Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Chapter Sixty-Eight

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Think before you lose something greater than money Alba tells Rafael on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 4

Truer words have never been spoken.

Alba, the wise and definitely not old owl of the show, was finally the one to talk some much-needed sense into Rafael.

Jane the Baby? - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 4

Season 4 has been building to Rafael's self-destructive breakdown. Since losing the hotel and his money, he's gone down a dark, desperate and trade-sex-for-money path; one that goes against his beliefs and paints him in a hypocritical light. Just a few episodes ago, he shamed Petra for doing the very same thing before. 

When Jane confronts him after hilariously wrestling with Petra in the ball pit, he's irritated and convinced he's doing this all for family. 

Here's the thing -- it is so easy to convince yourself of something you want to believe. 

Raf has never really had any sense of security in his life. His father, who turned out not to be his biological father after all, thought he was a failure, his mother left him at a young age, his wife cheated on him and his sister screwed him out of his business. 

Rafael: Maybe I shouldn't live here anymore.
Jane: Great, you can leave right now.
Rafael: Perfect, I'll go stay with Katherine.
Jane: Terrific, maybe if you're a good boy, she'll buy you an iPad.

The only security and stability he's ever had is at the Marbella and his money, so he knows he has to get it back through any means possible. He believes if he does that, all of his problems with Petra, Jane, and Luisa will suddenly just disappear. 

However; he fails to realize that even when he had an abundance of money, he wasn't happy. Maybe, what he needs for a "fresh" start and for his life to finally gain meaning is what's right in front of him. Namely, his children, two women who care about him and love him and his new "adopted" family. Despite not having millions of dollars, the Villanueva women have accepted him with open arms. 

Jane Turns To Petra - Jane the Virgin

Instead, he's clinging to Katherine who is giving him the attention he wants and is willing to restore his "identity" by getting him his hotel back. 

Which is why Alba telling him about her husband who gave up his money for love and never lost sight of who he was is key. Money doesn't make you. And it's definitely not your identity. 

When her advice finally sinks in with him he's faced with the biggest choice in the world: does he go through with a deal that's based on a lie or does he come clean and hope that the business part of it is enough for Katherine to still sign off?

Thankfully, he chooses the latter, but that doesn't sit well with Katherine, who is used to getting her way.

Remember when they teased that one of six characters was going to die? Well, that very well might be Rafael after she rammed him with her car and left him for dead. Seriously, someone doesn't take rejection well at all.

Although, as my fiancee pointed out, he wouldn't have been hurt by a car going at such a speed. But, this is a telenevola so we'll let it go. 

Rafael wasn't the only one getting some words of wisdom from Alba, Jane was also benefitting from it when it came to her (possible?) new BF Adam. 

Turns out, Jane was distancing herself from Adam because she was scared of getting hurt again and using the "I'm doing this for my family" excuse just like Rafael. 

Jane the Bear - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 4

Of course, part of that was true because she really didn't want Adam to become part of Mateo's life if he was just going to leave again. And she didn't want someone who was going to tolerate him either. I can respect that. 

But her fear of getting hurt was stopping her from realizing that Adam really had matured. Simply by taking the time to just absorb everything and think things through, he was showing her that he was up for this.  

If you're not shipping Adam and Jane just yet, sorry to break it to you but I don't think he's going anywhere anytime soon. Unless Jane realizes she loves Rafael when she finds out he might die. 

The best moment, by far, was the revelation that the creepy dude that Rose sent to Luisa to help her burn the house down was a figment of her imagination. I knew she was crazy, but girl, where are your meds?

Anezka may not be the brightest one on the show, but even she realized what Luisa was up to. I don't really know where she and Magda stand in this hotel business nor do I know what they're scheming now that they have this new piece of info, but I do know that they'll either help Petra stop Luisa or they will die. They seem to be sitting high up on the kill list.

There was so much greatness packed into one episode, it was hard to focus too much on the new addition to the family: Rogelio and Darci's baby.

The new baby brings numerous animal-themed photoshoots -- I had a liking for Jane as a bear, specifically -- and a range of baby names, all of which are much better than Baby. I've heard some stupid names in Hollywood but naming a baby Baby has to be at the top of the list. 

Jane the Chicken  - Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 4

Still, Rogelio redeemed himself with the middle name, Michaelina, a tribute to his best friend Michael. I miss their friendship so much. No matter how much they try to make Adam a viable candidate for Jane's heart, he just doesn't have the connection that Michael had with Ro. 

The baby seems to have even bonded Darci and Ro (and Esteban), and there's a chance that this parenting thing might actually work out. 

At first, I thought Xo's distance towards the baby was because she resented her, but I guess seeing as she didn't want her own child, she's afraid she'll get sucked in and lose sight of her own goals. But also, why didn't Mateo's birth evoke all those feelings?

Maybe this was just a way to give Xo a storyline surrounding her failing dance studio and short-lived collaboration with Slutty Crystal. Was it necessary? No way. The series should note that sometimes, it's okay not to give every character a storyline. Especially when the storylines you already have are so deliciously twisted. 

Who do you think will die?

You can watch Jane the Virgin online and leave a comment below! 

Chapter Sixty-Eight Review

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