DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Welcome to the Jungle

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Well, this was definitely the worst episode of the season thus far, but it did have some highlights.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 7 took the Sara-less team to Vietnam in 1967, the peak of the Vietnam War, to sop an anachronism that threatened to make the war worse than it already was.

Amaya Poses As a Journalist - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Perhaps I'm biased, but I don't really think Gorilla Grodd is a good villain whatsoever. While he fit in better on The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow just seems desperate to have a larger connection to the DC universe than just their characters, which is why Themyscira was included, too.

LOT S3E7 Gif 1 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 7

Gorilla Grodd helped Amaya come to terms with her fate, with Kuasa's existence, and furthered her totem-wielding story of the season, but other than that, it just kind of lacked any flare.

Kuasa and I will confront each other again. It’s inevitable. And when we do, I will stop her.


There doesn't seem to be any way to stop Grodd; if there were, Barry and friends probably would have found it, not the team of "misfits and outcasts" who aren't smart enough not to leave their history books in the hands of Julius Caesar.

Stein did come close, but a stroke of luck, but, naturally, Damien Darhk saved Grodd from certain death and brought him back to the present day. What is Darhk's endgame, any way?

It was controversial, and the reasons for getting involved were murky. Come to think of it, this team should feel right at home.


Mallus is just using Eleanor and Damien as conduits for his master plan, which begs the question: what does Mallus want? As Zari pointed out, all of the anachronisms they've responded to have been very personal for one member of the team.

Could Mallus be trying to erase the Legends' existence? It'd be an interesting plan, but it has to be more complicated than that, right? Mallus is basically demonic, as we've seen with the possession of Nora, so the master plan should fit this character trait.

It seems more like a Reverse Flash plan to erase their existence; Mallus seems to want something much, much worse, and far deadlier.

LOT S3E7 Gif 2 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 7

Sara being in a coma definitely didn't help the episode excel, either, but it was necessary to see what this team can actually do on their own.

Every week, Sara usually saves the day and the team is basically just lucky to have survived whatever mess they created. She's the only one who really takes time travel as seriously as it should be, yet they always screw up any way.

Without Sara, it seemed like the writers tried to act like that wasn't how they've written the other characters at all this season. There weren't any ridiculous mistakes, and Nate didn't mess up the timeline for once this season.

You didn’t take Helen back to Troy where she belongs?


While this was more like the team we need to see if we're ever going to see them as "legends," it wasn't realistic for what was written. Plus, their takedown of Grodd was entirely based on luck because they had no ideas and no plan to stop him from starting World War III.

It's kind of sad how awful this team is at saving the day sometimes, but I suppose that's why we watch. We're watching them earn their way to being the "legends" Rip told them they were (though he lied) in season 1.

I’m gonna go all Dr. Phil on your ass.


Any way, the continued struggle of splitting up Firestorm seems to be the biggest issue for this team outside of, you know, changing time and history itself and destroying the world as they know it.

Is there a way? Even Stein is having trouble grasping a solution to separate Firestorm without getting rid of their powers altogether, which might not be such a bad idea. Jax is smart, capable, and he adds more to the team than his fire power, literally.

He's the only one who can repair the ship, and he understands engineering better than anyone else on the Waverider. Losing Firestorm would be a big blow for the team (and we all know that won't happen), but it wouldn't have to necessarily be the end of Jax's hero's journey.

I let my old man burn to death. How’s that for tough love?


Mick finding his father in Vietnam was interesting, mostly because we don't really know anything about Mick's life outside of the Waverider. He's not one for sharing, and he definitely doesn't spend time reminiscing on his past.

While it may not affect him too much, it was part of Mallus' plan, and then we're back to wondering why each of the team continues to have a personal connection to the anachronisms.

Who's next? Will Mallus resurrect Laurel Lance and torment Sara with her late sister's soul?

What do you think? What is Mallus' grand plan? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Welcome to the Jungle Review

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