted Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Scotty: So what do I call you? Destructo? Get it?
Andy: I get it. Please, don't!

Jace: Turner?
Roderick: Hello, this is Dr. Roderick Campbell, head of research over at-
Jace: Yeah, I'm familiar with your work.
Roderick: Of course. I understand you had a bit of a setback last night
Jace: It happens. We're moving our prisoners to a detainable facility. We'll get what we need.
Roderick: Look, Agent Turner, I'm calling because I'm quite interested in this case. In particular the Strucker children. I know your team already uses some of our resources. I'd like to propose a partnership of sorts.
You provide me with access to your suspects and I'll provide yo-
Jace: Yeah we don't hand our suspects over to contractors.
Roderick: I know this is unorthodox, but I think I'd be very helpful in this investigation.
Jace: Listen, I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid it's out of the question. Thank you.