Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6 Review: Adoring Suspect

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On Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6 the team takes down a major weapons trafficker and terrorist mastermind with the help of a local movie star and his biggest fangirl: Rich Dotcom.

Episodes of Blindspot that feature the charismatic buffoon Rich Dotcom are my absolute favorite. Whenever he's on screen, you can be sure that there's going to be some quality one-liners and huge comic relief.

Partners in Web Crime - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6

This hour was particularly fun as the team had to enter the world of Hollywood movie-making in order to solve their tattoo case. Besides being extremely meta to watch and ironic to see our favorite actors claim they weren't made for the big screen, it was also exciting to watch them run around a set.

Between a dirty movie producer named "Booky," lots of undercover work, and everyone constantly mistaking fake props for real weapons, it was a lot of fun and games.

FBI Consultant - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6

Rich was particularly helpful this go-round, even in the field. He managed care for favorite actor after he was shot, help Jane and Weller take a major terrorist down with a flamethrower, and not blow anyone up in the process. It was pretty impressive.

Zapata: [Rhodes] is playing dumb.
Patterson: Sadly, I don't think he is. He's not that good of an actor.
Rich: You shut your mouth.

However, he also gave Jane some surprisingly thoughtful and mature advice regarding her search for her daughter.

Rich: You know, I couldn't help but hear you and Patterson talking about, uh, Jane Junior?
Jane: I really don't want to talk about it, Rich.
Rich: I get it, okay, I really do. I'm terrified that there's a little Dicky Dotcom out there that I don't know about.
Jane: Because of the child support?
Rich: No, because a soothsayer once told me I'd be murdered by somebody with baby hands. Don't worry about it, but, uh, you know my pitch about the little Turkish girl who dreams of America? That wasn't about my great grandma. That was about you.
Jane: Oh, this should be good.
Rich: See, I figure you're on a journey, just like that little girl, and maybe your "America" is your daughter. Maybe it isn't, I don't know, but... I just feel like your story deserves a happy ending.
Jane: Well, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly the happy ending type.
Rich: Jane... look at me. I used to be a bad guy. Now I'm a good guy. Because of you. And if you can give me a happy ending, shouldn't you try to give one to yourself?

It was a particularly touching moment between our stoic Jane and the loose cannon that is Mr. Dotcom. He encouraged Jane to keep looking for her daughter, and her happy ending. It was a sentiment that other characters, and I as a viewer, agreed.

Surprising Advice - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6

Patterson also took a moment to encourage Jane to find her child. It was more a plea than a suggestion, and despite her good intentions, it toed the line between helpful advice and overstepping her bounds.

I wasn't the least bit surprised to find out that Patterson had already gotten a lead on Jane's daughter. I can appreciate her conundrum between sharing this information with Jane even though she had been asked to stop looking and sitting on information that could change everyone's lives.

It's wasn't an easy position to be in.

By giving the lead to Weller, at his request, the burden of to-tell-or-not-to-tell became his problem and not Patterson's -- even if the information is a drop in a bucket that Weller's already filled. He has the answers; he just isn't sharing them.

Blackmailing Weller - Blindspot

I'm finding it difficult to figure out how to feel about Kurt's deception. 

On the one hand, it seems unforgivable to hide something so significant from his wife, especially after everything they've been through. But knowing Kurt's sympathetic character, I don't think he would make this decision lightly, and I believe he must have a very good reason for doing so. But what is it??

Now I know why you just called me on the phone. Because you know that if we're ever in the same room again... I am gonna kill you.

Weller [to Roman]

From the phone call Roman made to Weller, it seems there is more to the story of "what happened in Berlin" than just Jane's daughter, Avery. What could possibly be more important than an unknown child and bad enough to blackmail Kurt into lying to Jane? I must know!

The Chase - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6

Roman was up to a bit of plotting this hour, continuing his mysterious persona of Tom Jakeman, in Barcelona.

Blake Crawford, the stunning socialite we met on Blindspot Season 3 Episode 4, was reintroduced to us as Roman strategically placed himself right in her path. He's obviously playing the long game by continuing to con her.

Blake: So what's my favorite charity auction bidder doing in Barcelona?
Roman: It's a long story. It involves a friend, his funeral, and a list of cities he always wanted to visit.
Blake: The same friend you mentioned at the auction.
Roman: You have a good memory.
Blake: You have a good heart.

Blake seems to be falling for the charming Tom, especially after her "saves" her from a bag thief, but Roman is all business -- stabbing his little helper at the first sign of contention. Harsh as ever.

Of course, we still have no idea what Roman is plotting, but I'm interested to see where this relationship with Blake takes us... maybe it has something to do with her wealthy father?

Barcelona - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6

In other exciting news, our favorite girls Zapata and Patterson continued looking into Hirst's shady moves and finally made some progress.

By bringing Jane and Weller into the loop, they gained far more brain power to fuel their investigation. But it was Reade that they really needed to convince...

It showed how much this team cares about each other when everyone became far more worried about Reade becoming collateral damage in Hirst's scheme than they were about him showing the new boss more loyalty.

United - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6

I was particularly impressed that Reade had the guts to approach Hirst about hiding her connections to Loey, not once, but twice. This proved that he wasn't just blindly following her lead, but listening to what the girls had been telling him.

Hirst's reaction the second time around was ice cold: blackmailing Reade with the knowledge that she overlooked his previous drug problem and fast-tracked him into the position of Assistant Director.

Hirst: Trust is the cornerstone of our work here. Trust from the people. Trust in each other. I don't need to tell you how critical it is to maintain that trust.
Reade: No, you don't, which is why I'm just asking for some clarity here.
Hirst: Your "indiscretion" with drugs, two years ago, could've completely derailed your promotion to Assistant Director. But I... made sure that would never happen. In fact, I fast-tracked your appointment. Because I trust you. FBI drug tests miss things sometimes, but I don't... Relax, Reade, I protect my people... You did some good work today. Keep it up. You have a good night... Assistant Director.

Not only was this a blatantly manipulative move, but I'm sure it could affect how Reade feels about his position of authority. Does he really have the chops or was he just chosen because he was an easy pawn in Hirst's game?

The episode ended with the gang of 5 back in Jane and Weller's apartment, altogether and all committed to taking down their dirty boss.

Assistant Rich - Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6

This scene felt very old-school, and I'm thrilled to have the team back together in solidarity, even if it is temporary. There's nothing that this group can't accomplish, and I'm excited to watch them tackle this new problem.

Reade: Hirst is dirty. We gotta take her down.
Weller: Come in. Little late to the party.

Another day, another bad guy.

Don't forget you can watch Blindspot online and get caught up on all the fun!

Adoring Suspect Review

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Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jane: Thought you had community service today.
Rich: And what better community to serve than my poor pop-culture-deprived friends with their Keith Rhodes case. Hey, I've been a big fan since his sitcom days. So few child actors make the successful transition into adulthood. He could've gone full Screech.
Patterson: Rich...
Rich: All I'm saying is you're gonna want me for this case. Also can you please sign this to get me out of community service? Thank you.

Now I know why you just called me on the phone. Because you know that if we're ever in the same room again... I am gonna kill you.

Weller [to Roman]