Scandal Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Vampires and Bloodsuckers

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It's tough to care about Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard nowadays, you guys. 

On Scandal Season 7 Episode 6, we found out that the pair were the ones who orchestrated the plane blowing up and it set off a chain of events that are sure to change the show up forever. 

Quinn Goes Missing - Scandal

If you watch Scandal online, you will know that Olivia has been taking her new role inside the White House a little too seriously, and it has resulted in her becoming the worst version of herself. 

Her attitude has been atrocious, and all she cares about is getting the upper hand on everyone in her address book.

It's been foreshadowed for years, but it's the storyline that is single-handedly ruining everything I once loved about the character. 

Is Charlie Responsible? - Scandal Season 7 Episode 6

I wanted to give Quinn a high-five the moment she turned on Olivia for what she did. Olivia helped Quinn out of a tough spot back in the day, and it seemed the two women were bonded for life. 

Watching Olivia and Jake construct a plan to keep the two of them out of the frame and send the team on a wild goose chase proved neither character will be able to redeem themselves by the end of the series. 

The thing about Olivia lying to her former team is that she could probably have talked them around if she just told them her reasons for why had the plane blown up. 

Olivia knows how to talk people around and make them think that her decisions were the best possible course of action. 

A Horrific Wedding  - Scandal Season 7 Episode 6

Now that we know Quinn intended on going to the wedding, and she was kidnapped at the last second, the only person who could be responsible is Rowan. 

He seemed mad at the way Olivia spoke to him on Scandal Season 7 Episode 5, and we all know he likes a tasty dish of revenge. 

Olivia should be the one to figure it all out because she and her father are cut from the same cloth when it comes to wickedness. 

Charlie reverting to his old killing ways to take down Fenton was an eye-roll moment for me. He should have known to look into all of the finer details before going on a mission to honor Quinn with murder weapons. 

Fenton must have something to do with the overall arc of Scandal Season 7. Cyrus knows how to pick them, and it would be foolish to assume that just because the man has been ruled out on this occasion that he is a good person. 

If someone were to infiltrate the oval, going through Cyrus would be a wise move. He is easily wooed and will start spilling all sorts of secrets about what it's like on the inside. 

I'm also not buying Fenton's sudden interest in politics. Cyrus will likely wish that he trusted his instincts over the next few weeks when his new boyfriend's true motives are revealed. 

Mellie needs to wisen up and expose Olivia when she learns the truth. The scene with Mellie quizzing Jake about helping her was rather telling. 

At first, Jake seemed to be Team Mellie, and she seemed enamored with that. Then, he had to go and spoil it all by saying he was not hers to command. 

Mellie will probably take great pride in getting rid of Jake, but she will feel awkward getting rid of Olivia because she was the one who helped her get her dream job. 

But, I'm sure Olivia being the one taking some of her dreams along the way will prove to be the inciting thing that finds Mellie ultimately throwing Olivia out. 

Abby is Not Amused - Scandal Season 7 Episode 6

The wedding scenes brought David and Abby closer together, and that's about all I could ask for. They are the only couple worth rooting for right now on this show. 

At least when they've had their squabbles, they have felt natural and not forced like the other relationships on the show. Now, if they decided to get married, I would happily watch an episode that included them planning the whole thing. 

They are great together, and more scenes with them are always welcomed with open arms from this Scandal fan. 

"Vampires and Bloodsuckers" was an apt title for this episode. It was a considerable improvement on recent episodes, but some of the characters are still unlikeable. 

Maybe the midseason finale will change things up and make me fall in love with the show again. One can hope. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Olivia thinking she could control Curtis was hilarious. That man knows there's a story and he will fight tooth and nail to feature it on his show. It's all about ratings!
  • Mellie and Marcus could not be further apart. They seemed like the next big couple on Scandal Season 6. What went wrong?!
  • Mellie not having Olivia in her ear every other scene was a welcome delight, but it's just a shame Olivia was still really the one in control. 

Over to you, Scandal Fanatics. What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below!

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Vampires and Bloodsuckers Review

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Scandal Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Abby: Maybe we should consider the possibility that this is what it looks like and she actually left.
Marcus: Grief does have a way of messing with people.

Cyrus: You don't have the security clearance.
Fenton: So, get me some. You're my sensei.