The Flash Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Therefore I Am

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With all the breadcrumbs that Clifford DeVoe has laid out for The Flash, Barry Allen goes after our new baddie.

But the theme of The Flash Season 4 Episode 7 is whether he can outthink the Thinker.

The introduction of DeVoe has so far been on a good track as we have gotten bits and pieces of him. On "Therefore, I Am" we got a large dose of him which made this one of the stronger episodes of The Flash Season 4.

What Is Their Story - The Flash Season 4 Episode 7

Because of how the show has dealt with origin stories before, I wasn't expecting to learn DeVoe's story so soon. Usually, we have to wait until the second half of the season to learn about our big bad when it comes to this show.

But for once we got it a little earlier, and I have no problem with that. It's probably one of the reasons why The Thinker is growing on me so quickly (no pun intended).

Before I go on, I was disappointed that they revealed The Mechanic's identity so soon. I had a speculation that she would be revealed as Sue Dibny, Ralph's true love from the comics.

It could have been a surprising way to introduce Sue, giving Ralph someone he could save personally. But I guess we don't always get what we want, do we?

Barry Does Not Look Happy - The Flash Season 4 Episode 7

I genuinely felt bad for Clifford in the flashbacks because he didn't have evil motives then. He wanted to help humanity and himself to be smarter.

As a comic book fan, it was a neat nod to the Thinker's DC background, and it was unexpected. The flashbacks were, without doubt, some of the stronger ones we have seen in the Arrowverse shows.

If I disliked about anything, it was that I felt bad for Barry. I'm mixed about how team's way of handling his suspicions.

On the one hand, they are right; he was acting a little crazy. But at the same time, how often has Barry been wrong?

I won't say that Barry breaking into their house was a smart move. Especially without, you know, a freaking mask! I don't think he even wore the suit once.

How Cute Are These Two - The Flash Season 4 Episode 7

Although that is one of the things I'm enjoying this season is our new big bad. Barry has to outthink his new enemy, not outrun him.

I don't how to feel about Barry's way of handling DeVoe as a whole. I appreciate that he goes on his gut feeling. But at the same time, I don't dig the idea of making him look crazy.

Even though The Flash doesn't always showcase it in the best way, Barry Allen is a smart man. In the DC Comics world, he is one of the most intelligent people in existence.

Had the episode ended without Barry having cracked the mystery, I would have been pissed. While the team knows now that Clifford is the baddie, why didn't Barry record their conversation?

Sure, he probably wouldn't want the parts about Clifford outing him as The Flash on the recording, but still. It's what Barry might have used to end his suspension with Captain Singh.

Heart To Heart - The Flash Season 4 Episode 7

But perhaps that is the least of his worries for the time being, so I will let it go. I'm merely happy the team believed him and are now have to figure out a way to stop DeVoe as a team.

I think if the show continues in this vein, this could be the most psychologically fulfilling season of The Flash yet. I wonder, though, what DeVoe was thinking by outing himself to Barry so soon.

Does he want the team to know because he has a way of screwing them over? Does he want them to know because there is a trap waiting for them down the line?

I love that we still have all these questions, and they make The Thinker a standout villain. Speaking of the Thinker, he has a name, and we need to thank Cisco for finally getting around to giving him one name him after seven installments!

Overall, "Therefore, I Am" is one of my favorites of the season. We're seeing a continued good job in making DeVoe a compelling villain for The Flash.

Now it's your turn to let us know what you thought of The Flash Season 4 Episode 7! What did you think of The Thinker's origin story?

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