This Is Us Season 2 Episode 7 Review: The Most Disappointed Man

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If you're like me and don't really know much about the process of adopting or fostering a child, you received a pretty in-depth lesson on This Is Us Season 2 Episode 7

Adopting isn't an easy process and in Reagan's America, being a suitable couple just isn't enough. Despite Jack and Rebecca's glowing review, they faced an uphill battle because Randall was black and they were white. 

While the judge has some valid points -- that the Pearsons would never understand what it is like to be black or teach him how to understand his "blackness" -- skin tone should never define whether or not a family is fit to adopt another child.

Welcome to the Family - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 7

The show has, on various occasions, showed us how the Pearsons handled Randall's blackness -- his confusion on why no one looked like him, his need to find his biological family, Rebecca's lack of knowledge about treating his hair and skin.

Despite being white, they managed to figure it out because they loved him and wanted to give him his best chance. Not only that, they proved that they were more accepting than society at the time. 

That child belongs with a black family Mr. and Mrs. Pearson. How else will he see himself, understand who he is?


What they were doing was revolutionary; it was unheard of and frowned upon, but that didn't stop them. That's one of the reasons we love this family so much.

It's crazy to think that this wasn't too long ago, but we've come so far as a society. It's also crazier when you realize how much remains the same when it comes to people understanding and accepting someone's "blackness."

On this say timeline, we're diving into two stories.

The Most Disappointed Man - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 7

While the Pearsons are experiencing the happiest of days with Randall, William is living through his worst nightmare. In a year's time, he'd lost his mother, his girl, and their baby boy, so he began using.

The choices you make and the chances you take determines your path, but not all choices and chances are created equal.

William went down a road filled with drugs because it's all that was accessible. Sure, he numbed the pain with it, but there was also someone selling on every corner. The system would have failed him had it not been for a judge, who gave him a chance and helped him turn his life around so that eventually, he met his son. 

It was a pleasure seeing William again in this episode, even if through flashbacks. They say a person is only really dead when you stop talking about them and that couldn't be truer.

Why So Serious? - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 7

Deja's mother, who we finally met, also never stood a chance because just like William, the system failed her.

After Shauna refused to see her daughter during a mandatory visit, Randall was upset, but Beth was furious. How could a mother do that to her child?

Firecracker Beth gives me life. She is so ride or die for the people she loves. I mean, she was taking her earrings off in that bedroom like she was getting ready to throw down with that piece-of-work mother who has put Deja through hell and back. 

I was ready to join Beth in that fight until we found out she missed the meeting because she didn't want her daughter to see her bruised up.

Shauna really cares about her daughter, I'll give her that, but it doesn't necessarily mean she's good for her. 

And don't get it twisted sis. I wake up every morning next to a headscarf and coconut oil. I'm married to a black queen. Not that it's any of your business.


Despite those crappy circumstances, if Deja really was the best thing that happened to her, she would have made better choices. We know she's constantly getting booked, so that means this isn't a one-time occurrence, this is a bad choice over and over again. 

If she wants to do right by her, she should give her to the Pearsons. Deja needs a stable and loving family where she can grow and prosper. Otherwise, she will end up just like her mother since that's all she's been exposed to.

Deja's had a very hard life, but she's not a lost cause. The fact that she's been saving up her allowance to give to her mother so that she can afford things in prison speaks loads to her character. 

He Did What Now? - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 7

Shauna seemed to think that Randall and Beth were just a temporary foster family who would do the heavy lifting and then give her daughter back. And maybe that's what the previous foster families were but not Beth and Randall, who consider her their daughter.

Still, Randall realizes that if he was to keep Deja from her mother, he'd be no better than his mother. Now that he's in this situation, trying to protect his child from harm, he can understand why she made a choice to keep William away. 

But don't get it twisted, that doesn't mean he won't fight for her when the time comes, which will make for some compelling television; Shauna vs. Randall, get your gloves on. 

Kevin is a damn fool, and part of me wants just to skip his storyline, but there's so much to unpack. 

The Doc Will See You Now - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 7

I don't feel bad for him at all, but I do feel bad for Sophie, who has been sucked back into his web of lies. She should have shut the door on him the minute he showed up at her doorstep because there's a rule of never going back to an ex. 

He's only been letting her down, eventually telling her he was "playing a character" and any future he imagined with her was a "nightmare." Gee, I think that might be the pills talking. 

Kevin is so self-centered, he couldn't even fake happiness for Kate; he simply resented her for "moving on" with her life. They were both so lost in their 20s and bonded over how they couldn't get it together. And that's fine.... in your 20s. But now, he seems to be the only one who is still lost. 

Here's some advice: just be a decent person instead of sabotaging every good thing because you're scared! 

Oh baby! - This Is Us Season 2 Episode 7

Thankfully, we have some great scenes from Kate and Toby to ease our frustrations! 

Toby is scared to death to tell his Catholic mother about Kate's pregnancy because she will not appreciate her son having a baby out of wedlock. I would have never pegged him for a Catholic boy, but Toby keeps surprising me. 

Since no part of their relationship has been traditional, Kate offers up the idea of getting hitched at the courthouse. 

But there is nothing fun about getting married at city hall. It simply sucks the fun out of any wedding. I'm not saying you need to spend millions of dollars, but you should something that's "you." 

A wedding just to "get it over with" -- which honestly should never be used to describe the moment you become one with your soulmate -- is not Kate. 

And raise your hand if you teared up during Toby and Jack's heart-to-heart.

Jack, who is known to give the best advice, would have definitely approved of Toby for his baby girl.

Even though the proposal was a complete cheese-fest, it was Tobe in all his glory.

And now, we get to go wedding dress shopping with Kate! The question remains, will she face the judgments and bring her mom?

Remember, you can watch This Is Us online and the comment your thoughts and feelings below! 

The Most Disappointed Man Review

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This Is Us Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

That child belongs with a black family Mr. and Mrs. Pearson. How else will he see himself, understand who he is?


And don't get it twisted sis. I wake up every morning next to a headscarf and coconut oil. I'm married to a black queen. Not that it's any of your business.