The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Review: The King, the Widow and Rick

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What in the world was Rick thinking?

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 sent us in numerous directions during the hour as we checked in with Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom.

While it was great to see Michonne, Rosita and some of the other characters that haven't been in the spotlight much in The Walking Dead Season 8, this episode displayed one of the show's glaring weaknesses. 

It's no secret that The Walking Dead has an overabundance of characters, but what this episode showed was how rough the storytelling can be when trying to cram too much into an hour.

Keep A Lookout - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6

Attempting to fit five separate stories into a single episode is no easy task, and the result was an installment that felt incredibly scattered and rushed. Even an extended episode wouldn't have been enough to improve this one. There was simply too much going on.

Let's start with the most confusing, which was Rick visiting the Garbage Pail Kids. I'm not entirely sure what Rick was thinking of attempting to talk Jadis into joining his cause -- yet again. She was just as confused as I was, especially after the whole double-cross on The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16.

Rick went there in an attempt to try, once again, to persuade the group to join the fight against the Saviors, but honestly, does he need them? Their plan thus far (for the most part) has incapacitated Negan and the Saviors.

While it wouldn't hurt to get more numbers -- especially after losing most of the Kingdommers -- but would you want Jadis' people?

Jadis: Shot you.
RIck: You grazed me.

Is it worth taking such a risk and putting the whole plan in jeopardy just to add some more fighters who could turn against you on a dime? If part of Rick's master plan was to humiliate himself and get imprisoned by the Scavengers, then he's done a decent job.

We know Rick's not dumb enough to believe that he could sway Jadis that easily, but in there alone wasn't the best idea. I want to believe that Rick's capture is all part of some grander plan, but things aren't looking too good for him right now and could potentially jeopardize everything they've been hoping to achieve.

I wonder what significance the "A" has that Jadis wrote on Rick's cell. Are the Scavengers taking notes from the Savior's method of labeling prisoners?

Long Road Back - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6

Carl tracking down the fellow that Rick chased off on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1 by himself wasn't the brightest idea either. Carl just can't seem to stay in the house can he? 

Old habits die hard I guess. If one good thing came out of the interaction, it was that we learned the man's name is Siddiq. 

I'm still on the fence as to whether I trust the guy or not, but he seems harmless enough. Regardless, Carl appeared way to comfortable and quick in trusting Siddiq. They've known each other a grand total of five minutes and Carl is walking in front of the guy through the woods.

I admire Carl's eagerness to believe there is good in everyone, but he also needs to be prepared for the worst. It was great to see Carl ask the three questions, and found it interesting that Siddiq kept a rather close tally on the number of slain walkers.

Stay In The House Carl! - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6

What's most curious is how this guy survived by himself for so long. Which makes me think he could be part of a larger group, and that only adds to my suspicions.

I'm curious to see what will happen when Carl shows up at Alexandria with a new buddy. Odds are everyone will be just as apprehensive.

Not very much happened in the Kingdom. Ezekial is in a pretty bad way after coming to terms with leading his people to be slaughtered., but Jerry is still guarding his King because frankly, it's all he's known how to do.

I genuinely feel bad for Ezekial; he's in a seriously rough place right now. He just needs time to get his head together, but he needs to do it quickly because as Carol said, his people need "The King." If Carol couldn't inspire Ezekial to step up and lead, I don't know what will.

Jeey Looking Sharp - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6

I've mentioned it before, but I sense a relationship forming between these two, and it was all the more evident as Ezekial told Carol why he kept visiting her when they first met.

I don't know about you, but I think I'd be on board with an EzeCarol shipping.

I can't be what they need.


At the Hilltop the debate regarding the captive Saviors escalated when Gregory got involved and suggested killing them all. Gregory tried to influence Maggie to execute them all, but in the end, Maggie had the workers at Hilltop throw together an holding cell.

That thing looks more like an oversized playpen. I wouldn't trust it to hold.

Allowing the Saviors to be brought into the community is a terrible idea. While I don't agree with Maggie's decision, I think it had more to do with putting Gregory in his place.

It's incredibly humorous how Maggie continues to treat Gregory like a child, especially when telling him to go inside and let the adults talk. Gregory continually calling Maggie by the wrong name is great.

That Looks Delicious - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6

Maggie repeating Gregory's words to him from earlier about wolves among the sheep and that she knows all about that from having been raised on a farm and having Gregory tossed into the cell with the Saviors was awesome.

As spineless as Gregory is, he knows how to play people. So I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up concocting a plan on freeing himself and the Saviors.

Considering how easily Jared almost freed himself, that whole situation doesn't bode well for Hilltop and makes it all the more likely that Gregory will have a hand in causing trouble.

It's sad to say it, but some Saviors getting free and going on a killing spree may be just what Jesus needs to realize his way of going about things is wrong. He's going to owe Morgan a big fat apology.

Speaking of Morgan, where is he? Of all characters we checked in on, Morgan would have been the one I that would have made me happy.

Now What? - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6

The one story that we really could have done without was the whole Michonne/Rosita side scenario. It didn't serve any importance other than to give these two something to do. Granted, we haven't seen much of these two this season, so I appreciate the writers trying to get them involved in some capacity.

However, all it did was bog down the episode.

Why would these two go out and risk getting themselves caught -- or worse? Just so they could see the crumbling of the Sanctuary for themselves? At least they can sleep better at night now, right? 

Henry: I'm not scared.
Carol: Then you're stupid!

The Saviors using the truck of speakers to attempt to lure the walkers away from the Sanctuary was an interesting idea, but luckily they didn't get very far when Daryl and Tara showed up.

I've been thoroughly enjoying how Rick's group has been derailing their every attempt made by the Saviors to fix their little situation at the Sanctuary.

Almost Got It! - The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6

This was easily the weakest episode of The Walking Dead Season 8. Not necessarily because of the content, but rather the fragmented stories which had their share of pacing issues.

With only two episodes left until The Walking Dead goes on its winter hiatus, I can understand the need to squeeze in these smaller stories.

It just could have been handled much better.

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics!

What did you think of "The King, The Widow And Rick"?

Do you think Rick anticipated being locked up by Jadis and has an ace in the hole? Do you think Maggie made the right decision in locking up the Saviors inside of the Hilltop? Do you share the same issues with the pacing and storytelling as I do?

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The King, the Widow and Rick Review

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Siddiq: You have to honor your parents, right?
Carl: If I was honoring my dad we wouldn't be talking right now.

Jadis: Shot you.
RIck: You grazed me.