Zoo: Canceled by CBS After Three Seasons

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We knew this day would come.

In fact, in my review of Zoo Season 3 Episode 13, I noted we might very well be saying goodbye to the gang after a massive cliffhanger.

That turns out to be the case, as CBS has canceled Zoo after three seasons on the network.

Shock and Awe - Zoo Season 3 Episode 13

A few years ago, summer programming was thriving across the broadcast networks.

There was somewhat of a resurgence of scripted fare as the nets were in competition for those lazy bones who preferred couch surfing to water sports.

CBS was airing Zoo, Under the Dome, and Extant, while The CW aired Beauty and the Beast and Significant Mother.

ABC had Rookie Blue, The Astronauts Wives Club, and Mistresses

Fox was airing Wayward Pines and cable was chock full of originals.

All of them were gone with the exception of Zoo. Some were replaced and had already been canceled. CBS tried and failed with BrainDead, a series that was killed by critics who hadn't seen enough episodes to give it a fair assessment. 

CBS had better luck in 2017 with Salvation, the only other scripted show to air on CBS with Zoo, and the sole survivor.

I'm Chuck Duncan - Zoo Season 3 Episode 8

It's hard to determine where summer programming lost its mojo, but once upon a time summer was filled with nothing but repeat programming from the regular seasons.

When that ceased and paved the way for reality programming, fun scripted fare perhaps not considered strong enough for fall and spring was broadcast during the summer months. Fun, popcorn-style entertainment has been the norm.

But with streaming entertainment so readily available and networks like Netflix rolling out new content almost weekly, it might be too expensive for broadcast networks to continue to create B programming with so little reward, even if it carries Netflix or Amazon streaming deals to lighten the load.

Save the Baby! - Zoo Season 3 Episode 13

It could be that the programming hasn't been ideal or the stories have run their course on the particular scripted shows that have been airing.

Maybe a whole new generation will make their way to the small screen in the coming summer seasons.

Zoo left us with the realization everything our heroes did took them right back to where they started. The animals were infected again, and humankind was going to have to fight the fight all over.

So it is going to be with another summer of scripted entertainment.

Jamie Is Arrested - Zoo

It's every man for himself going forward!!

Will you miss Zoo? Seriously, how can you NOT miss James Wolk and Billy Burke? 

You can watch Zoo online anytime to relive every breathtaking (and giggly) moment.

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